domingo, 5 de outubro de 2008

SOLVERDE 8th - live @ espinho - already ITM

i didn´t paid for this tournment because i didn´t know if i was going to be with my daughter or not this weekend.
Since i was not with her i decided to go play the 100+10 ( with 50 euros rebuy/add on ) tournment in Espinho.
when i arrived there i was the 17th n late registation :S meh...
i waited for my turn and i joined when the blinds just move up to 300-150 with only 8.5k chips because they take out the ( BB + SB )x2 for every round already played...
i joined a nice table sice i had the read of every player there... wining some small pots and losing others ... with 8k left i got QQ utg and decided to raise to 3,5x the bb some guy went all in and i instant call himm... normal race AKoff agaisnt QQ.
i wont that race and went to 17k after that i send home other 2 players but they here short stack and i dont remember the hands one thing i knew i was to move again and i was with 30k ( the average was 14k so i was great ).
Again with lucky because i enter a great table with the read of every player. i decided to trash alot and to show all my hands ( maniak image and verry loose hands ).
the guy on my right BETTERMAN ask me " men wtf are u doing ? its not you... i replyed i´m waitting because i want to make this image )
well ..luck i guess because on next hand i got AA on utg+2 ( blinds 1200 - 600 ante 200 ) utg limp, utg+1 fold and i raised to 5,5k. The guy on my left was a verry tight agreessive player and after some thought he went all in ( 37k ) everyone fold and i instant call. he had TT vs my AA. no help for the TT an i went o 95k ( chip leader). he said " damm i thought u were a maniak ... i saw you play so loose and fold after re-raises ... damm nh gg"
dammm they move me again
next table same read
i had the lucky to have the a guy i was messing up in the other table ... the typical i have one ace i´m the king, and he went all in 9k in mp when i was BB. i had KJsuitted hearts and i call it. he show 88. the flop was from hell 8 5 2 bummmp.. no hearts, no k or j ... no help for the strait either...
and i was donw to 86k
after one orbit i was on the button and some guy went all in ( 14k ) i was starting to think and some guy 2 seats on my left on the started to say " play... cmon ...and trash a litle " i said i have a legit hand i need to think a litle if u want ask time and call the director. he did that. Pedro, the director, said fran u got 1min ... i started to see the plays from that plyer in my mind and the say said "cmon only have 40s " ... man i went mad give away my cards and start to trash talk with each other...
one orbit later i was BB and he on the utg went all in ( around 30k ) everyone fold i look at my cards and saw KK ... didn´t think alot, instant call and said " boy now u can go home" kk Vs TT ... no help in the flop and i won ...
now i had 108k and i was chip leader. after wining some pot ( stealing ) and losing others i was moved again...
damm ( i couldn´t read half the table and i decided to dont talk... with no hands to play ( grrr K3, T2, 46, A6,grrrr i was only stealing the blinds )
the blnds stated to go mad 12k - 6k + 1 ante and 16 - 8 + 2k ante... all in or fold mode
with nothing special i finish the day ITM and with 77k.
The tounment will start in less than 2hours i just wake up. going to take a bath eat lunch and go to th casino.
i will put the phots and tables later.
wish me luck.

Day two
nothing mutch to say i played only 2 hands. in the 1st i was utg with something i dont remember and it was one easy fold.
on the 2nd everyone fold till the button ... and he raise it to 17000 ( the blinds went donw to 6000-3000 ante 500 ) and since the SB was out i started to look to my cards 6s 6h ... i knew the guy in the BB and i look to his stack and saw he had 20k more than me
after some thought i went all in...
he thought for 5min and went all in with KToff
sick call
and i was out.

i know i could easy fold the 66 but i knew the player and i had a nice read on him. KToff is not a call in the 2nd hand when u are NOT commited and when u are risking your tournment life 88%of his stack... i want to win and i was not afraid to lose...
if i win that hand i bet with 100%grt that i would finish top 10.
life must go on

now photos from the tournment
do u want girl? i will give u girls...


filipa lemos

sweet devil


now the boys...

Francisco "the truth k" Costa aka me

more ?

and thx for the igm givin support

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