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the estoril main event was poor tournment. And you got to ask me why?
1st- there was no lottery to the seats. I was WTF when I saw main seat was in order of registation. That is sick there here table with 5 friends, 2 brothers, father and son or wife and husband. I know you can get the pic.
2nd- the dont respect the players - at 20:00 the start a show with loud music and shit
3rd-the dealers are so poor and take to much time. we need 30min to have one orbit omg
´sick sick sick

In my table I had 3 guys I knew ... wclan, phounder a betfair pro and the father of hencus one of my best poker friends. And 6 donks.
On the 2nd hour I got my AA.
utg limp ( with KK just to see the sick table I was )
utg+2 limp
and I mid position raise it to 575
everyone fold till SB that raised to 2000
utg call
and I call
I could raise to 5k but I was puting both in AK or AK ( sb ) and the utg with a pair so I decided to only call
the flop was great
sb opend with a bet to 2000
utg call
and I went all in
sb call with QJ (LOL)
and utg fold and show the KK
turn was a 2 and river other 2
and I moved to 21k and I was the chip leader
3 hands later I got envolved with my friend wclan
tell me plz what was my mistake ( I know )
he bet utg+2 to 550
everyone fold till me I was CO and I call with AsQs
the others players fold
I knew He was a tigh player so to open bet without position he should have some kind of hand AK - TT - JJ or QQ . I was pretty sure he didn´t had KK or AA because he wouldn´t make this kind of overbet ( blinds 100 - 50 ).
I hated the flop
6s 7h 9c
he bet 750
and I call
he check
and I bet 2000
he thought for a wile then I decided to call
river 5c
he check and I bet 3000
after 8min and some questions I didn´t ansewr it he decided to call
with JJ

well I could had a Set, the 7, 2pair ... wtf he knows I´m loose with position to call his raise with 87 or 98 or something...
but he said he called because he knew I could do that with nothing
sick don´t you agree
and I went to 15k

well other thing I hatted
my table
6-7 limp call per hand
if someone raise no problem 4-5 calls

Since I´m aggressive I hate station call
so I change my style to tight rock ( and I hate to be like this - and in this tournment I didn´t caught premiums except the AA ) and waitting for the blinds to raise.

phounder was out and to his place other betfair pro, Tomé moreira, my room mate in estoril (LOL).
He was wtf when he saw the calling station table

I going to tell one hand
you guys will see the sick table I was
blinds 300-150
utg limp
utg+1 limp
I limp with KQ
tome limps
mp+2 limps
B limps
SB call
BB check


everyone check

turn K

utg bets 1000
everyone fold till BB that raises to 2000
utg re-raises to 30000????
BB calls (he only had 28000)

can someone explain the raise re-raise ??? or the hands???
I´m going to tell
utg had AJ
BB had AA

AA??!?!?!?!?checks with 7 limpers , blinds 300 -150 ???



well nothing special happend till the end of the day and I finish with 16k
then other strange thing happend
I saw he would not change seat and be at the same table
that was sick
I wanted to change meh
only in estoril

day 2
I started the day great
raising and re-raising pot and went to 20k
then something happend
I got AhKh and 2 guys limped before me
I raise to 2700
and one guy re-raise me to 7k
everyone fold and I asked how much he had left
he said 4k
I laught and put him in QQ or better
well since I had AK i thought he probably had QQ and moved all in
he instant call with AA
biggggggg mistake for me
I tought it was a race a I was wrong I should fold and wait for a better spot
then with 7k left
I got QcJc in CO everyone fold till me and I moved all in
SB went all in
and BB went all in
they show
SB 88
I was alive
well not for much time
and I was out

then I decided to play some SNG 50€+5€

and I did great
I finish all ITM
One 1st place and two 2nd places with 400€ profit

then I went to plan B party and wake up in the next day with ... wait I didn´t wake up because I didn´t went to bed..lolol

on sunday I play Sunday Millions and the guinnes tournment on PKS
I finish ITM in the guiness and and out of the money in SM when I went all in after this flop QJJ with QQ and hit against a pocket pair of JJ.

well I hope next year I could win more races and have less collers

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I´m leaving right now to ESTORIL MAIN EVENT

yeap I´m leaving to estoril to play the main event today.
It´s 14:00 and I need to be with canossa @ Velasques a well knowend coffe in porto to leave to estoril.
It´s more than 350km ...
LET´s goooooo

I write when I arrive if I can because the Main EVENT starts today @ 20:00.

It´s the last tournment of the year and I´m felling good...

I promiss I will play very aggressive so 2 things could Happend
- I leave on the 1st day
- I will finish the 1st day with alot more than the average stack

I really don´t care less because if I´m out I will party thats my plan B and Estoril is great to party but I´m with good vibes and I fell I will make ITM at least. that´s too cocky but thats me ...


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domingo, 21 de dezembro de 2008

A rookie mistake

normally people limp with this kind of hands.
the 1st mistake is in 1st stages I normally like to look at the players and at the table to get information from them.
this is the 1st play but lets look at the play
this guy limps with 89off
and the flop comes
with 6 limpers pre flop the SB makes a stupid bet 30. the BB folds and the 1st limper make a silly raise to 60 well right now the guy we are looking at should know he is behind but he decided to call.
for me this is his 2nd mistake
because if someone decided to make a raise he was going to lose his chips because he can´t call.
Since nobody wanted to raise we went to see the turn with 3 more guys
nice now we had 2 pairs
but theres a str posibiity and other range of hands that could kill you
the SB now cheks
the guy that mini raises to 60 now makes a raise to 120
the guy we are looking at only had makes in my opinion other mistake ( the normal " i´m raising to see where I´m "), the other 2 fold and the 1st raiser went all in.
Now he only had one option imo FOLD because the 1st mini raise could be with a open hand str QJ or he could had A8 but he decided to call and see the str.
thx GOD nothing help him on the river
because when you make so many mistakes playing a hand you should lose,imo.

EDITED : I just saw the video is to large to my blog you can look the video in this link

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lets comment some hands - lesson 1

I´m starting looking at hands and giving my 2 cents

In this tournment FARHA already double Up in the 1st hand of the tournment and in the 3rd hand this happend.

Some guy @ CO raises to 1000 when the blinds here 25-50 ( he had rockets ) Sammy in the SB smiles and decide to make the call with pocket 33. now lets talk about both this 2 moves pre-flop.

1st the utg guy is a donk period... 20BB raise ??? is this for real?
2nd you probbly think Sammy call is also stupid! yeah by the books sure but lets think
-FARHA smiled why ? he just take the pic of the guy...lovely donk
-Farha knew he had something premium AA or KK nothing less
-Farha is a gambler and he knew for someone that hits trip AA or KK pocket 33 can easily fold but in the other hand someone who hits trip 3 ...
-Farha knew he had very good implied odds
-And dont forget the most important thing Farha just double up 2 hands ago and since he is a gambler he was just risking 1k to win all the money his opponent have.

Thats why I respect the call ... well I´m also a gambler, I´m also very loose but I´m expecting some tight players to come here and say this is just bad poker all round with a silly bet and a stupid 8-1 odds to see 5 cards

The flop has great for Farha
he just hit the set
6d 3c 7h

Sammy ofcourse checks
and the donk AGAIN makes a stupid overbet 6k to a 2,075pot leaving 3k behind...
omg can someone explain that to me?
I just can´t
well Sammy Re-Raises him puting him all in and he just called

nothing helped on the turn or the river and the donk went home.

The important lesson here is implied odds sometimes you got to gamble later is going to be very profitable, trust me i´m telling the truth

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more than 1000

I decided on Oct 21 to put a counter to see the traffic I was getting In less than 2 months I´m surprised to see I get more than 1000 people coming here.

I would like to say thx to all of you and help me to get better...
You can send me you thoughts to my mail @ fraanciiscoo@hotmail.com


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Photos from the main even in Espinho


Hooligato, LostLucky and Me

HIP-HOP style

wtf is this al-qaeda? no ... just me with some jonny walker

domingo, 14 de dezembro de 2008

1790 players and guess what I finish 1st

it was on PKS this Saturday night ... I making my bank here and right now I have 301$ today I just add $16,75 more to my bankroll. When I get to 500 I´m going to start playing some Ring 0,05 - 0,10 ( 10 table ) but I´m 199$ away from there...

It was a nice Win IMO
since I played to win the 1st place when I got ITM.

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Mike Caro is a sick guy... well he is insane to say the truth!
Thats why he´s called the Crazy Mike Carro aka The Mad Genius...
I just loved some of the stuff there and I decided to put this in here I hope you like it because there is some good stuff here!!!
enjoy and tell me what you think

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well, but if you like boobs ... the winner should be ...

she just turn 40´s but she´s so fucking hot... Jennifer tilly

who is the sexiest girl playing poker right now???

well for me and luidgi is Sandra Naujoks

don´t you agree
she´s so sexy

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some photos and some videos from this weekend Main event

Mega Report from This weekend Main Even

What a weekend . . .


In the 1st day, friday the 5th of dezember, we had a Super Satélite for the Main Event. I already had my ticket but I knew alot of guys didn´t had money to play the main event so I decided to play it... I love the community and I love to play poker. So I decided to enter.

To say the truth I don´t remember much ( LOLOL ) I´m still a litle bit dizzy from this weekend but I remember the Hand that sent me to the shower. A typical Bad beat ... TT vs 99 pre- flop actiton and the 9 on the River... Sickkkkkkkk
well the TT and me this weekend ... you will see later why


Well, for me it was the 3:23 hours of the main even :s because sometimes you need to control yourself and since I was the aggressor of the table aka bully I was expecting this from the beggining, IMO, but I only realized that later...

I started great, only why 2 moves bet/raise or fold that was the away I dicided to play the 1st day I wanted to finish the day chip leader but I was out almost the same thing when you played to win, meh.

I was the 2nd chip leader @ my table with 18,5k with other guy that had 100 more chips than me.
Then Something Happend
well played ? bad played ?
when you look on papper its bbbbbbbaaaaaaaaad played ... if you where at the table I don´t think so. I´m going to try to explain why...
The villain was utg and raised to 600 a mini bet like HE was doing all night with and without position with or without some kind of hand. He folded some time ( more than half 3/5 of the time ) and re-raised the others ( 2/5 of the time )...
so with pocket TT in CO I decided to raise to 2100.
everyone folded and he called
not strange ... he already did that 3 times
once with Aks other two with AJoff
so I knew his range of hands
He didn´t knew my range because in the Button or Co ... :)
the flop was not fantastic but it was not terrific either
one over card
Kx 9x 2x
he bets 3700
well my only mistake here I instant call because I thought he said 2700 and I put that on the table.
the dealer then said it was 3,700 and not 2,700
well I said ok I was listen to music
the action after that well
turn 2x
he checks
and I moved all in
he tought for 5 min and he called
with top pair top kicked and I was out
It was a bad bad move
but I dont regret that
Later on we had the delivery of the season prizes on the Dinner... I didn´t win none ... RIGGED ...LOLOL . joking ...congrats to all guys that won something

Latter that day I decided to play a SIT N GO with some friends @ the casino. Thx to mark from betfair we get a dealer and a table and lets play a 110$ SNG.
we had 3 british guys, my friend Wclass from online was one of them, canossa, vitor, oversleep and katerina, mark and his wife... LETS Play
what are the odds?
1 hand poker
not it was not for me :)
2nd pocket AA to one guy
4th the same

and with 1500 per person we get the final 4 guy really fast and we were fighting for the buble
oversleep had 4/10 of the chips
vitor had 3/10 of the chips
HERO had 1,7/10 of the chips
katerina had 1,3/10 of the chips
so I decided to call kat with my KT of cubs
well she had AToff but I was domined till the River when the K shows up
sorry KAT
But its always like this you win some you lose some and I give my chips to her boyfriend over :s
I dont remember right but i think it was a bad beat

Sunday, 7th Dezember

with nothing to do I watch the main event and I supported my friends in there.
GG holligato, tacuara, jocandeias, canossa, speed, well, I will stop here and talk about the final table later.

SO i decided to enter the 1st ever omaha PL event played in portugal.
My IQ in PLO is wrost than one monkey in maths olimpics :s
I played tight and expected for the nutts
in a very aggressive table with 7,000k starting chips
well for me was 6,775 because I thought the tournment would start 30 min latter ( Donk )
when the blinds were 300 - 150 I had the hand that destroyed my tournment
I was in the button and I called someone raise with
As Ks 7h Th

the flop was

Qs 7s 7c

the SB check
the BB check
the inicial raiser check
and I made a 1/2 pot bet

SB and BB folded the inicial raiser resaise me with pot bet
well i instant re-raise him all in and he called

he had 7d qh qc 2s

Well, what can I say I was dead and I dont know shit, at least I´m a non beliver :S


I decided to play the last side tournment
with a field of more than 350 guys I made the final table
but right now I need to go to work there is to manny thing to talk
alot of videos to download
and alot of photos to put in here so I will do it latter when I get back to my place
right now I will leave you only with the final table photo

see you guys in 8hours

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Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This PokerStars tournament is a No Limit Texas Hold’em event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 333391

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This PokerStars tournament is a No Limit Texas Hold’em event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 333391

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The curse is off - Copa FutPoker

well, yesterday I played for the 1st time ever the "Copa FutPoker". The "Copa Futpoker" is a tournment that runs every monday, around 23:50 on Bwin, betsson, whatever got to be ongame room.

Its a groop of portuguese poker players. I was damm aggressive even when I had no cards at all... ofcouse that I made some mistakes...ofcouse I had some luck.... but in the HU I made 0 mistakes. I even got my badbeat in the midle :) but in the end I won and that is the most important

if ou want to watch my game you can download here


its less than 15min download but you can see me playing.
Its without my voice
so I can´t explain why I did this or that but if you download the video we can discuss on msn the plays
sometime I dont play my cards I play the player
I did that with truzzi - once or twice, well maybe more but you will check on the video...
I did that with nanda - She´s a Damm good player IMO, tight aggressive... so I took advantage of that because I had position over her.
I did that with rugby - because I knew he never won a copa in 30 editions. So he wouldn´t be aggressive.

well watch the video
have fun
and if you had something to ask me
join me on msn
fraanciiscoo@ hotmail . com

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OMG - Someone just put a Curse on Me

Well my tournment in betsson to win a seat to Estoril 1,000,000 grt was sick. I just played one hand.
I got KK on the button. Great Imo.
we started with 2k and I folded all hands to get to know my table.
utg fold
utg+1 limp
utg+2 fold
mp1 limp
mp2 bet 170chips
mp3 fold
co fold
HERO raise to 400chips
sb fold
bb fold
and everyone else fold
and the guy MP call
it was a monster flop for me
He checked
I bet 800
and he called
turn 6
I just made full house
he checked
with 800 left I shove
he called with AK
river A
and with less than 15 min I was out
did I played bad?
but like someone said I rather have luck than to be good.

Later this Sunday I played a portuguese league "liga do mês"
again I got KK
again I re-raise preflop
again he called me
flop Q 9 2
again he check
again I bet
again he called my bet
turn A
he went all in
and I called for the rest of my chips 400 or so
what did he had? ask me plz