quinta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2008

BPPT day 1 and day 2

i started the tournment playing to damm tight
i couldn´t read the table and u know that is fucking hard to play
i also made some mistakes and finish the 2nd level with 12k
then the big news come
i was going to change table
lets go
i picked my 12k
and went to see my faith
shit i thought
i was on annette and the chip leader table.
that table already had kicked off the tournment 6 players
and i was the short stake.
since i love to be short lets rool.
my 1st and 2nd move was show the table that i was a loose guy
i had one move that i wanted to tell here
annette raise to 450
the chip leader call
and i looked at my cards and saw 27off
i couldn´t call so i raise it to 1200
the sb and the bb folded
annette raised to 4000
the chip leader folded and i start talking with her
i folded and "by mistake" (lol) i turn both cards over and she saw 27
after that i started to play my game and i Dup in one play i dont remember the play
after that the crazyest play of the i was on the big blind
the guy from the SB never show up
so we had 9 guys at the table
utg raise to 875
utg+1 call
utg+2 ( annette) call
mp fold
mp ( chip leader ) call
co call
sb fold
and i looked and saw
pocket TT
since i was with 20k i just call if i was short it would be simple all in
but to manny hands
the flop
i just hit the set but i thought some guy must have QJ
so i just check
utg check
utg+1 check
utg+2 check
the chip leader raise to 2,5k
co call
i call
all the other just fold
turn 6
mp 5k
co after thinking a litle went all in
well i folded because i put the mp on AK and the CO on QJ and i knew i was behind
well i was 2/3 right
because when i saw the chip leader call with AJ i was WTF
well i was even more furiouse when i saw a 6 on the river
but on next hand i knew the tournment was over for me
i had 8T hearts normally a hand i play when i have position
but i folded because utg raised to 875 and already 3 more guy there
when the flop come and i saw
79J hearts
i knew i was over
i just folded a strait flush
even wrost the chip leader
had a Ah and he was a calling station
other heart come to the board
and i said man u here lucky i had 8Th
and he reply man i had the A
i finish the day in 68º with almost 18k
132players went to the 2nd day


nothing mutch to say
fold fold fold fold fold fold fold fold
i had nothing till 17:00 cmon 2 levels and i was donw to 14k
on the 1st hand of the 3rd level
i had poket TT
i bet 3k
hencus raise to 7k
i thought he could have AK or AQ
and i went all in to a race
he called and showed pocket JJ
nothing mutch on the flop, turn or river

and that was it
i finish in 101 and i had a great time
i will put photos from the tournment soon

sexta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2008


just wake up and waiting for canossa that only going to arrive today.

yesterday i join the super satelite. i finish in 37º just 9 position to getting other seat that i would change for $$.
i played badly ... when u are playing a satelite like that u need to survive, survive and after that be agressive when u play.
i was with 22k (remember 37 players left) in 3 hand pufff
did i play bladly?
lets analise
1st hand
i was on BB 3k
1 player MP raise
i had shit LOL dont remember
easy fold

2nd hand ( my killer )
same player MP limp
i on the SB call
BB check
i had Ad7d
i checked in the dark
since i checked in the dark the move was in the BB
he just checked
and the player MP bet 3000
i put him with AT T9suited this kind of hand even low pair to qq but not hitting a set on the flop
i just call when i should re-raised him
turn card 8h
in the BB i hit with 8k representing Jshit or QJ
but he re raise me all in
well i just hit the hall
that was my thought
with 5,5k left i need to make a decision
i folded
i was behind there
for sure
he showed a Jh Ah
@ the end i was right in every step
1st on the flop when i thought i re raise him
2nd i loved my raise there 8k was perfect bet because the pot was 15k + ante and 8k was mid pot so i fell i was representing a jack
3rd the fold was also good
but damm

3rd hand
the next hand lol
everyone fold till CO
CO bet 7,5k
i looked and saw AQsuited
instant call
SB and BB fold
CO show KJoff


CO said " ohhh nutts on the flop. sorry"
its end like this 22k ( with not only 1 rebuy only made the addon)

after that hotel blablablabla
tamariz blablablalblalbalbalba
and i just wake up

p.s.-i think i´m still drunk

terça-feira, 12 de agosto de 2008

1st in eyes wide shut 7k grt

betfair is sick
u got to play poker poker
sometimes u lose with AA and that put me in a verry bad position
so close to the money with 22 left and i went almost broke
because some guy went all in and i instant call in the BB
i had AA
he had 45
flop 236
and i was left 2,800k and the blinds 1600,800
then i was forced to go all in
with 3 other guys
with JTs
nice hand but with other 3 guys ...
i loved the flop TTJ
and i 3x
after that i played some solid agressive poker
finally in the final tb
with no hands at all
j4off q2off i only steal the blinds
and one by one guys went donw
till only 4 guys here there
then i try to steal a blind with Qc2s
the bb called
and show AcKh

i thought i´m dead unless
9s 4s 7s ks jh

i ask for sorry and i went from 2nd to chip leader
the other guy was the chip leader and start to %#%#$#%#$
i dont think people know what is poker
is not the best hand pre flop that wins is the best hand after the river that does

nothing special after that
when i´m chip leader or 2nd in the tb a normally win because i choose my hands
other guys see a fucking Ahigh and go all in
i kill other guy with Akoff vs A9off

finally i went heads up with the last guy
with 150000 vs 40000 more less
i got J8s
i was SB
he went all in
i call
he had K2off
i manage to get a 8 in the flop
and a flush in the river

gg and 2,260$ more in the bank
cya bastards and gg
francisco "the truth" Costa

sábado, 9 de agosto de 2008

BPPT here i go

like i promiss i won a satelite to Betfair Portuguese Poker Tour.
I didn´t post mutch since i´m in holiday
but i got to say that to all your bastards out there.

cya in estoril
Francisco " the truth k" Costa

p.s- http://noticias.pokerpt.com/49-bppt/1788-the-truth-ja-tem-lugar-marcado-no-estoril.html

sábado, 2 de agosto de 2008

new day and i did it again

yeah i´m in stage 3 of BPPT. The only porblem is i´m going to be in holliday but i will manage to get a computer to play the 6,6$ garanty with a pack of 3 seats ( 2,2k ). i kick of the table 5 guys playing verry loose in the beggining and after i get the stack i wanted around 10-15k i changed to tight. This tournment had 6 seats and with 9 guys and the BB getting higher i decided to be tight.
i did it again with my buddys ferreira24 and sfdcv.
congrats to both.

on this tournment i get to know other player 1/2 italian that said he will be in BPPT, nice trash talker like me, and he were blablashit against eachother at the end i got a betten hand than him and it was the end. But i promiss him that i will buy a beer in estoril.

cheers mate
better luck next time

Francisco " the truth " Costa

p.s- other moron that was there supporting this guy just said i was a average player and that my blog is shit. i love it when guys think that about me ... give me a HUGH EGDE.

sexta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2008

you can say i´m cocky i say its the truth ok

yesterday i fail to enter the portuguese satelite today i was there in time and guess what i won.
i get other free oportunity to get my seat at BPPT like i promiss.