segunda-feira, 6 de outubro de 2008

this weekend - GOOD things Bad things

I got to say one thing
Poker in Portugal is getting better and better...

This weekend, 2 guys playing for the 1st time LIVE, succeeded to finish in the 1st and 2nd place in SOLVERDE Tournment.

Well some guys can´t get over it... they said lucky bastards, if i didn´t had that bad beat, etc, etc.
I dont see it that way.

1st - ofcourse u want to win money but if u start thinking on the money u will never get a TOP result. You can´t be afraid to lose in order to win! And more important than that u must have FUN...

I had the LUCK to be with them in this tournment

I played 1st with Joaquim ( the winner ) and i´m going to be Honest. The problem with joaquim is that he was talking alot and i smell the fish in him ( When i say fish i say noob aka 1st tournment ) so i start to pick on him. i will tell the story. It was my 2nd table and when i enter there i looked to the stacks and players.
there was Dperfeito ( great poker face, great player, tight agreassive, we had one history i already send him home 2 times in previouse tournments and he study with me in the university. he had 18k ), miguel ( well i think i´m the one you knows miguel more because he had a past of friendship before poker, he had around 50k and he is a verry loose agressive player ), luckyluso ( very tight agressive player ) and on my right i had betterman ( i know him from internet tight, tight, thight with 14k )and there was joaquim... joaquim said and i quote " plz let me stay alive till dinner i buy dinner to everyone " and i replyed " man if some guy pick on you i will go defend you " i was not chip leader in that tb, miguel was, but i had position aganst him and i knew him well, lol.
everyone laught and he manage to stay alive till dinner. The problem was when he get back to the tb he said the deal was off... LOLOL man i thought to my self now i have what i need to kill him ...and i played some pots agaisnt him and he went from 21k to 8,8k i was just started to pick on him but something happend joaquim started to talk to the chicken " what should i do ...!?!?!? should i call ??? should i fold???? help me" i was thinking to myself " man this guy is so sick...but i´m loving it... i want to take his money ... but since he is so funny i will mess with somebody else"
i was thinking that to myself and other thing happend
betterman asked me man for the 2nd time show your game K7 and QT shit u are going to get caught and i replyed to him no i´m just preparing something...
i finish to say that and the dealer give the cards
i was on the UTG blinds 2000-1000 ante ??? lolol
and i looked and saw AA i raise it to 6k for the 3rd time in a row
after some thought luckluso went all in everyone fold it till joaquim who asked the chicken again what should i do?
i laught like a crazy guy
the chicken tell him to fold AT (lol and u going to see why) and i call luckyluso all in
he had TT vs my AA
nothing help him
nothing helped him and i was with 80-90k
lucky said "i saw him raise for the 3rd time and the other 2 with mediocre hands"
betterman replyed "dude he just told me he was preparing something"

yeah i was playing very agressive poker at this stage and i loved my table but we all got moved again...

on a side note i got to say that i´m a trash talker and i mess with guys head some guys are cool with that and dont reply others i get to them very easy and 5/6 hands later the guy only think to send me home.
Joaquim was different.
i mess with him
i won some good pots agaisnt him
he was left with only 8.8k
he was asking plz let me be here after dinner
but he was smiling all the time

we i went to the new table i was lets see who is there
surprise, surprise, joaquim was there
i lost no time and started to pick on him AGAIN because i didn´t knew any of the other players except one spanish guy areas ( loose agressive, i was with him in la toja last week and he won the tournment ) and tonnyL (tight agressive) both here on my left grrr

and once again joaquim and me started to hit on each other. joaquim went all in and i re raise it because i didn´t wanted anyone more to pay
i had KQsuited vs his 88
humm since i was chip leader of the tournment with 93k i didn´t mind to run agaisnt him
nothing in the board to help me ...
he got lucky because 2 things happend
a) i realized he was a nice guy, just havin fun but the main question was b)
B) some guy start picking on me
and for the 1st time ever i was mad
not happy at all for what i did but everything happend so fast
some guy went all in for 11k and i had low pair since i was on the button i said i got to think ...
he said " cmon" "play" " u are afraid" etc
i reply " man if u want ask for time"
he did that
pedro the director of the tournment went to the table and give me 1min
i said "ok now i will think." i was starting to remember his hands and this bastard said " 40 sec to go"
guys i pick up the cards and send them away
and start picking on him saying when u go all in i will go with u
on the next hand i was SB and he on the UTG went all in everyone fold
and i looked at my cards and saw KK didn´t think too mutch and said " son i call and u will go home"
BB said its not my problem
he show TT ( again agaisnt me ) vs my KK
yes he went home
and i was with 108k or so

after that i got mooved to table 1 my last table
got to say it was the hardest tb i was
for 2 things
i was chip leader in that table and we couldn´t play poker because there was too manny short stack
who simply move all in

and i started to pick on the guy on my right Arkitet form coimbra. i knew him and 2 other guys but arkited i knew better and since he had 50k i thought he wouldn´t want to risk his stack so if he try to steal i would defend to the death.

I notice some guy take advantage of that.
i didn´t know him
nice guy thought because i let him do that
why simply because i had no read on him
i was start to get tired and i didn´t know him
he played a great poker always picking on me
some trash talk about SLB and i step in and said im from SLB what is your problem
to sergio
and this guy said i´m from the group of rio ave supportes
well i just replyed "i thought there here only women there"
man he just smile @ it
sick because i couldn´t get him mad
at the end of the day i talked with him and ask if he play on internet
he said yeah i´m hooligato
very nice guy

on the 2nd day
i was with him before the even start and we wish luck to each other i said i would want to be in his tb but that in my tb i could play poker.
and since i knew one of us would get into the FT i was 2sec to tell him one thing
but i didnt
now i´m going to say here
i was so sure one of us could get top 5 spot i was going to ask him if he would want to give 5 of his final money and i would give him the same but i thought "well he dont know me very well he could think i´m trying to steal him"

well the action started
and i wont played 2 hands
the 1st i was utg and fold a mediocre hand
the 2nd sergio on the button raise it to 17k
i looked and saw 66
since he had almost my stack i went all in
and i wanted him to pay because i had a good read on him and had 100% sure that he didn´t had nothing special
i was right
he had ktoff
and he called it
but on the turn the T show up
and i was out

if the T wasn´t ther i would be with more than 150k and FOR Sure i would be on the FT
so i decided to support the 2 guys i just meet
joaquim and vitor aka hooligato

i talked with the sister of tonnyL and said "joaquim will finish 1st vitor 2nd and your brother 3rd"
she said " if that happen will be rubish because he knows so mutch"
well i said "joaquim just STFU ( stop talking ), hooligato is so focus and i think your brother will think he have one big edge and that will kill him. But if that doesn´t kill him a bad beat will."
again i was right
nah poker is just like that
i was right
and i was so happy
i just finish ITM
and my favs finish 1st and 2nd

i will put more photos later
cya guys

3 comentários:

petruzzi disse...

não tive possibilidade de ficar pra ver o segundo dia, mas, no primeiro, a partir do momento em que te sentaste na mesa do hooligato, foste um dos jogadores a quem estive mais atento, na forma de jogar. tive a oportunidade de te dar os parabéns lá, mas reitero, estiveste muito bem. ah, se quiseres jogar connosco às segundas (aproveito pra fazer o convite, de certeza, subscrito pelo hooligato), serás muito bem-vindo :)

Hooligato disse...

My friend,

I would've taken your proposal on the spot and thinking you were the one who was getting robbed. Always thought you were going to the final table and i just wished i could be there with you, so i couldn't be more surprised when i saw you leaving the tournament so early.
Loved the way you pressured the Arkitekt, and that's why i took the oportunity to pick, gently, on you. And, of course, because we have similar backgrounds, even if the colours were diferent. But, even unconciously, i knew we wouldn't go on collision course at the table. Enjoyed you chronicle a lot, and i thank for your support and, above all, your belief. Coming from an established player has you are, it's the greatest cumpliment i could get. I'll have my own account of events published on thursday and then you'll understand even better some of my moves. All the luck at the tables and, above all, in life. You have a friend over here, so if you need anything, feel free to ask.
May The Truth always be with you.

Anônimo disse...

foi pena teres perdido a corrida...

aguardo o proximo torneio e quem sabe uma FT :)

btw, já escrevias em português.. é que o teu inglês é um bocado horrível :P