terça-feira, 28 de outubro de 2008


Tonight I was watting for hooli to get me one account for me because I wanted to play my 1st futepoker league.
well I didn´t get luck because the shit hit the fan in his newspapper and he couldn´t get me the account so I decided to play some cash poker.
i choosed one table after watching them for 10min or so and I enter with 200$ in a 2-4$ table aka nl 400.
i steal some blinds nothing special till

hand 1

I was utg+1 and i recived Ad 9d
nothing special i think but still i decided to make a mini raise.
I took the advantage i had KK and made the same kind of raise one turn before but I caught no action there and decided to show my cowboys.
well everyone fold except the BB that called.
Guys this is a common mistake i see offen in cash games.
You can´t call unless you have a monster.
you only have 2 options either you raise or fold to see the strenght of your opponent.
well he called.
the flop doesn´t help me 7c 8s Ts but i had open end straight
he did what you need to do in this case he raised me
and i did what i need to do i re-raise him
and he fold

hand 2
this hand its the typical " you dont need to be good you only need to have luck"
i was mp with 88
and i made a standart raise
i got one call from the player in the co
the player in the BB makes a re-raise. i thought he was protecting his BB i couldn´t call i either fold or re-raise. so i re-raise-him
the co fold
and the BB went all in
i knew i was in trouble but i was with 32$ left and i called
i hoped he had AKs but whe showed his Aces
the flop was a dream come true
T 8 2
nothing help him and i was with more than 450$ 5 min after i started to play
well i deserved to be with 0 but like i said before i prefer to have luck than to be a good player.

hand 3
i got the ladies utg and i made the standart raise to 14$ and i got got call from the player in the BB
the flop was from hell Jd Kd Kx
but i hit my 1st barrel more than 2/3 of the pot
he called
i decided to check to see if he got the K or if he was trying to get the flush
he checked and i got what i needed
he was trying to get the dimond
the river doesn´t help him or me and he hit a 2/3 of the pot
nice bet imo because if i doesn´t had QQ i could fold
i didn´t re-raise because i could had a bad read on him so i just call his 90$ bet
well i was right and i won other big pot
now i was with 550$ or so in 10 min ( +350$ )

hand 4

with A2 hearts in MP i decided to make a mini raise
i knew where i stand with this hand
flush flush or 22 in the flop would be great i didn´t wanted any ace
other 2 players called
the flop was a dream come true
Qh 3h Js

the short stack of the table made a pot bet
the BB called and i went all in
the short stack called and the BB folded

he shows Qs 6s
and i had Ah 2h

the turn give me the As putting me in front but giving him the flush draw too
well the river was one heart and i win other nice pot
now i was with 660$ ( + 460$ ) and i was HOT

my last hand
i limped with TKoff
and i was with other 2 guys

the flop was great
7s 9d Th

i checked
the short stack made a small raise
the BB called


i checked
the short made other small raise
and the BB called
i thought re-raising but i was with no read whatsoever about the player in the BB
he had hit a set 2 hands before and made the same kind of moviment so i decided to call only

the river was 3s
well i checked
the short moved all in ( and i knew i was in front of him so i had no affraid of him because i was 100% sure he was bluffing because i put him straight draw since the beggining)
the BB fold and i called
i was right i won other big pot
i was with 830$ ( + 630$ )
i waitted till my BB and i sit out

it was a nice hit and run and i thx to hooligato
if he had get me the pass i wouldn´t won this cash
well if i wasn´t luck in that 2 hand i would be with 0
but thats poker

cya mates
Francisco "the truth k" Costa

segunda-feira, 27 de outubro de 2008

Are you commited?

when i see some friend of mine in the lobby after they take the long walk from the tournment i normally ask wtf happend?
the answer is always 1 out 2
a) i was pot commited to the pot
b) i was commited to this hand i´m just in love and the flop helped but the river...

why players make this mistake? but who i´m I to talk about this since i already made the same mistake.

we should be commited to win. its better to lose a big pot and walk away and stay alive than to go to certain death.
cut losses guys and regroup!

Ever now and then i notice that some player's are in love with their poker hands even when the flop doesn´t help and they know they are dead. Cmon you should let it go when you can know that you will be playing your Agame.

right now we see in internet alot of pre-flop activity and i question me why? the answer is simple there are alot aggressive players right now. but let me give some exemples.

Lets say we are playing a tournment in a early stage and you get pocket AA mid position and you make a 3,5BB raise and you get 3 calls

if you get this kind of flop Th 9h 8h and you doesn't had the A of hearts what should do if you are the 3rd to talk.
The others players that talked early made a raise and a re-raise. i think there is only one option. ONE EASY FOLD. But you can´t get out the hand because you are in love and because you think AA can´t be cracked and you are chip leader and think that you can win staying there like a fool and wasting your chips.

Lets say you already have half your stack in the pot and you are looking to caught one spade in the River to make the nutts flush and you are in the Pot with other 2 players
playerX -??
playerXX- ??
you - As Ks

you raised pre-flop and get 2 calls
from playerX and playerXX

flop Ts 7s 9h
you raised again and both players called

turn 2c
you hit your 2nd barrel and again you get 2 calls

question if the river doesn´t give you the spade you need for nutts flush what should you do?
lets say the river card is a Jh
should you raise again?
should you push all in?
are you commited?

i really think all the 3 questions have the same answer NO. there is probably a guy with a straight there that will call or other that may hit a set or even a sick bastard that will call with a AT (lol).

you got to be commited to fold and make the comeback stronger.

to finish this article can you tell me the % times you were commited to a pot that you thought you were behind and you actually won the hand? humm so low :) i rest my case

RIP commited guys
Francisco "the truth k" Costa

sábado, 25 de outubro de 2008


I can´t understand why guys slow play top pair or a set but i see that to many times.
The only way i think you must slow play is when you hit the nutts and you want the other player to get some cards that might help him. Period.

I see guy slow playing when they had no cleu whatsoever. If you dont have nutts you will give a chance to others to hit a flush or a straigh or 2 pairs or whatever better that might beat you.

The most tipical/donk slow play i saw is to slow play pocket Aces. OMG. You can´t slow play Aces even if you are without position unless you are in a ultra agressive table and you knew you will be raised. But even in this kind of tables sometimes there are hand not played with aggresion and you risk to have 4 limps and if that occurs I guaranty you will be in trouble unless you Hit a Ace in the flop.

Something like that happend in last Solverde tournment at my table. I was the bully of the table but with 45off @ BB and with 4 limps already i decided to check
the blinds were 800-400 ante 100
and with 5 guys 4000 on the Pot
the flop was a dream come true 445
the SB check
I check
and the utg made a 3000 bet
everyone fold
and i just call
the turn was 3
and i check hoping he hit his 2 barrel
he went all in more 19000
a big big over pot
i called and show the nutts
he said shit i had pocket AA
i said gg and thought what a donk

Francisco " the truth k " Costa

Just want to say " I'm a fish " :S

i wanted zummy´s photo of the fish but since i didn´t know where to get the photo i just going to put this one that i like. My litle girl just choose the photo ;)

It´s a fact i´m a fish. Imagine that, a winning player at low stakes nl poker and I'm a fish. want to know why?

I was playing in betfair 1-2$ NL and i got AKsuitted spades. all the players folded and i raise from the button. both SB and BB called my 7$ raise.

The flop was 2d3s4c
both players checked and i sence fear and hit a continuation bet. 2/3 of the pot.
The Sb steap away but i got a call from the BB.

i was starting to think wtf could he had to call? a set? nah why won he re-raise me? 2pair? opend ended straight? will he have a pocket pair higher card? or just trying to bluff me on the river?

The turn was a Kh. Great i thought. he checks again and i bet the pot 51$ and he calls again. omg i though.

The river cards was 5c.

i just hit the 3rd nutts only beat 67 or 6X. the BB player check and i went all in for the rest of my chips 145$ and he called.

I show AK and he shows 54 for 2 pairs. well no need to say what he said. " man you are a fish " keep it coming. so today i realize that i´m a fish

help me guys because i stop playing. i´m in shock!!!
this is commun in poker, when some guy losses a pot he starts trash talking with the other and can´t accept things.

i was cool when i saw the king in the turn i knew i was ahead of him and the only reason to call my raise was straight draw or one mid pair from him. why?
when i raised from the button pre flop if he had AA or KK he probably would re-raise me, i knew i would. so he couldn´t had a big pair. even with QQ he should re-raise me.
with the flop 234 with no flush draw possible there was only 3 options for him to call my raise ( at least in my mind )
1-straight draw
2-mid paid or hitting a pair on the flop and had other higher card
3-will try to bluff me

when the K arrived on the turn
i had top pair top kicker and i was waitting for a 5 to hit the straight.
so to call he
1- didn´t belive i had the K and thought his mid pair was ahead of me but why not re-raise me?
2-straight draw. the most probably

i confess i didn´t belive he had the 6
thats why i went all in
check check check was no signal of stregth
ofcouse he could be slow playing but to slow play you need to be ahead from the beggining and i didn´t belive that either.

well at least i went with his money and knowing i was a fish

cheers m8s
Francisco " the truth k " Costa

sexta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2008

The Donkey

Normally people loves donkey, who doesn´t. i was reading the comments in futsabado and i start laughting. Rugby wolf said :" i will be some day in the WSOP but i never would win futpoker league."

With other player, Didacarlos, in the hotel room two weeks ago, we here speaking about la toja and he said the same " i think i can´t win here because so many donks i can´t move".

The donkey can´t let go Top pair and never belive your raise. For exemple when i was in la toja and decided to play a 6 players SNG. i had QQ and i was in the button. The utg raised i dont remember the raise but let say he raised to 90 because we here early stage. everyone fold and I re-raised to 250. the BB called and he also called.
the fold showed Js 7h 2d the BB check and he utg bet the pot 250. i went all in because A) i already know him B) we only had 500 behind so i couldn´t call only raise or fold. the BB called my all in and the utg also called.
i was worried.
both players show the cards
utg had Jh 6h to top pair and runner runner flush (lol)
BB had Jc kc to top pair and lol nice kicker lol
i thought what a donks
the turn show kh and i was #$%#%$#%
the river show other heart and the J6 of hearts won
and i was laughting like hell

The donkey is a bad poker player, a very bad player, but sometimes gets lucky. But that´s poker!!!

There’s always a donkey or two at a poker table. Everyone think wow thats great i agree but two things can happen with a donkey: you can make a lot of money, or you can lose a lot of money. If the donkey gets lucky, you’ll lose. But i belive in my poker and they can´t get always luck. Don´t be afraid of Donks and dont go on tilt because if you do that you are also a donk. Be nice to the donks. speak with them make them think they can win.
i remember other story in la toja. On fridays we play SNG at casino la toja and The guy on my right was showing his hands all night long and i noticed that he fold T3off. meh nothing special with that ... easy fold for sure. But when the flop show 3 3 T i fell that i might had one open to talk with him. i did that :)
he said "damm "
i ask why? and he reply " i had 3t" and i said " cmon go to joke with other. you can´t fold 3t because if it hit you will win alot" yeah i know i was pushing but you didn´t saw the guy ;)
well i was in one pot with him and he had top pair and i had nutts and i took all the money from him.
Satuday, the tournment day, I was on fire, penetrating other players thoughts and the most important I was catching cards and I thought to myself when the new players arrived omg the donk from yesterday is comming to this table. GREAT!!! better than this he was with tons of chips and he was on my righ.
i said hello to him and congrat him on getting that kind of chips he said that he was on a HOT run.
One round later he made his standart raise and i said " AGAIN" man you are really on fire always raising OMG " "i will look at my cards" i looked and i saw my cowboys aka pocket KK. i said " are you strong? " he said sure i said i dont belive in you and i reraise him 3,5x his raise, he called. the folp was good for me no Ace but Tx 3x 7x and he made a overbet. i was wtf i didn´t belive the set but i was afraid he could had T3 the hand i said the day before :s well if i called i was going to be with 5k left if i folded i would be with 11k but i didn´t want to fold my kk. I start talking with him and he said he had a pair. From the read i did friday i knew he wont lie because i had a good look to all his hands and i didn´t belive his pocket AA i put him in Aj or A3 or A7 and i push all in. He called ans show AT I like what i saw but I knew I was in trouble. The other players at the table, the dealer, and even the girl serving drinks knew I was in trouble. The river show the Fantastic Ace.
He said i knew it
and i was out

Sure everyone want this kind of calls but beware the donks sometimes get luck.

Francisco " the truth k " Costa

quinta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2008


People think they could steal with positicion and that is the truth. But why steal when the blinds are too small? the risk/profit is not to great. Later when the blind grow up its more tempting to steal with position.

I like to steal and the position i steal more is my BB. i normally re-raise when guys in CO or button start raising. but why i do that ? simple normally guys ( beginners ) think they could only steal in the CO or button and easy fold after a re-raise wrost case cenario if you do that you can hit other barrel because.

But dont be a maniac steal once and again dont push it. Its no shame to get caught, and if you get caught fold. try it next time and remember this the other players will know that you can fold after you try to steal and that is great because they will respect that. So if you are trying to steal and get raised you can move all in and the others players would easy fold a nice range of hands... why? because they will think you are strong. they saw you fold but now you make a statement. Sure there are others hands they wont fold but that is a risk you need to take once and again.

when you steal alot like me i like to grabb to show hands but why do i do that? after you start showing your hands you need to change you style of poker. Other poker players will call your raises and will re-raise you more. So you need they think that without knowing you will be more thing. hope to get caught once or twice. show the hands and i guaranty you will win a BIG BIG pot.

Look to stacks. there are players that want to get ITM so will tight there game like hell. they are your best target. avoid small stack and big stacks because both this players might call or even re-raise all in your raise. the small stack might want to risk the live in the tournment to double up they know if they dont Double up soon the blinds will kill you. the big stacks might call because they have decent hand an want to kick you out of the hand.
the players near the average stack are the one´s that will fold more. they can wait and they will not risk his stack unless they have a great hand.

there are so many thing you can say about stealing ...
if you think you can had more things speak up in the comments plz

cheers m8s
Francisco "the truth k" Costa

" The Circus " - this is probably make sense only for futsabado guys

2 days ago ********* send me the invitation to play "the circus" i said i would love to play but i didn´t had one account.

Since " the circus " is a private tournment, 1$ buy in, i played with the account of other player.

i normally dont like to play low buy in but i join this without hesitation because i start to love this poker junkies.

we started to play a super turbo ( 3 min blinds ) starting with 1500chips.
not my kind of tournment i like deep stack with 2h blinds but let it roll

i was going to fold 1st 3-6 min trying to get some respect from the table and get to know the betting habits.

but i realized i can´t do neither. why? 1st i saw one guy go all in ... then i saw other... then i saw one go all in and other player makes the call...

humm now i get "the circus" and i posted in futsabado why its wrong to do this, pot control, we caught bad habits,others with less skills can´t grow up, etc,etc...

The answer i got was not what i would expected :
" man BS coming from you...?!?!?!"
" i saw you make 12/13 rebuys in a 3$ tounment and i stop counting "
"you make sick calls with 33 in a flop X X X ( all high cards ) the other player went all in an you call "
" you go all in with any two."

outch i guess it hurts but Inside of me i was laughting and my biblical thoughts come around "do what I say do not do what I do"

i did +13 rebuys for 2 reasons 1st of all i like charity and 2nd of all all the guys there will be playing the 55 $ with me thinking i´m a manic/sick/bastard/donk
if i catch 1 great the 12/13/14 rebuys were paid.
that call ... hummm ... gutts call ... statement call... if there was one aggressive player in that table beside me i know what he thought in that moment. "i wont bluff that guy period"
yes i know i can go with any 2 but i love one´s more than others :)

i dont know if you already saw this video or not if not i know you are going to love it if you already saw it do it again but beware there is no comparation between this and the circus because Circus doesn´t have a championship table. ( well to all that are not from futsabado i will explain why i´m in ironic mode simple because some guys dont take thing seriouse just because there are no championship table or because we are playing 1$ tour or because we are playing with friends for fun )






terça-feira, 21 de outubro de 2008


Do you think Aggressive players have one edge agaisnt calling station type of player?
i dont think so ...
i really hate calling stations because i need to adapt my game. As you all know i like to be aggressive.
well, i´m agressive/maniac but there are now so many aggressive/maniac players that every time i meet one in a table i need to choose really carefully my hand to play because if i play my game and went to war with them it going to lead to many early baths in tournaments ( la toja or solverde you normally got % guys out before dinner and that is sick).
So what is the best thing to do?

If you want to take control of one aggressive player in a table and dont want to take a early bath you need to:
A- go into station mode. Period.
by doing that you will slow donw the guy and you can control the pot size. well, right now this isn´t true because i see guys raising x7BB or more, pre-flop and there is NO calling station that can call this But if the aggressive player make 3xBB kind of bet the calling station type can control the pot size. And its possible to check-call every street and still have a decent pot.
i know what you are thinking right now...
but if i have pocket KK or QQ or JJ and the flop shows X X X ( all under cards )shouldn´t i raise?
i answer with a question can you guaranty you have the best hand?
can or can´t the other guy have AA or 2 pairs or hit a set?
by only calling you are giving a chance to your opponent try to bluff you and cut your losses if he has a better hand.
Of course, I could be wrong... but since i´m one aggressive/maniac player i know what i´m talking about... normally in internet low buy ( 20 -50$ ) / mid GRT money ( 5k - 15k) in the 1st hour i´m out or i´m with 5-6times the inicial stack.
Give aggressive players the chance to hang themselves they will usually accept the chance take control of the pot that what i try to do in live games and in high buy-in games in internet but i think i should do that in every kind of game, my ROI would be better imo.
the calling station have one edge over aggressive tables.
this kind of style is also good when you like to see alot of flops in early stages. being loose and call 54off ( yeah zummy this is for you ) and other hands like that.
but guys i said early stages... preflop hand selection depends on the blinds. ok, you can say later on you can´t choose because the blinds will kill you but should choose the hands. what is the key to be a station call latter on the tournment? be above average. if you are bellow average, mate you can´t do that...
one agressive player only like a calling station when he got AA KK QQ and AK and he likes more when he get a great flop but if he know you are a calling station he won´t try to bluff you for sure.
today i had a sick play in a 5k deep stack when only 35 players where there and i was 12º with 22k
like i said i´m agressive/maniac
and i had KQs both spades and i re-raise to defend my BB
the other guy called.
the flop wasn´t good 7s 2h Td and i hit other barrel 3/4pot size
he called
turn Js and i hit other barrel pot size and he called
river 3d and i went all in and he called
what the other guy had?
T? no
what did he had?
and i was out
ok the other guy was a dumb bastard, you might say that. i say more he was a calling/maniac dont be like him is not what i´m trying to say and i hope you get it...
well at least agaisnt me

cheers m8
Francisco "the truth K" Costa

segunda-feira, 20 de outubro de 2008

And for the 2nd time in a row BPPT here i go... now near home in Espinho

lets start by the end

congrats to my mates
kitten and speed
gg and cya there

now the hands

i just arrived @ my place from La toja
i was tired and decided to play 3 tournments

the 1st one was a 9$ satelite to eyes wide shut a 5k grt in betfair
giving 4 tickets @ the end i manage to get one of them

30min later
BPPT 55$ buy in stared

i remember vainha asking me ( man you are so quiet
i answer that i was watching SLBenfica
well i was but i also decided to be 100% focus

i started by getting burn in a hand with vainha and i was donw to 1900
bad start imo

i was folding alot
not like me i just hoped people didn´t notice that i was choosing my hands ( one thing i never do in tournments - in early stage - any 2 cards mode )

3 hands later i got AKoff and decided to limp
vainha, luidgi or the mayor should raise this hand
vainha did a overbet 150 ( blinds 10-20 with only me limping utg and he was mp)
and i knew him so well i instant though he must have JJ TT or QQ
everyone folded
and i ask him
"are you strong?"
he said " strong enought to go all in"
since he only had 1,1k i decided to run with him 100 % sure he had the kind of hand he told me.
i know i should only call
but i knew if i do that i would not get max profit from this hand with him
if 1 Ace hit the flop he would easily fold
and even if i lose i wouldn´t be dead with 800chips

i had luck and hit the Ace in the flop
and the K in the river

i was around 3k
said gg to vainha
and he was litle mad, saying: "this is not a satelite!"


after that i steal and won some low pots
and i was with 6,5k

then the guy in my left decided to pick on me
he did it once
and i fold

he did it twice and i fold again

and said ( in portuguese ) "man if you re-raise me again i will go all in.Period"
and he stoped only call my raises

then he did it again i dont remember the hand...i went all in and i Double him up
i start talking to him in portuguese ( some trash talk )
and he said "in english plz"


so all my work to get into his mind was zero and now i was with 3,5k
ok lets play poker

yes 2 hands later i send him home but i dont remember the hand

i was with 8k
and then something happend
i will say " THE CALL OF THE NIGHT"

me and jo candeias aka for me and me only the great jo candeias
get envolved in a pot
i had pocket 33 utg
and i limped
he raised in BB to 600
and i call everyone else fold
folp 9x 6x 2x

he check and i raised 1200
he went all in
after think for about 10 sec (lol) i put him AK AQ AJ kind of hand
and i said
well since he have almost the same stack
i will be embarrassed if i´m wrong
but i dont think so
so i will call

he showed AT
and nothing helped him on the turn and river

OMG what a call

jo was mad
really mad
he said
you always call me
you so lucky
i said calm donw SLBenfica just won
and you and not dead...

well i send him home 2 hands later
gg jo

well 28 players left and i was in 4th place with 28players left
i confess i felt this could be other great step in my poker life
but i cool donw a litle
waiting for other player to go out
27 players make 3 table
and i wanted to see the new names
no big stack in my table only ferreira

ferreira was doing a great tournment
he had a bad beat lossing full house vs poker
and he was with 500 chips
when he arrived to my tb he already had 2k

and he was on my left
when he was bb i raise it
he said omg
why me
i didn´t said nothing
he folded i showed KK

i dont remember the hands
but i send home other 2 guys

i saw stacks and i was 2nd with 18K and speed was 1st with 50k
then there was binladybug and wclass with 10k (both tight agressive )
other had between 1.8k and 7k

i enter the tb raising MP with AK 3,5x the BB but everyone fold
next hand

i had AGAIN AK but binladybug went all in 10k
i knew she wouldn´t play AA or KK like that so if she had pocket pair it would be lower than that. best case cenário AQ or Slip pot AK
other important thing was i was with more 8k than she
and even if i lost i was still in the game

i re-raise all in
and everyone fold


remember my 1st hand agaisnt vainha
cross my fingers



yesssss i was going to 33k
time to tight em up

after that i only remember 1 hand
agaisnt kitten aka bicheiro

i was with 45k and he was 17k same stack as the other guy still alive

i limp in
and he check

i had KxTx

flop Ax Ax 2x

i check ( SB )
he bet 2.4k

i instant re-raise to 4.5k
he tought
ask for time
and then fold

kitten went all in with QQ
and the english guy called with A8

nothing helped him
and me, kitten and speed
gg m8

p.s.1- i enter betfair because BPPT. i enter before the estoril tournment and i achieve a seat in estoril. once again i achieve to get other seat. but i could get 2 or 3.
why well i achieve to get in the 2,000$ pack final its going to be played in 1week and 6 days

p.s.2-special thx to all the guys that phone me and send sms

p.s.3-Like always the professor was right. he said " you know so mutch " " lets go and win this "
i said " i just come here because i like charity "
next time i saw you in a tournment i will speak with you for sure

la toja - the story - photos and i will upload tomorow for the 1st time videos

This journey started friday night when i went to nuno´s house to play some poker.
it was fun like hell but the shit hit the fan... it was 7:30am and we should go to la toja @ 1:00pm.
i went home and sleep around 4hours or so. bath and shit and went to velasques ( meeting point ). I arrived @ 1:01 and call nuno to ask him where he was.

ring...ring... ring
ME: hi nuno! where are you?
nuno: bah... sorry mate... i´m waking up
ME: ???!!!!??? joking right?
nuno:i will be there in a second. cya

well he arrived not in a second but in 1 hour.

and we went with his cousin and other mate of nuno.

we stoped in a gas station ( sto tirso ) to wait for other portuguese guys. TonyL, Acacio, josé and Filipa.

finally we arrived @ la toja. 1 hour before the check in.
so i decided to play a 50$ sit and go ( 6 players ) in the hotel.
1 folded 16 times in a roll
and 1 payer out

i was in the button and i got QQ

the utg raised 150
and i re-raised 425
the BB called
and the guy utg also called

flop Js 7h 3d
the BB check
utg bet half pot
and i went all in
BB called my all in ( going all in too )
and utg called too ( having 220 chips behind )

they both showed their hands
and i could not belive my eyes
BB had Jd Ks
utg had Jh Th

omg 2 donks

turn Kh


river 2h


i looked @ nuno
nuno looked @ me

and we started laughting
someting went to my head ( i thought that could be a warning. and it was )but i didn´t said nothing to nuno.

yeah i shared the room with him ( sick bastard because of him i can´t put the videos right now here - i can´t tell why - OLOLOL )

we went to la toja casino
and bump
the tournment started
bad table
1st nuno was on it
2nd i knew other guy there "golfinho" a very good spanish player
3rd i knew 1 more guy - a MANIAK
the others i didn´t knew

well easily i get to 7k
with nothing special
stealing chips and shit
my best hand was KK but no one payed my raise

after 30 min i had a really good read on the table
but i was wrong
my mistake

with 7k and AhJs in the buton i raised to 300 ( blinds 50-100 ) because no one limped in
the SB folded
but the BB re-raised me to 800.

nice flop - top pair top kicker

he checked
and i raise it to 1k
and the BB re-raise me to 2,5k



he checked
i went ALL in

he thought
decided to call and said
ok show me the flush
i said
"man if you thought i had flush why did you call me?"
he said because i could be wrong

well he had QdQs
i was behind but i still had outs
hearts, Aces and jacks
but the river was not my friend

well i played bad because i could fold pre-flop
but after my call to his raise. i think i made all the right moves. my only mistake was thinking that the spanish guy was a good player. he couldn´t leave a good hand even when he thinks he was behind and with any chance of winning.
my bad.

i was donw to 0,8k
and wait till i had one hand i could double/triple up
i had the hand but i didn´t had the luck
and i was rebuying

by that time i thought in joão nunes aka jomané
when same thing happend to him and he finish the tournment in 2nd.

but i hadn´t the same luck

well i was donw to 2,8k losing some pots with no luck in the flop.

then i double up with As 5s and got nutts in the flop
the other guy went all in and i instant call

then i started to play my game
and steal blinds over and over again
i went to dinner with 9k

after dinner
i didn´t get to stay in the table mutch longer
everyone folded till SB that raised my BB to 900
i called because i got 8x8s

flop 4s5s6x

the other guy - a very tight/passive - bet 2k

3 things could mean this bet
a- he could have AK AQ and need to bet to kick me out
b- big pocketpair ( QQ KK AA ) because if was lower he only would limp but since he was SB i open the range to 99 - TT - JJ - ... - AA
c- or he could have 2 spades

since he had only more 0,5k than me
i decided to push all in
well he mad a great call with TT
no 7 or 8 to help me
and i was out.

now the photos

omg this before dinner
loled @ Homefucking Is Killing Prostitution

sexta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2008

LA Toja - here i go AGAIN

This saturday i will go Again to la toja and for the 1st time i go with no expectations. Just want to have fun.
I will go with canossa and i´m expecting orlando to say something.
Dont be too surprised if i will be the 1st, 2nd or 3rd player out. I will be agressive... i will be loose... i will have fun.
i dont want to have a tounment like the last when i fall 10min before the finish of the 1st day with a bad beat because i was short stack and some donk with chips decided to call with 94off.

well like always Portugal will have players in the FT and i hope we can win this for the 1st time.

cya m8s
the truth


Hi guys

i´m REALLY surprised when i saw the traffic i´m getting.
more than 60 people for day is crazy and i was never expecting this.

i need to say thx to all of you guys readingand i promiss i will put more articles ( from myself and from others writers

quarta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2008

playing rebuy tournments

i really think i know how to play rebuy tournments. PERIOD

lets look at last night statelite for the BPPT

29 players
109 rebuys???
11 add on

this satelite give tickets ( 55$ + 5$ ) to play a freezout ( giving 2 tickets GRD at least for the main tournment )

109/ 29 = 3,76 rebuys per player
i only made the 1 at the begging
payed 10$ + the add on = 15
i saw some guys in my tb pay 6 rebuys and thats 30$
going all in with marginal hands

guys if u want to succed in rebuys tournments
1- play verry tight
2- play agressive
3- dont be afraid to play ( but dont be stupid, see 1)

my poker friend orlando said " if there are 7 players and only 6 get the seat and i get AA i fold"
i say he is 50% right
normaly blinds go up a bit and when the rebuys finish the blinds will be 1600-800 + ante. so if you are in a stage more advanced i say play the AA with position ... if you are early position and have $$ to pay next BB and SB Fold the Aces. why? simple bad beats, sorry poker!!
if you dont have enought $$ to pay the BB and the SB play them, or if you have position.

this is my advice
cheers mates
Francisco "the truth" Costa


Normaly i dont post this kind of results but i will post this. why? the power poker in the FT.

It´s difficult to have a FT so good as this one?
all the players here playing for 1 spot and 1 spot only
power poker
playing with no presure at all because it was a freeroll but when u get to the FT you have no other choice to play to win

with a sick freeroll field ( 1000 players ) i played great since hand nº1.
luck? probably ... too many maniacs ( it was a freeroll lolol )
AA? not even 1
KK? i wish
so i took all the other hand i had and get max profit from all

i dont remember the hands got to admit i only remember the great afternoon i had.
thx god i´m the boss at my work

poker is all about winning money
meh dont agree
its all about having fun
never forget that

well i couldn´t play the other tournment because i went to see SLBenfica( i dont want to talk about that ) just wanted to say thx to XXXXXXX for playing for me.
its always fun to play a big buy-in tournment without paying nothing
GG mate

cheers mates
Francisco "the truth" Costa

segunda-feira, 6 de outubro de 2008

this weekend - GOOD things Bad things

I got to say one thing
Poker in Portugal is getting better and better...

This weekend, 2 guys playing for the 1st time LIVE, succeeded to finish in the 1st and 2nd place in SOLVERDE Tournment.

Well some guys can´t get over it... they said lucky bastards, if i didn´t had that bad beat, etc, etc.
I dont see it that way.

1st - ofcourse u want to win money but if u start thinking on the money u will never get a TOP result. You can´t be afraid to lose in order to win! And more important than that u must have FUN...

I had the LUCK to be with them in this tournment

I played 1st with Joaquim ( the winner ) and i´m going to be Honest. The problem with joaquim is that he was talking alot and i smell the fish in him ( When i say fish i say noob aka 1st tournment ) so i start to pick on him. i will tell the story. It was my 2nd table and when i enter there i looked to the stacks and players.
there was Dperfeito ( great poker face, great player, tight agreassive, we had one history i already send him home 2 times in previouse tournments and he study with me in the university. he had 18k ), miguel ( well i think i´m the one you knows miguel more because he had a past of friendship before poker, he had around 50k and he is a verry loose agressive player ), luckyluso ( very tight agressive player ) and on my right i had betterman ( i know him from internet tight, tight, thight with 14k )and there was joaquim... joaquim said and i quote " plz let me stay alive till dinner i buy dinner to everyone " and i replyed " man if some guy pick on you i will go defend you " i was not chip leader in that tb, miguel was, but i had position aganst him and i knew him well, lol.
everyone laught and he manage to stay alive till dinner. The problem was when he get back to the tb he said the deal was off... LOLOL man i thought to my self now i have what i need to kill him ...and i played some pots agaisnt him and he went from 21k to 8,8k i was just started to pick on him but something happend joaquim started to talk to the chicken " what should i do ...!?!?!? should i call ??? should i fold???? help me" i was thinking to myself " man this guy is so sick...but i´m loving it... i want to take his money ... but since he is so funny i will mess with somebody else"
i was thinking that to myself and other thing happend
betterman asked me man for the 2nd time show your game K7 and QT shit u are going to get caught and i replyed to him no i´m just preparing something...
i finish to say that and the dealer give the cards
i was on the UTG blinds 2000-1000 ante ??? lolol
and i looked and saw AA i raise it to 6k for the 3rd time in a row
after some thought luckluso went all in everyone fold it till joaquim who asked the chicken again what should i do?
i laught like a crazy guy
the chicken tell him to fold AT (lol and u going to see why) and i call luckyluso all in
he had TT vs my AA
nothing help him
nothing helped him and i was with 80-90k
lucky said "i saw him raise for the 3rd time and the other 2 with mediocre hands"
betterman replyed "dude he just told me he was preparing something"

yeah i was playing very agressive poker at this stage and i loved my table but we all got moved again...

on a side note i got to say that i´m a trash talker and i mess with guys head some guys are cool with that and dont reply others i get to them very easy and 5/6 hands later the guy only think to send me home.
Joaquim was different.
i mess with him
i won some good pots agaisnt him
he was left with only 8.8k
he was asking plz let me be here after dinner
but he was smiling all the time

we i went to the new table i was lets see who is there
surprise, surprise, joaquim was there
i lost no time and started to pick on him AGAIN because i didn´t knew any of the other players except one spanish guy areas ( loose agressive, i was with him in la toja last week and he won the tournment ) and tonnyL (tight agressive) both here on my left grrr

and once again joaquim and me started to hit on each other. joaquim went all in and i re raise it because i didn´t wanted anyone more to pay
i had KQsuited vs his 88
humm since i was chip leader of the tournment with 93k i didn´t mind to run agaisnt him
nothing in the board to help me ...
he got lucky because 2 things happend
a) i realized he was a nice guy, just havin fun but the main question was b)
B) some guy start picking on me
and for the 1st time ever i was mad
not happy at all for what i did but everything happend so fast
some guy went all in for 11k and i had low pair since i was on the button i said i got to think ...
he said " cmon" "play" " u are afraid" etc
i reply " man if u want ask for time"
he did that
pedro the director of the tournment went to the table and give me 1min
i said "ok now i will think." i was starting to remember his hands and this bastard said " 40 sec to go"
guys i pick up the cards and send them away
and start picking on him saying when u go all in i will go with u
on the next hand i was SB and he on the UTG went all in everyone fold
and i looked at my cards and saw KK didn´t think too mutch and said " son i call and u will go home"
BB said its not my problem
he show TT ( again agaisnt me ) vs my KK
yes he went home
and i was with 108k or so

after that i got mooved to table 1 my last table
got to say it was the hardest tb i was
for 2 things
i was chip leader in that table and we couldn´t play poker because there was too manny short stack
who simply move all in

and i started to pick on the guy on my right Arkitet form coimbra. i knew him and 2 other guys but arkited i knew better and since he had 50k i thought he wouldn´t want to risk his stack so if he try to steal i would defend to the death.

I notice some guy take advantage of that.
i didn´t know him
nice guy thought because i let him do that
why simply because i had no read on him
i was start to get tired and i didn´t know him
he played a great poker always picking on me
some trash talk about SLB and i step in and said im from SLB what is your problem
to sergio
and this guy said i´m from the group of rio ave supportes
well i just replyed "i thought there here only women there"
man he just smile @ it
sick because i couldn´t get him mad
at the end of the day i talked with him and ask if he play on internet
he said yeah i´m hooligato
very nice guy

on the 2nd day
i was with him before the even start and we wish luck to each other i said i would want to be in his tb but that in my tb i could play poker.
and since i knew one of us would get into the FT i was 2sec to tell him one thing
but i didnt
now i´m going to say here
i was so sure one of us could get top 5 spot i was going to ask him if he would want to give 5 of his final money and i would give him the same but i thought "well he dont know me very well he could think i´m trying to steal him"

well the action started
and i wont played 2 hands
the 1st i was utg and fold a mediocre hand
the 2nd sergio on the button raise it to 17k
i looked and saw 66
since he had almost my stack i went all in
and i wanted him to pay because i had a good read on him and had 100% sure that he didn´t had nothing special
i was right
he had ktoff
and he called it
but on the turn the T show up
and i was out

if the T wasn´t ther i would be with more than 150k and FOR Sure i would be on the FT
so i decided to support the 2 guys i just meet
joaquim and vitor aka hooligato

i talked with the sister of tonnyL and said "joaquim will finish 1st vitor 2nd and your brother 3rd"
she said " if that happen will be rubish because he knows so mutch"
well i said "joaquim just STFU ( stop talking ), hooligato is so focus and i think your brother will think he have one big edge and that will kill him. But if that doesn´t kill him a bad beat will."
again i was right
nah poker is just like that
i was right
and i was so happy
i just finish ITM
and my favs finish 1st and 2nd

i will put more photos later
cya guys

domingo, 5 de outubro de 2008

SOLVERDE 8th - live @ espinho - already ITM

i didn´t paid for this tournment because i didn´t know if i was going to be with my daughter or not this weekend.
Since i was not with her i decided to go play the 100+10 ( with 50 euros rebuy/add on ) tournment in Espinho.
when i arrived there i was the 17th n late registation :S meh...
i waited for my turn and i joined when the blinds just move up to 300-150 with only 8.5k chips because they take out the ( BB + SB )x2 for every round already played...
i joined a nice table sice i had the read of every player there... wining some small pots and losing others ... with 8k left i got QQ utg and decided to raise to 3,5x the bb some guy went all in and i instant call himm... normal race AKoff agaisnt QQ.
i wont that race and went to 17k after that i send home other 2 players but they here short stack and i dont remember the hands one thing i knew i was to move again and i was with 30k ( the average was 14k so i was great ).
Again with lucky because i enter a great table with the read of every player. i decided to trash alot and to show all my hands ( maniak image and verry loose hands ).
the guy on my right BETTERMAN ask me " men wtf are u doing ? its not you... i replyed i´m waitting because i want to make this image )
well ..luck i guess because on next hand i got AA on utg+2 ( blinds 1200 - 600 ante 200 ) utg limp, utg+1 fold and i raised to 5,5k. The guy on my left was a verry tight agreessive player and after some thought he went all in ( 37k ) everyone fold and i instant call. he had TT vs my AA. no help for the TT an i went o 95k ( chip leader). he said " damm i thought u were a maniak ... i saw you play so loose and fold after re-raises ... damm nh gg"
dammm they move me again
next table same read
i had the lucky to have the a guy i was messing up in the other table ... the typical i have one ace i´m the king, and he went all in 9k in mp when i was BB. i had KJsuitted hearts and i call it. he show 88. the flop was from hell 8 5 2 bummmp.. no hearts, no k or j ... no help for the strait either...
and i was donw to 86k
after one orbit i was on the button and some guy went all in ( 14k ) i was starting to think and some guy 2 seats on my left on the started to say " play... cmon ...and trash a litle " i said i have a legit hand i need to think a litle if u want ask time and call the director. he did that. Pedro, the director, said fran u got 1min ... i started to see the plays from that plyer in my mind and the say said "cmon only have 40s " ... man i went mad give away my cards and start to trash talk with each other...
one orbit later i was BB and he on the utg went all in ( around 30k ) everyone fold i look at my cards and saw KK ... didn´t think alot, instant call and said " boy now u can go home" kk Vs TT ... no help in the flop and i won ...
now i had 108k and i was chip leader. after wining some pot ( stealing ) and losing others i was moved again...
damm ( i couldn´t read half the table and i decided to dont talk... with no hands to play ( grrr K3, T2, 46, A6,grrrr i was only stealing the blinds )
the blnds stated to go mad 12k - 6k + 1 ante and 16 - 8 + 2k ante... all in or fold mode
with nothing special i finish the day ITM and with 77k.
The tounment will start in less than 2hours i just wake up. going to take a bath eat lunch and go to th casino.
i will put the phots and tables later.
wish me luck.

Day two
nothing mutch to say i played only 2 hands. in the 1st i was utg with something i dont remember and it was one easy fold.
on the 2nd everyone fold till the button ... and he raise it to 17000 ( the blinds went donw to 6000-3000 ante 500 ) and since the SB was out i started to look to my cards 6s 6h ... i knew the guy in the BB and i look to his stack and saw he had 20k more than me
after some thought i went all in...
he thought for 5min and went all in with KToff
sick call
and i was out.

i know i could easy fold the 66 but i knew the player and i had a nice read on him. KToff is not a call in the 2nd hand when u are NOT commited and when u are risking your tournment life 88%of his stack... i want to win and i was not afraid to lose...
if i win that hand i bet with 100%grt that i would finish top 10.
life must go on

now photos from the tournment
do u want girl? i will give u girls...


filipa lemos

sweet devil


now the boys...

Francisco "the truth k" Costa aka me

more ?

and thx for the igm givin support