sábado, 25 de outubro de 2008


I can´t understand why guys slow play top pair or a set but i see that to many times.
The only way i think you must slow play is when you hit the nutts and you want the other player to get some cards that might help him. Period.

I see guy slow playing when they had no cleu whatsoever. If you dont have nutts you will give a chance to others to hit a flush or a straigh or 2 pairs or whatever better that might beat you.

The most tipical/donk slow play i saw is to slow play pocket Aces. OMG. You can´t slow play Aces even if you are without position unless you are in a ultra agressive table and you knew you will be raised. But even in this kind of tables sometimes there are hand not played with aggresion and you risk to have 4 limps and if that occurs I guaranty you will be in trouble unless you Hit a Ace in the flop.

Something like that happend in last Solverde tournment at my table. I was the bully of the table but with 45off @ BB and with 4 limps already i decided to check
the blinds were 800-400 ante 100
and with 5 guys 4000 on the Pot
the flop was a dream come true 445
the SB check
I check
and the utg made a 3000 bet
everyone fold
and i just call
the turn was 3
and i check hoping he hit his 2 barrel
he went all in more 19000
a big big over pot
i called and show the nutts
he said shit i had pocket AA
i said gg and thought what a donk

Francisco " the truth k " Costa

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Nevadagary disse...

Hello Francisco ..
Nevadagary here
Great blog !
I've linked your blog to mine in "my links". I looked at the slow play article .. how true !
I'm heading to the poker room now ..
I'll visit your blog often.