quinta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2008

" The Circus " - this is probably make sense only for futsabado guys

2 days ago ********* send me the invitation to play "the circus" i said i would love to play but i didn´t had one account.

Since " the circus " is a private tournment, 1$ buy in, i played with the account of other player.

i normally dont like to play low buy in but i join this without hesitation because i start to love this poker junkies.

we started to play a super turbo ( 3 min blinds ) starting with 1500chips.
not my kind of tournment i like deep stack with 2h blinds but let it roll

i was going to fold 1st 3-6 min trying to get some respect from the table and get to know the betting habits.

but i realized i can´t do neither. why? 1st i saw one guy go all in ... then i saw other... then i saw one go all in and other player makes the call...

humm now i get "the circus" and i posted in futsabado why its wrong to do this, pot control, we caught bad habits,others with less skills can´t grow up, etc,etc...

The answer i got was not what i would expected :
" man BS coming from you...?!?!?!"
" i saw you make 12/13 rebuys in a 3$ tounment and i stop counting "
"you make sick calls with 33 in a flop X X X ( all high cards ) the other player went all in an you call "
" you go all in with any two."

outch i guess it hurts but Inside of me i was laughting and my biblical thoughts come around "do what I say do not do what I do"

i did +13 rebuys for 2 reasons 1st of all i like charity and 2nd of all all the guys there will be playing the 55 $ with me thinking i´m a manic/sick/bastard/donk
if i catch 1 great the 12/13/14 rebuys were paid.
that call ... hummm ... gutts call ... statement call... if there was one aggressive player in that table beside me i know what he thought in that moment. "i wont bluff that guy period"
yes i know i can go with any 2 but i love one´s more than others :)

i dont know if you already saw this video or not if not i know you are going to love it if you already saw it do it again but beware there is no comparation between this and the circus because Circus doesn´t have a championship table. ( well to all that are not from futsabado i will explain why i´m in ironic mode simple because some guys dont take thing seriouse just because there are no championship table or because we are playing 1$ tour or because we are playing with friends for fun )






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Hooligato disse...

As one, of the FutPoker guys that play in Futsabado's Circus, my statement will be short:

The basic, problem, my Truth K friend, is that you are still making comparisons about things that can't be compared. If you want to comment on the FutPoker competition standards, you have to pay attention to the FutPoker Cups that take place every monday. There, every place counts for points and every player takes it seriously.

The Circus are what the name tells you: Circus. This controversial is going on for days and i really don't understand what's the problem. Some of our guys are playing for real in Full Tilt, Pokerstars or Titan, and stop to come on to Bwin and take part in the Circus.

And you know, we are happy to play like clowns because we are amongst our friends. After working all day, maybe sometimes i just want to chill out and get a couple of laughs. Winning is nice, but that's not the point over there. You chose not to understand it, and that makes me sad.

The Circus are good or bad to our game? First of all, is good to us as human beings, a great anti-stress routine using poker for a good cause. It helps us to improve? It's not meant to. Even so, the results we are achieving speak for themselves. We have a Solverde 2nd position, a couple Sunday Million payouts, several nice tournaments won and overall results very promising since most of our guys play real money poker for less than a year.

Ok, but when you want to talk about high standards poker, at least speaking for myself, i'm always available. By the way, loved your explanation about the +13 rebuys...

Hooligato disse...

By the way... We are starting to love you too!!!

petruzzi disse...


Sapetodos disse...

Foi este Truth K que em pre-flop (150/75)calla o meu push utg (450) e q dps do flop (xxk)mete todas com at, quando eu tinha jj???

yuranus disse...

Sapetodos that is the truth and after that i saw the all table till the end.
we played 2 more SNG and do you remember the result?
i won both
the funny stuff is when i make the push the flop was K X X and you give me one important tell you can´t fold a pocket pair even with overcards.

Hooligato disse...

Frog is a relentless maniac. The Truth is, my friend K, and i know much better than you what i'm speaking of, there's no possible tell on Sapeitodos. He plays AK and J3 just the same way... and if he calls your pocket Aces with 95 offsuit, make no mistake, the board will give him no less than full house. In time, you'll find it out for yourself. That's the magic of FutPoker events, having such different types of players.

yuranus disse...

hooli i´m cool with circus i just dont know all the guys there. that´s why i say that to open eyes. Period.

i said once and i said it again i have 0 problems with circus IF everyone understands that is only for chill out. but then again why play for 1$ why not play for fun aka 0$

Hooligato disse...

My friend,

There's no play money private tables at the Ongame Network. And 1 dollar means that our brazilian friends can take part in 4 or 5 Circus in a row without counting their pennies.
And for the love of god, don't misjudge us: of course we like to win, but the means to the end don't have to be rational at The Circus. You took it seriously and you won a couple of times. Great for you and for our Liga FutPoker account.

Personally, i never liked turbos because i prefer poker over lotery and i'm not afraid of facing the best at any table. But i enjoy The Circus spirit, even if i'm a moving target for almost all the other players. That just means that they look up to me in their strange way of showing it, and i try to honour that respect.

Sooner than you'll expect you'll be playing live with a FutPoker polo shirt. Believe me.

sapetodos disse...

ok... Was just asking

yuranus disse...

do you know what i love most ?

man i got to tell this you defend your queen till the end, got an answer to everyting an you got to love this...

sapo i understand you so well like hooligato said 1 or 2 days ago " i saw you make 12/13 rebuys in a 3$ tournment then i stop counting"
its perfect to have the maniac image nobody will belive in you ... and when you have something you already know you will win so mutch money and that is great ;)

hdg disse...


I don’t play the circus very often but when I do, my game strategy is the same of a $100 tournament. My goal is to learn from all the type of situations and players. It’s a good practice!