terça-feira, 28 de outubro de 2008


Tonight I was watting for hooli to get me one account for me because I wanted to play my 1st futepoker league.
well I didn´t get luck because the shit hit the fan in his newspapper and he couldn´t get me the account so I decided to play some cash poker.
i choosed one table after watching them for 10min or so and I enter with 200$ in a 2-4$ table aka nl 400.
i steal some blinds nothing special till

hand 1

I was utg+1 and i recived Ad 9d
nothing special i think but still i decided to make a mini raise.
I took the advantage i had KK and made the same kind of raise one turn before but I caught no action there and decided to show my cowboys.
well everyone fold except the BB that called.
Guys this is a common mistake i see offen in cash games.
You can´t call unless you have a monster.
you only have 2 options either you raise or fold to see the strenght of your opponent.
well he called.
the flop doesn´t help me 7c 8s Ts but i had open end straight
he did what you need to do in this case he raised me
and i did what i need to do i re-raise him
and he fold

hand 2
this hand its the typical " you dont need to be good you only need to have luck"
i was mp with 88
and i made a standart raise
i got one call from the player in the co
the player in the BB makes a re-raise. i thought he was protecting his BB i couldn´t call i either fold or re-raise. so i re-raise-him
the co fold
and the BB went all in
i knew i was in trouble but i was with 32$ left and i called
i hoped he had AKs but whe showed his Aces
the flop was a dream come true
T 8 2
nothing help him and i was with more than 450$ 5 min after i started to play
well i deserved to be with 0 but like i said before i prefer to have luck than to be a good player.

hand 3
i got the ladies utg and i made the standart raise to 14$ and i got got call from the player in the BB
the flop was from hell Jd Kd Kx
but i hit my 1st barrel more than 2/3 of the pot
he called
i decided to check to see if he got the K or if he was trying to get the flush
he checked and i got what i needed
he was trying to get the dimond
the river doesn´t help him or me and he hit a 2/3 of the pot
nice bet imo because if i doesn´t had QQ i could fold
i didn´t re-raise because i could had a bad read on him so i just call his 90$ bet
well i was right and i won other big pot
now i was with 550$ or so in 10 min ( +350$ )

hand 4

with A2 hearts in MP i decided to make a mini raise
i knew where i stand with this hand
flush flush or 22 in the flop would be great i didn´t wanted any ace
other 2 players called
the flop was a dream come true
Qh 3h Js

the short stack of the table made a pot bet
the BB called and i went all in
the short stack called and the BB folded

he shows Qs 6s
and i had Ah 2h

the turn give me the As putting me in front but giving him the flush draw too
well the river was one heart and i win other nice pot
now i was with 660$ ( + 460$ ) and i was HOT

my last hand
i limped with TKoff
and i was with other 2 guys

the flop was great
7s 9d Th

i checked
the short stack made a small raise
the BB called


i checked
the short made other small raise
and the BB called
i thought re-raising but i was with no read whatsoever about the player in the BB
he had hit a set 2 hands before and made the same kind of moviment so i decided to call only

the river was 3s
well i checked
the short moved all in ( and i knew i was in front of him so i had no affraid of him because i was 100% sure he was bluffing because i put him straight draw since the beggining)
the BB fold and i called
i was right i won other big pot
i was with 830$ ( + 630$ )
i waitted till my BB and i sit out

it was a nice hit and run and i thx to hooligato
if he had get me the pass i wouldn´t won this cash
well if i wasn´t luck in that 2 hand i would be with 0
but thats poker

cya mates
Francisco "the truth k" Costa

4 comentários:

Induce Money disse...

Gostava de saber onde jogas rings para te sacar a pasta como fazia na feup. Estou a espera de um convite para jogar!!! sergio brigada dos bolinhas, aqueles que roubaram uma placa a fernando pessoa...

Induce Money disse...

Mekie rapaz! estou a espera de um convite para jogar live para te sacar a pasta com fazia na FEUP. sergio, brigada dos bolinhas

Hooligato disse...

You must believe in destiny, my Truth K friend. It was not meant for you to play the Cup yesterday, and it was written in the stars that it would be your cash attack night. Nice run over there, and is so nice to play in a ring table where you can make some sense of the other guys moves. Congratz.

PS: And by the way... at the end of the movie, lady luck falls inlove with the agressive one. Not the caller.

the truth k disse...

hi sergio

win me where? still with dreaming...
i play betfair and everest
and you play nl200 and my lowest is nl400 to nl1000

nice to see you
i going to have the same live tournment in my apartment 25 dezember aka poker natalicio with liberal, serginho, raí, me, roger, etc. 7cardstud
you are welcome

hooli i belive i can ;)
but i´m 2 damm maniac/aggresive i had the luck in the 2nd hand the others well no i knew i was in front that one i knew i was behind but i was pot commited and more 36$meh