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Do you think Aggressive players have one edge agaisnt calling station type of player?
i dont think so ...
i really hate calling stations because i need to adapt my game. As you all know i like to be aggressive.
well, i´m agressive/maniac but there are now so many aggressive/maniac players that every time i meet one in a table i need to choose really carefully my hand to play because if i play my game and went to war with them it going to lead to many early baths in tournaments ( la toja or solverde you normally got % guys out before dinner and that is sick).
So what is the best thing to do?

If you want to take control of one aggressive player in a table and dont want to take a early bath you need to:
A- go into station mode. Period.
by doing that you will slow donw the guy and you can control the pot size. well, right now this isn´t true because i see guys raising x7BB or more, pre-flop and there is NO calling station that can call this But if the aggressive player make 3xBB kind of bet the calling station type can control the pot size. And its possible to check-call every street and still have a decent pot.
i know what you are thinking right now...
but if i have pocket KK or QQ or JJ and the flop shows X X X ( all under cards )shouldn´t i raise?
i answer with a question can you guaranty you have the best hand?
can or can´t the other guy have AA or 2 pairs or hit a set?
by only calling you are giving a chance to your opponent try to bluff you and cut your losses if he has a better hand.
Of course, I could be wrong... but since i´m one aggressive/maniac player i know what i´m talking about... normally in internet low buy ( 20 -50$ ) / mid GRT money ( 5k - 15k) in the 1st hour i´m out or i´m with 5-6times the inicial stack.
Give aggressive players the chance to hang themselves they will usually accept the chance take control of the pot that what i try to do in live games and in high buy-in games in internet but i think i should do that in every kind of game, my ROI would be better imo.
the calling station have one edge over aggressive tables.
this kind of style is also good when you like to see alot of flops in early stages. being loose and call 54off ( yeah zummy this is for you ) and other hands like that.
but guys i said early stages... preflop hand selection depends on the blinds. ok, you can say later on you can´t choose because the blinds will kill you but should choose the hands. what is the key to be a station call latter on the tournment? be above average. if you are bellow average, mate you can´t do that...
one agressive player only like a calling station when he got AA KK QQ and AK and he likes more when he get a great flop but if he know you are a calling station he won´t try to bluff you for sure.
today i had a sick play in a 5k deep stack when only 35 players where there and i was 12º with 22k
like i said i´m agressive/maniac
and i had KQs both spades and i re-raise to defend my BB
the other guy called.
the flop wasn´t good 7s 2h Td and i hit other barrel 3/4pot size
he called
turn Js and i hit other barrel pot size and he called
river 3d and i went all in and he called
what the other guy had?
T? no
what did he had?
and i was out
ok the other guy was a dumb bastard, you might say that. i say more he was a calling/maniac dont be like him is not what i´m trying to say and i hope you get it...
well at least agaisnt me

cheers m8
Francisco "the truth K" Costa

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Anônimo disse...

Great poker blog francisco the truth K! I found your blog at pokerweblogs.com. I think i can learn a lot of your stories so i placed it in my favourites. GL with the blogs! Maybe we can meet up in veags some time! Regards "The Big P"

Anônimo disse...


enjoyed reading your blog, mate. Poker is infinitely interesting, to play, but also to read about. You have a well-pitched narrative voice, perceptive, funny.


Yuranus disse...

thx m8 for your kind comments.
next time leave the name and the blog because me and other would like to check it for sure.

big P i will try to go to vegas to play WSOP next year lets see if i can do it ;)

cheers m8s

nicky roeg disse...

thanks for your comment in my blog. you have a great blog 2. i wish u all the luck and maybe we see eachother somewhere @ the tables.

ps: you can also have a look at my site www.nickyroeg.com


Tenho visto a sua mensagem de pokerweblogs. Se você vai para Toja, de 14 a 16 de Novembro, é possível que nós somos e sabemos lá, então eu vou.

Uma saudação.
PD: Não Português, mas o google milagres :-)