quarta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2008

playing rebuy tournments

i really think i know how to play rebuy tournments. PERIOD

lets look at last night statelite for the BPPT

29 players
109 rebuys???
11 add on

this satelite give tickets ( 55$ + 5$ ) to play a freezout ( giving 2 tickets GRD at least for the main tournment )

109/ 29 = 3,76 rebuys per player
i only made the 1 at the begging
payed 10$ + the add on = 15
i saw some guys in my tb pay 6 rebuys and thats 30$
going all in with marginal hands

guys if u want to succed in rebuys tournments
1- play verry tight
2- play agressive
3- dont be afraid to play ( but dont be stupid, see 1)

my poker friend orlando said " if there are 7 players and only 6 get the seat and i get AA i fold"
i say he is 50% right
normaly blinds go up a bit and when the rebuys finish the blinds will be 1600-800 + ante. so if you are in a stage more advanced i say play the AA with position ... if you are early position and have $$ to pay next BB and SB Fold the Aces. why? simple bad beats, sorry poker!!
if you dont have enought $$ to pay the BB and the SB play them, or if you have position.

this is my advice
cheers mates
Francisco "the truth" Costa

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Hoolicat disse...

I'll sleep so much better tonight. I'm not the only one who ever thought about folding Aces...