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People think they could steal with positicion and that is the truth. But why steal when the blinds are too small? the risk/profit is not to great. Later when the blind grow up its more tempting to steal with position.

I like to steal and the position i steal more is my BB. i normally re-raise when guys in CO or button start raising. but why i do that ? simple normally guys ( beginners ) think they could only steal in the CO or button and easy fold after a re-raise wrost case cenario if you do that you can hit other barrel because.

But dont be a maniac steal once and again dont push it. Its no shame to get caught, and if you get caught fold. try it next time and remember this the other players will know that you can fold after you try to steal and that is great because they will respect that. So if you are trying to steal and get raised you can move all in and the others players would easy fold a nice range of hands... why? because they will think you are strong. they saw you fold but now you make a statement. Sure there are others hands they wont fold but that is a risk you need to take once and again.

when you steal alot like me i like to grabb to show hands but why do i do that? after you start showing your hands you need to change you style of poker. Other poker players will call your raises and will re-raise you more. So you need they think that without knowing you will be more thing. hope to get caught once or twice. show the hands and i guaranty you will win a BIG BIG pot.

Look to stacks. there are players that want to get ITM so will tight there game like hell. they are your best target. avoid small stack and big stacks because both this players might call or even re-raise all in your raise. the small stack might want to risk the live in the tournment to double up they know if they dont Double up soon the blinds will kill you. the big stacks might call because they have decent hand an want to kick you out of the hand.
the players near the average stack are the one´s that will fold more. they can wait and they will not risk his stack unless they have a great hand.

there are so many thing you can say about stealing ...
if you think you can had more things speak up in the comments plz

cheers m8s
Francisco "the truth k" Costa

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tuktukbkk disse...

Hi Francisco!

I just saw your comment on http://tuktukbkk.pokerweblogs.com/ and thank you so much for the comment!

I have spend some time going through yours and I do like what I see! Maybe we could change links and I could add you my blog and you add my link in your :)

Thank you and looking forward to hear from you!

Hooligato disse...

I don't want to talk much about my blind stealing strategy, because i have enough notoriety has a thief and shameless cat-burglar.
The cutoff position is a temptation that a lot of weak players can't resist, i love it too, but if you a have a good gear changing strategy, i believe that any place is good to put pressure on the blinds. The risk is higher from early, but sometimes you just have to adjust you tempo and finish the crime at the flop, getting not only the blinds but some bonus as well regardless of most of the textures. Most people talk about "table image", i prefer to be more precise and focus on "range image". Mine, the table itself and the oponent i can be up against. Mixing all the components at the right spot can lead to profitable steals that can buy you some oxigen in decisive moments or help you increase your stack if you are leading the pack.