sexta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2008

Straight Flush - always nice or not?

Its always nice when you hit one straight flush but hitting it doesnt mean nothing when the others players doesnt have nothing

i was on the BB and i just checked with 5h 3h

the folp was nice 5d 2c 4h
since i was the 1st to talk i decided to check and to call any raise.
no raise from the others 2 guys

turn 2h wow what a great card since i didnt raise the 1st time i decided to check
and the others 2 also checked. Probably you are thinking wrong move but i will explain why did i do that. by checking i was defending my bankrool yeah i had straight flush draw, flush draw, straight draw and top pair. but if i raised i could be reraised by a guy with a higher flush or a guy that could aready hit the straight and since this is a cash game and not a tournment a decided to wait.

when the Ace of hearts it the river i just thought
" i hope someone have the 2 hearts with the king."

i raised the pot. the guy in utg fold and the CO went all in.
yes i just caled and won a nice pot. this was lucky because the Ace hit the river and mostly because the other guy just had the King. I could not win nothing with this great hand because even if i think i was passive and over-protected i think if i was more agressive at the flop the result would be wrost. I also dont know why the other guy when he was on flush draw didn´t raise it with the Kh. ofcourse i would call :)

the only reason i wasn´t more agressive after the flop and turn was because this was my 1st hand in that table and i didnt knew the players.

when the i leave that table i was with 181$ when i started with 52,35$

p.s- rael, varyag,teamdoobs and mr.fancypant ( all this 4 guys here good )

Francisco " the truth k " Costa


I prefer to play Live poker but my best results are online.
I prefer to play Tournments but i won alot more when i play ring 6$-3$ or 2$-1$.

that make me a masoquist, i think, because we should not give away money but i try to explain why do i prefer, play, won and lose.

I prefer to play live because i can trash talk alot not being afraid to lose never and being agressive. I also like to try to read players and like all the things around the tournment. In the internet u dont have that.
Normally in the internet u can play some tournment at same time.

why do i win more when i play ring?
Simple answer some tournment guys play cash the same away they play tournments and thats the wrost thing you can do because u will lose alot money. choose to play low limit cash 2-1 and 3-6 depending on your bankrool. and choose the hand that will make you play.
you can be agressive ( i prefer that ), passive ( limp and call and decide after the flop - i dont like this because people will soon notice your way ) or agressive/passive ( sometimes i do that to people dont know wtf i´m doing )

hands i think you can play pre-flop
AA - play it agressive. Never slow play Aces because u will cry at the end. with Aces is best to play against 1 or 2 players max.
The only time you should slow play aces is when u are UTG or UTG+1 and you know you have 1 or 2 maniacs that are raising all time.

KK- play it verry agressive. why do you play AA agressive and KK verry agressive ? u dont want one Ashit to call, try tu cut some guys out. Look at the flop and hit the 2nd shot. Even if you the flop hit one Ace i think you shout hit the 2nd shoot. why ? to see where u are? you never know some guys might call with conected cards or low pairs and will fold never check.

QQ/JJ/TT - always nice to have them but u will lose more than u will win with this cards playing low cash games. 2 options depending on your position, and the players in the table. You already know the 2 away you have. think twice if you are in early position and after your raise you get re-raised.

other pair- depending on the position limp or raise

connected/suited cards - i love this. because its simple if you hit the flop great if you dont ( yeah you can always try to bluff ) you can always fold. so you will not lose too mutch money and you can win alot.

if you play this kind of cards you probably will win playing cash games.

In tournments players play some shitty hands... The worst thing is that normally this guys win sometimes :( ...
I saw yesterday some stupid moves.
@ a mid stage of a tournment
SB raise 3,5BB that put all in the other player in the BB. he called
both show the hands
SB Ac Kc
BB 7c Jh
the folp Tc Jc 8s
the folp give the jack but also give 2 cubs ( flush draw ) ans TJ ( straight draw ) and since TJ cubs ( straight flush draw ) to the player in the SB
do you want to count the out?
any Ace, king, queen and cubs will just be enought
turn 3d
river 3h
the player in the BB saw his stack double up to around 5k and the player in the SB went to 1k. this kind of play make you mad and could ruin your tournment.
its sick
but the point is ... if it was a cash game playing 6-3 do you think he would call a 3,5 raise with 7Joff?
i already know the answer.

GL and GG
francisco " the truth k " Costa

segunda-feira, 22 de setembro de 2008

la toja the photos

i will add my photos but need to donwload from the camera... i will do it later

Francisco "the truth" Costa :) got to love the mustache and the SLB jersey


lino cunha

jorge domingues 3rd

andre afonso

mr. Orlando Pinheiro

domingo, 21 de setembro de 2008

la toja

i love la toja

this time i went with orlando
when we arrived @ hotel puente de la toja we notice your friend Daniel aka Dperfeito was also there.
great we went to eat something and buy tabaco ( alot cheeper than in portugal )

i had a great tournment and send home 2 players and i was with 17,500k...
then i got moved for the 3rd time
(i also hate this)
but i loved that daniel was on my left and 7ete was his left they here the best players in that table so they couldnt try to steal my blinds and i could

strange table alot of station calls
i was on button dani SB 7ete in BB 300-150
now look at this
utg limp
utg+1 limp
utg+2 limp
mp1 raise 1200
mp2 fold
mp3 fold
co fold
i was on Button and i went all in with 18k
1st i had AKs
2nd i had position
3rd i didnt want 7ete or Dperfeito in the hand if i raised or call they might have call because the pot was nice and they had position against me because they could try to bluff 1st
4th i thought mp1 could had a pair and since he had 10k plus it would be and easy fold

well everyone folded
he called with JJ
no help for me in the board
and i was with 7k left

after that i won some hands and i got back with 15,000k

then i was in a sick hand
i raised 2,5k
dperfeito went all in
7ete alfter some time folded
everyone folded
and i called
dperferto had AA i had AcKc
i only had 11%pre-flop
but with Tc8c+shit 5c 3c
i send dperfeito home
sorry mate

well sometimes u get lucky
i thought he could had a pair QQ the most but i never say no to a race @ this time
because if i lose i could go party if i win i´m in a good place to be ITM

well after that, belive me, my best hand was my last...
with only 23ºleft
and with 15k back
i was on the SB with the chip leader @ the BB
the blinds here 3,000-1,500 with 300 ante

i had A8s and i went all in
he said "only 12k more i call"
he had more than 200k so ...meh
A8s Vs 94
flop KJ2
turn 9
river 9

well the luck i had with dani went away with him
well 23º place
better than 13 aka the buble

i will put photos later

Vilamoura Solverde 7

This was the sickest tournment i have been

i wake up 6:30 - thats sick
but i need to drive around 550km
after 60 km i saw that the water in the radiator was hot hot hot and i decided to stop and saw what the fuck was happening
well bad news the fan to cool of the radiator was damage so to get to algarve i need to stop in EVERY gas station - thats sick
because of that my trip went from 4h and 30 min to 7h and 20min - and thats is sick too

i didnt get lunch because when i arrive the tournment started - thats sick
the tournment started great for me and i was top 10 before dinner - yeah thats the most sickest thing

like always i talk about my mistakes
i had 25k and i was MP and the blinds where 1,2k - 600
everyone fold and i made a 3.8k raise with KQoff
the BB went all win
he was verry nervouse and i forget all the hints he gave me since i arrive the tb
hint 1- he has a tight passive guy
hint 2- he was nervouse because he had a mounster
why did i call then
1- i thought he has nervouse because he knows me and he knew i could be trying to steal and easylly could fold since im loose agressive
2- they way he was picking his cards
3- the answer he gave me when i asked "man you got to be strong i might fold"

i upload the video later and you will see his face and then decide
well i had KQoff he had KK

and i was with 7k left

here is the video

after some hands i was out.
i finish top 100 out 220

now the photos


mr.anibal the winner


ze quintas


Me francisco "the truth" Costa

BPPT the photos

Francisco "the truth" Costa

nuno coelho aka zummy

toby samson


Samir shakhtoor

Luis Nunes the winner

juan macieiras

Catarina Santos aka katarina

henrique custodio aka hencus


jonh tabatabai

betfair staff

Poker PT staff