segunda-feira, 27 de outubro de 2008

Are you commited?

when i see some friend of mine in the lobby after they take the long walk from the tournment i normally ask wtf happend?
the answer is always 1 out 2
a) i was pot commited to the pot
b) i was commited to this hand i´m just in love and the flop helped but the river...

why players make this mistake? but who i´m I to talk about this since i already made the same mistake.

we should be commited to win. its better to lose a big pot and walk away and stay alive than to go to certain death.
cut losses guys and regroup!

Ever now and then i notice that some player's are in love with their poker hands even when the flop doesn´t help and they know they are dead. Cmon you should let it go when you can know that you will be playing your Agame.

right now we see in internet alot of pre-flop activity and i question me why? the answer is simple there are alot aggressive players right now. but let me give some exemples.

Lets say we are playing a tournment in a early stage and you get pocket AA mid position and you make a 3,5BB raise and you get 3 calls

if you get this kind of flop Th 9h 8h and you doesn't had the A of hearts what should do if you are the 3rd to talk.
The others players that talked early made a raise and a re-raise. i think there is only one option. ONE EASY FOLD. But you can´t get out the hand because you are in love and because you think AA can´t be cracked and you are chip leader and think that you can win staying there like a fool and wasting your chips.

Lets say you already have half your stack in the pot and you are looking to caught one spade in the River to make the nutts flush and you are in the Pot with other 2 players
playerX -??
playerXX- ??
you - As Ks

you raised pre-flop and get 2 calls
from playerX and playerXX

flop Ts 7s 9h
you raised again and both players called

turn 2c
you hit your 2nd barrel and again you get 2 calls

question if the river doesn´t give you the spade you need for nutts flush what should you do?
lets say the river card is a Jh
should you raise again?
should you push all in?
are you commited?

i really think all the 3 questions have the same answer NO. there is probably a guy with a straight there that will call or other that may hit a set or even a sick bastard that will call with a AT (lol).

you got to be commited to fold and make the comeback stronger.

to finish this article can you tell me the % times you were commited to a pot that you thought you were behind and you actually won the hand? humm so low :) i rest my case

RIP commited guys
Francisco "the truth k" Costa

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