sexta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2008

The Donkey

Normally people loves donkey, who doesn´t. i was reading the comments in futsabado and i start laughting. Rugby wolf said :" i will be some day in the WSOP but i never would win futpoker league."

With other player, Didacarlos, in the hotel room two weeks ago, we here speaking about la toja and he said the same " i think i can´t win here because so many donks i can´t move".

The donkey can´t let go Top pair and never belive your raise. For exemple when i was in la toja and decided to play a 6 players SNG. i had QQ and i was in the button. The utg raised i dont remember the raise but let say he raised to 90 because we here early stage. everyone fold and I re-raised to 250. the BB called and he also called.
the fold showed Js 7h 2d the BB check and he utg bet the pot 250. i went all in because A) i already know him B) we only had 500 behind so i couldn´t call only raise or fold. the BB called my all in and the utg also called.
i was worried.
both players show the cards
utg had Jh 6h to top pair and runner runner flush (lol)
BB had Jc kc to top pair and lol nice kicker lol
i thought what a donks
the turn show kh and i was #$%#%$#%
the river show other heart and the J6 of hearts won
and i was laughting like hell

The donkey is a bad poker player, a very bad player, but sometimes gets lucky. But that´s poker!!!

There’s always a donkey or two at a poker table. Everyone think wow thats great i agree but two things can happen with a donkey: you can make a lot of money, or you can lose a lot of money. If the donkey gets lucky, you’ll lose. But i belive in my poker and they can´t get always luck. Don´t be afraid of Donks and dont go on tilt because if you do that you are also a donk. Be nice to the donks. speak with them make them think they can win.
i remember other story in la toja. On fridays we play SNG at casino la toja and The guy on my right was showing his hands all night long and i noticed that he fold T3off. meh nothing special with that ... easy fold for sure. But when the flop show 3 3 T i fell that i might had one open to talk with him. i did that :)
he said "damm "
i ask why? and he reply " i had 3t" and i said " cmon go to joke with other. you can´t fold 3t because if it hit you will win alot" yeah i know i was pushing but you didn´t saw the guy ;)
well i was in one pot with him and he had top pair and i had nutts and i took all the money from him.
Satuday, the tournment day, I was on fire, penetrating other players thoughts and the most important I was catching cards and I thought to myself when the new players arrived omg the donk from yesterday is comming to this table. GREAT!!! better than this he was with tons of chips and he was on my righ.
i said hello to him and congrat him on getting that kind of chips he said that he was on a HOT run.
One round later he made his standart raise and i said " AGAIN" man you are really on fire always raising OMG " "i will look at my cards" i looked and i saw my cowboys aka pocket KK. i said " are you strong? " he said sure i said i dont belive in you and i reraise him 3,5x his raise, he called. the folp was good for me no Ace but Tx 3x 7x and he made a overbet. i was wtf i didn´t belive the set but i was afraid he could had T3 the hand i said the day before :s well if i called i was going to be with 5k left if i folded i would be with 11k but i didn´t want to fold my kk. I start talking with him and he said he had a pair. From the read i did friday i knew he wont lie because i had a good look to all his hands and i didn´t belive his pocket AA i put him in Aj or A3 or A7 and i push all in. He called ans show AT I like what i saw but I knew I was in trouble. The other players at the table, the dealer, and even the girl serving drinks knew I was in trouble. The river show the Fantastic Ace.
He said i knew it
and i was out

Sure everyone want this kind of calls but beware the donks sometimes get luck.

Francisco " the truth k " Costa

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Hooligato disse...

I'm havind a bad run against the dreadful players that you find at the Bwin low limits cash games. And i admit that, after Solverde, i'm having a hard time adjusting my game to face the not so good players that i deal with regularly.

Even so, i don't forget that being a great poker player looks too easy. If you win, you are a star. If you lose, the fault is never yours. The other players are Donks. I never go that way. The other wannabe sharks give you simpathy, but that doesn't mean nothing to me. If you are a better player, you must be able to adjust to the reality around you and get good results. If that doesn't happen in regular terms, maybe you have to think about Scolari tremendous sentence, and wonder if you are not really the Donk...

Speaking for myself, if i lose, it's always my fault. What could i have done diferent? Not only in that specific hand, but within the larger picture of the game plan and table strategy. What have i don to encourage the other guy to play the way he did? Should i have been more patient or even more agressive?
Lots of players that have some quality, fail because they reduce their analysis to that time they had that tremendous bad beat. But forget, lots of times, to mention that because they are in facto so good, they don't give credit to the aledgely weak players, and lose. The Phil Hellmuth routine has a lot of followers...

Like Harrington said, you put your survival on the line everytime you play a hand. If you think you are ahead, and you choose to play, you give you chest to the bullets. Even if the villain has 30/35% odds, he still can hit you. Before you put all of your chips across the line with blind faith on your monster hand, maybe you should consider that fact. That's why i dedicate time studying and replaying the way i play in every table, even in micro-limits.

If a table is playing a certain way, and even with all your skills you are not capable of beating them at their own style of poker, in that specific place, at that certain time, the DONK IS REALLY YOU. Even if you look in the mirror and see a shark. If you compete for some reason in the 3rd division, and don't win, please don't go around saying that you deserve to conquer the Champions League.

PS1: Don't what's going to happen, but i have a burning desire to play in La Toja for several months.

PS2: Once more, dear K friend, you tal about FutPoker Cups lightly, with no knowledge what so ever. Rugbywolf's never won a Cup in 24 editions for one main reason. We know each other too well. And when the field gets thiner, you find almost the same players fighting for the weeks title. He failed mainly against the better players, not facing the so called donks that he usually uses very well to increase his stack. I called it "Fernando Mamede complex". This week i've won my 2nd Cup in those two dozen editions. Not because te other players were bad, but because i wasn't good enough to beat them.

The truth disse...

shit bro when i talk about futsabado is publicity... and i quoted what he said dont get mad with me.

i totally agree with you in all the rest. it could be my faught but if when i make my bets or calls i´m in front with tons of odds its never a bad play its a bad beat imo.

petruzzi disse...

i intended to answer about the 'rugbywolf's question', but hooligato said more or less everything what interests to say about that. is not for play or not surrounded by donkeys, that he doesn't have win yet.. it's because of a complex, that sincerely also has affected me in the last cups.. i was second some 3 or 4 times..

i agree entirely with hooligato, when said in espinho that poker is the most democratic sport of the world.. francisco, i would like that you had seen how i lost, in the past week, - very bad calls - 3 or 4 tables in the full tilt poker.. and i swallowed 'cause as hooligato said 'if you win, you are a star. if you lose, the fault is never yours.' like him, i never go that way :)

yuranus disse...

its sick... petruzzi

in interneti got tons of bad beat live i dont get that kind of bad beats. ofcouse i get one or two bad beat per tournment but its poker, when i´m playing online its really sick.
Today i was playing 10k grt in everest and i folded 3 times ( once a set other 2 pairs ) and i showed my hands belive it or no i got the respect of that table and when i raise it some hand it was fold fold fold :)
i got itm and i lost like always pre flop 99 vs Aq and the A comes in the turn ...meh ... not a bad beat but..
well not i need to go to bed i´m sick tired i think i will only play cash this week i dont want to play more tournments this week. i need to rest and to get back my Agame