quinta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2009


For the 1st time here a will speak about fottball. I´m SLBENFICA supporter... and I decided to bet agaisnt SPORTING. Sporting is a team of pimps, barons and counts mixed together.

bayern won 5-0 in lisbon today and I won my bet... well I will go to betfair portuguese poker tour in estoril thx to sporting.

segunda-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2009


I Went to La Toja with my mates gustavo aka cogumelopt and Canossa. It was a fine trip because I sleep all the way to La toja :)

This is the island of la toja

we waited for the other Portuguese Guys, Vitor, Acácio, TonyL, Morpheus, Fanzeres, Moraco, Figurao, Toninho, Vasco, etc and we went to the Casino to make the check in. BTW La toja on sunset is beautiful.


The tournment started and I was on a nice table IMO. Table 2 with miguel ( very nice player imo but a litle tight to my taste ). the other tables:

Mesa 1
Gustavo "CogumeloPT" Carranca
Vasco "vascopas" Silva

Mesa 2

Francisco "Yuran" Costa
Miguel "Miguel697"Chaves

Mesa 3
Nuno "Didascalos" Canossa
José "biopick" Ferreira
Nelson "morpheus" Ribeiro

Mesa 5
André "mouraco" Lourenço
Ricardo Oliveira

Mesa 6
Hugo "padrinho" Felix
António "TonyL" Lemos

Mesa 7
Vítor "Victao" Moreira
Paulo "MisterPaulo" Costa

Mesa 8
Acácio "666DAA" Rocha

Mesa 9
António "tozinho" Domingos
José "figurao" Barbosa

Mesa 10
Daniel "sebimix" Rio

Mesa 11
Amadeu "velinha" Prata
Pedro "fanzeres" Fanzeres

well my new hair style did some noise and I get a interview. LOL and told about my prop bet.

well lets return to the tournment...

the 1st hour I had the possibility to make 1 rebuy if I went to 0 chips. So I played lots of hands and with 15min to finish the tournment I was with 6500chips and I got 67s on the botton with 4 guys already limped ( blinds 100-50 ) and I decided to make a raise to 450 and I got 3 calls.
flop 6 T 7 with 2 dimonds
the guy in BB bet 600 to a 1.5k pot the other guy MP called and I went all in 6.050k
the BB had only 2.500k and called the other guy folded
I had 76 spades
he had nutts str 98
nh sir
and I was with 3550 left so I decided to wait for some kind of hand to double up and if I didn´t get nothing I would go with any 2 agaisnt a major stack in the last 5min of the rebuy period.
well nothing come to me and with 5min left i saw some kind of oportunitty
with 7 limpers the SB raised to 800 I was on the BB looked to my cards 42hearts hummm and I think to myself lets hope he doesn´t have a pair... and went all in 3,7k everyone fold and after some thought he made the call with AKoff
I said good call sir and show my hand
flop : 2s 4d Qh
turn: 7h
river: Ts
Î said sorry m8 but he he went mad ... starting to blabla shit and left the room for a min or so

I was wtf ??? this is a rebuy ...ok you had a bad beat but cmon ...

the rebuy period was finish and I had 13k with the addon...
lets play poker

I moved 3-4 times from table playing with alot of guys then something happend. I was stealing alot and saw some windown of oportunity with a table TonyL was ... I saw 2 donks that can´t let go top pair.
so I was with 18k and need to double up
I made a raise MP with 88 the 2 donks called .
flop Ks 6d 3h
the guy on BB checked
I bet 1050
the guy on the botton called and so did the the BB guy
turn 8c
BB check
I bet 3200
botton call
bb fold
river Tc
I bet 6k
and he called
he had KJ for top pair
I had 88 for a set of 8

then with 33k or so I decided to tight my game ... I had a nice stack... all the others guys would start to open their range so i will do the oposite to caught one or two in the net

well no with 0 hands I caught KK in the BB on the last 5min of day 1 I recived a 6k raise from a spanish guy Utg+3 and i went all in ( 28k ) he had the same stack I had and he folded... Well I think this was my only mistake all night. I probably should only raise to 15k or 12k and then went all in but I was happy to win other pot without showdown... and it was a nice 10k pot
and finish the day on 12º place with 37k


I started to day playing only the players and the position because I didn´t had any kind of cards to play.

with 32k left on the BB a spanish guy I knew very well ( golfinho ) made a 6k raise. He had 60k left and I knew he was a good player imho... so I decided even without looking at my cards that I would push all in because with his stack he wouldn´t call with less than AK. yeah I think I would fold AQ... when my turn to look at the cards came I went to see my cards... K3 hearts ... I give 10 sec to think and pushed all in...
he thought ... count his stack... and fold showing AJoff
well I could only knock on the table but I decide to show my bluff
he went mad on me and after 3-4 plays he got busted...

I have 2 words for him... cmon m8 a good player like you shouldn´t get mad... it was a nice fold... I was playing tight that day with fold fold fold... you shouldn´t get mad ... I showed the hand because I wanted the table to think I was going to play verry loose and could get a nice return later with some kind of premium.

well my premium came KK on the button with everyone to fold till me...
I raised 10k with the blinds 3 - 1,5 ante 300 but the blinds fold

I was with 50k or so and playing a great poker ... I was not waiting for guys to bust to reach the money or to be at the FT.

then a new guy come to the table. Morpheus, other portuguese guy come to me and said that the new guy was a stealer and showed some bluffs and was raising alot. he also told me that he fold if re-raised and if he was weak.
thx morpheus

well on his 1st hand and I was on the button
and he was on utg +3
he raised to 10k
everyone fold
and I went to look at my cards and saw 78 of spades.
I asked him how many chips he had ... he said 42k left + the 10 he alredy bet
so I looked to my chips and saw I had 47k ... if I went all in and if he called he would be with 5k if he lost so his range to call would be imo AK AA KK QQ if he was tight and I will add AQ JJ TT 99 if he was loose ...
so I decided to play agaisnt the player and the chips and went all in
he isntant call me and I thought I´m dead :S
but he showed As Td
AT??? donk

2d 4d 5s

the river give me the pair but give him the flush
well GG me
I finish in 11 place buble of the FT but I played great and for the win the AT imho was a sick call because he just left 5k back

sexta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2009


now got to wait and see if anybody won

cya latter and wish me luck

quinta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2009

want to win 50$ ??? read this !!! PROP BET

This weekend I will travel to spain in order to play the 2nd stage of LA TOJA POKER LEAGUE but I decided to make some changes in my look. IF you tell me the right answer I will tranfer 50$ to any account you have...

this is the Prop bet I give to you guys

so start thinking and tell me what are the changes?

GL and have fun... this is finish tomorow @ 12:00am portuguese time

domingo, 15 de fevereiro de 2009



Yeah my friends, don´t ask me how I know, but the fact is that I can tell you guys that BPPT will be held in Estoril on 26 to March 29. The buy-in will be equal to last year €500+50€ or $ 730, and the structure also 15000chips with 1hour levels.

The schedule is as follows

March 26, MTT Satellite No Limit Holdem € 30 Rebuy.
March 26, SNG Satellites, € 55 +5 € and 110 € +10 €
March 27, SNG Satellites, € 55 +5 € and 110 € +10 €, from 15:00 till 19:00.
March 27, at 20:00 start of Day 1 of the main event. € 500 +50 €.
March 28, 15:00 day 2 main event
March 29, 15:00 FT of the main event.
March 29, 15:30 Side event: BPO Side Event NLH MTT. € 165 Freezout.

will exist in the normal betfair satellites, etc ...but you can always make direct purchase on the holding tank betfair.

hug to all and hope you have enjoyed this surprise;) at first hand