sábado, 25 de outubro de 2008

Just want to say " I'm a fish " :S

i wanted zummy´s photo of the fish but since i didn´t know where to get the photo i just going to put this one that i like. My litle girl just choose the photo ;)

It´s a fact i´m a fish. Imagine that, a winning player at low stakes nl poker and I'm a fish. want to know why?

I was playing in betfair 1-2$ NL and i got AKsuitted spades. all the players folded and i raise from the button. both SB and BB called my 7$ raise.

The flop was 2d3s4c
both players checked and i sence fear and hit a continuation bet. 2/3 of the pot.
The Sb steap away but i got a call from the BB.

i was starting to think wtf could he had to call? a set? nah why won he re-raise me? 2pair? opend ended straight? will he have a pocket pair higher card? or just trying to bluff me on the river?

The turn was a Kh. Great i thought. he checks again and i bet the pot 51$ and he calls again. omg i though.

The river cards was 5c.

i just hit the 3rd nutts only beat 67 or 6X. the BB player check and i went all in for the rest of my chips 145$ and he called.

I show AK and he shows 54 for 2 pairs. well no need to say what he said. " man you are a fish " keep it coming. so today i realize that i´m a fish

help me guys because i stop playing. i´m in shock!!!
this is commun in poker, when some guy losses a pot he starts trash talking with the other and can´t accept things.

i was cool when i saw the king in the turn i knew i was ahead of him and the only reason to call my raise was straight draw or one mid pair from him. why?
when i raised from the button pre flop if he had AA or KK he probably would re-raise me, i knew i would. so he couldn´t had a big pair. even with QQ he should re-raise me.
with the flop 234 with no flush draw possible there was only 3 options for him to call my raise ( at least in my mind )
1-straight draw
2-mid paid or hitting a pair on the flop and had other higher card
3-will try to bluff me

when the K arrived on the turn
i had top pair top kicker and i was waitting for a 5 to hit the straight.
so to call he
1- didn´t belive i had the K and thought his mid pair was ahead of me but why not re-raise me?
2-straight draw. the most probably

i confess i didn´t belive he had the 6
thats why i went all in
check check check was no signal of stregth
ofcouse he could be slow playing but to slow play you need to be ahead from the beggining and i didn´t belive that either.

well at least i went with his money and knowing i was a fish

cheers m8s
Francisco " the truth k " Costa

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Pedro Santos disse...


with me its the same :)
i realy think when somebody calls me fish the real fish is he