segunda-feira, 20 de outubro de 2008

And for the 2nd time in a row BPPT here i go... now near home in Espinho

lets start by the end

congrats to my mates
kitten and speed
gg and cya there

now the hands

i just arrived @ my place from La toja
i was tired and decided to play 3 tournments

the 1st one was a 9$ satelite to eyes wide shut a 5k grt in betfair
giving 4 tickets @ the end i manage to get one of them

30min later
BPPT 55$ buy in stared

i remember vainha asking me ( man you are so quiet
i answer that i was watching SLBenfica
well i was but i also decided to be 100% focus

i started by getting burn in a hand with vainha and i was donw to 1900
bad start imo

i was folding alot
not like me i just hoped people didn´t notice that i was choosing my hands ( one thing i never do in tournments - in early stage - any 2 cards mode )

3 hands later i got AKoff and decided to limp
vainha, luidgi or the mayor should raise this hand
vainha did a overbet 150 ( blinds 10-20 with only me limping utg and he was mp)
and i knew him so well i instant though he must have JJ TT or QQ
everyone folded
and i ask him
"are you strong?"
he said " strong enought to go all in"
since he only had 1,1k i decided to run with him 100 % sure he had the kind of hand he told me.
i know i should only call
but i knew if i do that i would not get max profit from this hand with him
if 1 Ace hit the flop he would easily fold
and even if i lose i wouldn´t be dead with 800chips

i had luck and hit the Ace in the flop
and the K in the river

i was around 3k
said gg to vainha
and he was litle mad, saying: "this is not a satelite!"


after that i steal and won some low pots
and i was with 6,5k

then the guy in my left decided to pick on me
he did it once
and i fold

he did it twice and i fold again

and said ( in portuguese ) "man if you re-raise me again i will go all in.Period"
and he stoped only call my raises

then he did it again i dont remember the hand...i went all in and i Double him up
i start talking to him in portuguese ( some trash talk )
and he said "in english plz"


so all my work to get into his mind was zero and now i was with 3,5k
ok lets play poker

yes 2 hands later i send him home but i dont remember the hand

i was with 8k
and then something happend
i will say " THE CALL OF THE NIGHT"

me and jo candeias aka for me and me only the great jo candeias
get envolved in a pot
i had pocket 33 utg
and i limped
he raised in BB to 600
and i call everyone else fold
folp 9x 6x 2x

he check and i raised 1200
he went all in
after think for about 10 sec (lol) i put him AK AQ AJ kind of hand
and i said
well since he have almost the same stack
i will be embarrassed if i´m wrong
but i dont think so
so i will call

he showed AT
and nothing helped him on the turn and river

OMG what a call

jo was mad
really mad
he said
you always call me
you so lucky
i said calm donw SLBenfica just won
and you and not dead...

well i send him home 2 hands later
gg jo

well 28 players left and i was in 4th place with 28players left
i confess i felt this could be other great step in my poker life
but i cool donw a litle
waiting for other player to go out
27 players make 3 table
and i wanted to see the new names
no big stack in my table only ferreira

ferreira was doing a great tournment
he had a bad beat lossing full house vs poker
and he was with 500 chips
when he arrived to my tb he already had 2k

and he was on my left
when he was bb i raise it
he said omg
why me
i didn´t said nothing
he folded i showed KK

i dont remember the hands
but i send home other 2 guys

i saw stacks and i was 2nd with 18K and speed was 1st with 50k
then there was binladybug and wclass with 10k (both tight agressive )
other had between 1.8k and 7k

i enter the tb raising MP with AK 3,5x the BB but everyone fold
next hand

i had AGAIN AK but binladybug went all in 10k
i knew she wouldn´t play AA or KK like that so if she had pocket pair it would be lower than that. best case cenário AQ or Slip pot AK
other important thing was i was with more 8k than she
and even if i lost i was still in the game

i re-raise all in
and everyone fold


remember my 1st hand agaisnt vainha
cross my fingers



yesssss i was going to 33k
time to tight em up

after that i only remember 1 hand
agaisnt kitten aka bicheiro

i was with 45k and he was 17k same stack as the other guy still alive

i limp in
and he check

i had KxTx

flop Ax Ax 2x

i check ( SB )
he bet 2.4k

i instant re-raise to 4.5k
he tought
ask for time
and then fold

kitten went all in with QQ
and the english guy called with A8

nothing helped him
and me, kitten and speed
gg m8

p.s.1- i enter betfair because BPPT. i enter before the estoril tournment and i achieve a seat in estoril. once again i achieve to get other seat. but i could get 2 or 3.
why well i achieve to get in the 2,000$ pack final its going to be played in 1week and 6 days

p.s.2-special thx to all the guys that phone me and send sms

p.s.3-Like always the professor was right. he said " you know so mutch " " lets go and win this "
i said " i just come here because i like charity "
next time i saw you in a tournment i will speak with you for sure

5 comentários:

zumytime disse...

goggogo Yuran...parabéns moço :P

angelodias disse...

Estudaste na FEUP? não eras tu que ias para as aulas com uma camisola desse grande lateral direito de nome DUDIC?

Hooligato disse...

My friend, i'm so sorry... but i disagree with you... The pocket 3's hand was THE CALL OF THE CENTURY!!!!


Yuranus disse...

thx zummy
e parabens pela tua entrada ;)

angelodias sim sou eu. Grande DUDIC... tb eras de lá?

hooligato Lmao nah the call of the century was made buy gus agaisnt esfandiari... T8 vs 77. when he said i have 2 high cards.

angelodias disse...

Era mas provavelmente não me deves conhecer. Lembro-me de ti porque realmente aquela camisola era qualquer coisa :)
Joguei o satelite onde conseguiste a entrada e vim ver o teu blog.
Se conseguir ainda ir depois digo qualquer coisa.

Grande abraço e boa sorte nas mesas :)