sexta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2008

Straight Flush - always nice or not?

Its always nice when you hit one straight flush but hitting it doesnt mean nothing when the others players doesnt have nothing

i was on the BB and i just checked with 5h 3h

the folp was nice 5d 2c 4h
since i was the 1st to talk i decided to check and to call any raise.
no raise from the others 2 guys

turn 2h wow what a great card since i didnt raise the 1st time i decided to check
and the others 2 also checked. Probably you are thinking wrong move but i will explain why did i do that. by checking i was defending my bankrool yeah i had straight flush draw, flush draw, straight draw and top pair. but if i raised i could be reraised by a guy with a higher flush or a guy that could aready hit the straight and since this is a cash game and not a tournment a decided to wait.

when the Ace of hearts it the river i just thought
" i hope someone have the 2 hearts with the king."

i raised the pot. the guy in utg fold and the CO went all in.
yes i just caled and won a nice pot. this was lucky because the Ace hit the river and mostly because the other guy just had the King. I could not win nothing with this great hand because even if i think i was passive and over-protected i think if i was more agressive at the flop the result would be wrost. I also dont know why the other guy when he was on flush draw didn´t raise it with the Kh. ofcourse i would call :)

the only reason i wasn´t more agressive after the flop and turn was because this was my 1st hand in that table and i didnt knew the players.

when the i leave that table i was with 181$ when i started with 52,35$

p.s- rael, varyag,teamdoobs and mr.fancypant ( all this 4 guys here good )

Francisco " the truth k " Costa

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