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Not happy at all

My last 15 tournments, internet and live where in my opinion, wp by me. I got 1 out 2 ITM live ( and I finish 37º out 240 players in BPPT ) and 8 out 13 ITM internet.
But I never finish top 5º places. When I get more aggressive something happend. I´m in front pre flop or when the flop come but either the turn or the river kill me. It´s becoming very frustrating...
Shit shit shit
today same BS
I played 4,444grt in betfair for the 1st time its a 6$ rebuy.
I made double rebuy and the add on ( sick by the way 10k add on??? omg ). I was roller coster all tournment but always above average.
Got to say that on the 1st hour I had cold deck low pocket pair ( 55, 22 and 77 ) and never hit the set on the flop or turn, and I caught Akoff once.
On the 2nd hour I got the cowboys ( kk ) and re-raise the chip leader of the table. he went all in ( TT ) I call. nothing helped him and I become chip leader.
after that I got on 2 or 3 races and went up and donw in the 60-90k range.
well, once again Itm and I had 5th chip stack out 19th. with 112k. I got to be honest I was not looking at people stack but I had a radio announcer in the table ( I was smiling to my self because this must be his 1st ITM he was so damm exited - I was happy for him ).
well with 5 players in the table, 141k chips and the the blinds 10k-5k 1k( ante). I got AK in Button I raise to 35k the SB fold and the BB called.
well i quickly start thinking what kind of hand he got to call me. well he was the chip leader with 330k so he got a wide range of hands to make the call but he was a tricky player.
the flop Js Ad 3c
he check and I start thinking and asked for time ( i had 45sec in time bank )
AJ= sick
33, jj= even sicker
AA = not in a milion years
so I decided to bet
but with 105 pot bet what?
so i decided to shove
and he called with JJ
again I finish ITM again out of the FT
I couldn´t check imo because he could had a pocket pair and could hit the turn or river. with 101back there was no other bet i could make imo. well, all this ITM 1 year ago would make me proud because it shows consistency but not now. I want to win but dont be mistaken I´m not on tilt, LOL, I´m just not happy at all.

doyle brunson always say " You got to give action to get action " I dont think I´m a easy guy to read in internet Because I´m always changing my style in the table and tomorrow when I play my 300$+20$ ticket to final to estoril, I hope I get ITM again lol that will mean I will be in estoril 1,000,000k grt next fev.

cmon baby lets play the cards
francisco the truth k

quinta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2008

Dario Minieri joins HSP TV program

For some time we have been informed about the new news in next season's television program High Stakes Poker. The latest news being released and one of the most important is the agreement reached between the production of the program and young Italian star Dario Minieri.

Dario had one more result of great value, the 3rd place finish in the PokerStars.com European Poker Tour in Warsaw - event won by Joao Barbosa. He will go to Vegas to December 19, to the recordings of the fifth season, where we can find the usual Ivey, Hansen, Negreanu and Hellmuth. The program will be transmitted in the second quarter of the year.

Another of the changes that have already been reported is the increase buy-in of $ 100,000 to $ 200,000, on the tables of the Golden Nugget. Dario addition to the Ilari Ziigmund Sahamies well as the big news in the new alignment.

with this two, we will see alot of power poker activity. I predict ziigmund will make some of the old school boys cry and he will win big. well, that´s my opinion. Dario, well he is more a tournment player so I don´t expect much from him, but I could be wrong.

quarta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2008


Well for the 1st time ever, Portugal wil host a great tournment. Normally we have $100 buy in tournment ( Solverde season ) or 750$ buy in tournment ( Betfair Portuguese Poker tour ) but we will host in Estoril the biggest tournment so far here in Portugal, the betsson estoril live with $2120 buy in and $1,000,000 GRT prize pool.

I have 3 options to get my seat

a- to pay for it - I have the bankrool but I will try to get a seat via satelites like i always do in betfair portuguese poker tour.

b- getting the seat via satelites - steps

c- getting the seat via restrited freeroll - way more dificult because there is to many maniacks and alot people playing

well, yesterday I started my quest to get my seat on a restricted freeroll that have this prize pool:
1 $2120 Entrada Estoril Live
2 $320 final qualifier
3 $320 final qualifier
4 $320 final qualifier
5 $320 final qualifier
6 $320 final qualifier
7 $320 final qualifier
8 $54 second stage
9 $54 second stage
10 $54 second stage
11 $54 second stage
12 $54 second stage
13 $54 second stage
14 $5,5 first stage qualifier
15 $5,5 first stage qualifier
16 $5,5 first stage qualifier
17 $5,5 first stage qualifier
18 $5,5 first stage qualifier
19 $5,5 first stage qualifier
20 $5,5 first stage qualifier
21 $3,4 first stage qualifier
22 $3,4 first stage qualifier
23 $3,4 first stage qualifier
24 $3,4 first stage qualifier
25 $3,4 first stage qualifier
26 $3,4 first stage qualifier
27 $3,4 first stage qualifier
28 $3,4 first stage qualifier
29 $3,4 first stage qualifier
30 $3,4 first stage qualifier

I decided to change my strategy in freerolls, normally people play loose this kind of tournment, and in my opinion is the correct way to play it ( because only the 1st prize gives the ticket ) but I decied to play tight aggressive because I wanted to catch all the loose guys :). Well I had no luck what so ever, cold deck and not for once I get the AA QQ JJ or even AK, sick. I catch KK made a bet and everyone folded.
So I was stealing alot and when the 1st hour finish I was on 190º place with 3,500k and the 1st place had 28,000k.
At this time there was some big stacks so I decided to change my stategy again and play more loose because the 5k-7k guy would want to risk his stack.
Presure all the time and when the 2nd hour was gone I had 25k and I was on 25º with 89 players left. I was always with the heart in my hands making raises and re-raising without nothing special but people doesnt had the guts to call thx GOD.
Now I decided to go back to my tight game again and play with position only. I stayed in the 20k-30k range till I get ITT ( lol ITT is in the ticket ) but I had 2 objectives the 1st one was to get the 320$ticket for the final stage ( so I must finish top 7 ) and the 2nd objective was to finish 1st place.
without catch any top pair this was very difficult to get but I decided to risk my stack after some guy in MP bet 9,000 ( blinds 3000-1500 and NO ANTE - yes this tournment had no ante - wtf ???!!!!??? sick ) and I shove with QJoff. well I was on the BB and I knew this guy ( ALIVE ), he is a loose guy and I thought he had a small pair or Ax9-2 and he must fold with that. But he called with A9 vs my QJ. OMG SICK CALL IMO because I had around 30k and he had around 55k. well lets run with 14players if I lose I going to be mad. the flop was XXX but the turn gave me my Q and I double up to 60k and I was at 4 place with 14 guys to go.
I stayed in the range 50k-60k and I sent to the shower other player getting a confortable 98k and getting the FT.
By this time I was thinking 2 things:
1st great job dude so get the fucking ticket
2st I hope I can get the cards, being with cold deck since the beggining of the tournment I hope I can get a hot run now
The chip stack was nice in the begging of the FT. The chip leader had 150k and we had 6 guys in the rande 85k-120k the other 3 here short stack.
1 out
2 outs
3 players out and I was already with my 320$ ticket to the final stage but the chip leader just had 320k because the last guy out had around 130k.
with 90k and nothing else to fight I decided to play some loose aggressive because I had a Tight ( almost rock image in the table, not because I wanted but because of the cold deck and because the 2 guys on my left were the 2 shorts stacks and I didn´t want to double up the guys with any raise I was commited ).
so on my BB I got J8s everyone fold till the button ( the chip leade ) that made a standart 3x bet for 16k, the SB fold and with J8s I only had 2 options raise or fold.
I thought he was trying to steal.
so I decided to raise but what raise? 3x ? mini bet? shove?
-shove seems stupid I had 97k and with 320k he could call with a small pair or something or even call with two high cards thinking I´m re-stealing
-3x would put 1/2 my stack
- so I decided to mini bet to 27k and wait to see the flop know that he will call but if he had no help in the flop he will fold to my shove

flop - A44
ofcourse I shove representing A with big kicker. With this flop and my mini raise he couldn´t call with any other pair or even Ax being x lower than j, imo. he didn´t had a 4. so shove
well he called with Aj, fair enought
and I finish in 7th place.
no regrets and gg to me
congrats to the winner, well deseved.

Francisco the truth Costa

segunda-feira, 24 de novembro de 2008

The Third Edition of the European Championship

The Third Edition of the European Championship of Online Poker (ECOOP III) starts tonight in the tables of Titan Poker tournament with a $ 250,000 Guaranteed. Tournament which has a buy-in of $ 200 + $ 15 and will begin tonight at 20:00 pm

This ECOOP III will be the largest guaranteed prize-pool ever in the history of ECOOP - $ 4.15 million. A huge growth in relation to the 1st edition of the European Championship of Online Poker which took place last December, and offered $ 2.5 million as premiums guaranteed. The results were surprising and all winners could proudly bear the bracelet's 1st edition of the ECOOP. In this 1st edition fit the larger the credit wllkllu winner of the Main Event, winning a prize of $ 220,000.

The Titan Poker has spared no efforts for the conclusion of the 3rd edition of the ECOOP, bringing the total of premiums guaranteed to $ 4.15 million. In addition to Titan Poker extended the period of implementation of ECOOP for 14 days, in the words of a spokesman "extended the period of completion of the tournament to 14 days for the most talented players of Titan Poker have more time to prove its worth and play in search of prizes offered exceptional. "

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I can´t stop laughing

My mate jonh tabatabai, betfair pro, just come here to Portugal to play BPPT for the 2nd time. Well, there is nothing special about that, imo, but this inside news is great. Some guy in the Hotel´s Spa decid to put a prank on him and I´m going to tell here. He was then instructed that the robe I must wear was in the locker as well as the underwear. well, the pic speak from them self.

ofcourse that was a prank...
I´ve been to a couple of Spas here in Portugal and nobody wears does things.

Try and remember who booked the Spa for you or who suggested it and you´ve got the funny guy.That was luidgi guess and I bet on it.

You can read more in my m8 blog

He still can´t belive ...

Speaking of laughing today I played everest 10K GRT and I was ITM again, but shit happends... I had my cowboys in CO and raised 3x the blinds... The BB went all in. He had around 12k and I had 16K. Well I called.
He had As 8h
and I couldn´t belive my eyes when I saw the flop 8 8 8
well I had 4k left ... nah... the conection was lost and 4min later when I was back I was out in the 15th place.
mates you got to laugh because if I dont do that I will broke other computer :)

quinta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2008





quarta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2008

latest news from pokerstarsblog ( EPT WARSAW ) LIVE HERE - HU

Yesterday Joao Barbosa was 25-years-old and one of the hottest rising stars on the European Poker Tour. Today Joao Barbosa is 26-years-old and €367,141 richer. On the day he celebrated his birthday, the kid from Porto, Portugal, also underlined his serious talent. Barbosa's EPT record now reads: one title and two other cashes from four events played. Here is our Best Newcomer-elect.

Barbosa out-gunned one of the highest-quality final tables in recent memory, featuring the reigning EPT Prague champion Arnaud Mattern and the Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri. Minieri and Barbosa had previous. They tangled in one of the most spectacular pots of the tournament late on day two, when Minieri called a massive bluff from Barbosa with second pair, which was good against the Portuguese's seven-high. But Barbosa earned his revenge today, dispatching Minieri in third place with pocket nines to the Italian's sevens.

That left Barbosa to do battle with Nico Behling, another young player rapidly making a name for himself on the poker circuit. The German made the final table of the Aussie Millions earlier this year and is now the nearly man of EPT Warsaw. Behling scaled the heights of a monstrous chip lead mid-way through the final table, ousting Ludovic Lacay, whose aces lost to a set of eights in the German's hands. And although he took a huge hit later on, his set of sixes no good against Minieri's straight, he was even in chips when they went down to two.

But Barbosa had the run of it heads up, picking off the bluffs and rarely getting caught with his own. After doubling up once, and a couple of dramatic split pots, Behling was all in with J-7, but Barbosa's A-10 was not to be outdrawn. Behling has €205,270 with which to soothe his wounds. Barbosa has more than 360,000 reasons not to forget his 26th birthday.

How we got down to three was a familiar tale of brutal aggression sprinkled with suck outs. The short-stacked Michael Muheim was first out, running into Sergey Shcherbatskiy's cheekily-played aces. Muheim's A-9 never caught up and the PokerStars qualifier took €21,114 for ninth. Lacay's aces weren't quite so lucky, running into a set of eights as described earlier. And then Andrea Benelli's day was ended by his friend and countryman Minieri. That was an A-Qh v J-J affair, the flush turning for Minieri.

Shcherbatskiy was next to go, forced back to the Urals by Barbosa, whose pocket queens were better than Shcherbatskiy's A-5. Still, the €57,475 prize for sixth represented a massive spin up on his $7.50 buy-in to a step one tournament on PokerStars.

After that it all got a little grim, for Mattern and another PokerStars qualifier, Atanas Gueorguiev, in particular. "Three-outered and then two-outered," muttered Mattern as he went to the cage for his fifth-placed money, referring to two outdraws -- A-K beaten by A-8 and pocket 10s undone by eights. It was arguably even worse for Gueorguiev, who got it in good on a king-high flop with ace-king. But Barbosa, way behind with K-Q hit the magic queen on the river. He made €87,973 for fourth, another PokerStars qualifier in the money.

And that, really, was that. We wondered if might be the first two-time champion. We wondered whether Dario Minieri might take his first EPT crown. We wondered if a PokerStars qualifier might win another major tournament having qualified online for peanuts. In the event, we got none of those things. But we did get another terrific final table and another hugely talented winner. Congratulations Mr Barbosa, and happy birthday.

11.20pm: Joao Barbosa wins the EPT Warsaw and €367,141. Details to follow...

11.20pm: Nico Behling of Germany, eliminated in second place for €205,270
The last hand came from out of nowhere, a 60,000 bet from Behling pre-flop, re-raised to 200,000 by Barbosa before Behling said “all-in”. That made Barbosa bounce back in his chair, composing himself enough to call, showing Ah-Th to Behling’s Js-7s. The flop hit both hands, 7c-As-3h. The turn 6h gave Barbosa more outs and the 6d made that irrelevant. A new EPT Warsaw champion is crowned, his name is Joao Barbosa.

Nico Behling
11.10pm: This is it!
Some people aren’t surprised. An all-in, called, a defining hand that would swing the momentum one way or end it the other. As-Jh for Behling, Ac-9h for Barbosa, behind but safe on a split pot board of Qc-3h-4s-Ah-3s.

11.02pm: Pre-flop action
A couple of big bets have been enough to see off the other. Then a big pot developed pre-flop. A Behling bet of 60,000 from the button, re-raised by Barbosa to 170,000. Behling thinks but mucks.

10.50pm: Stalemate
A pot to sum up the current stalemate. Checking all the way to the river on a board of 7c-Td-3h-7h-7d. Behling bet 60,000 and Barbosa called. Each showed an ace and a kicker lower than a ten for a split pot.

10.35pm: All-in called
Ten hands, mostly folds pre-flop, all-ins not called. Then an all-in called, all the chips in the middle with Barbosa showing pocket sixes to Behling’s Q-9 which on the flop finds another nine to see him double up.

10.15pm: Chip counts
Joao Barbosa -- 1,794,000
Nico Behling -- 376,000

10pm: Grinding away
The very slow progress continues, with Nico Behling taking a series of small pots and Joao Barbosa taking the only notable offering. Behling made it 51,000 pre-flop and Barbosa called. The flop came 5d-5s-6s and Barbosa sprang into action, betting 65,000. Behling called. Barbosa bet 130,000 at the 7s turn and Behling gave it up.

9.48pm: Big pot for Barbosa
On a flop of 7s-8s-6s Barbosa made it 70,000 which Behling called, adding to the pile of yellow chips already in the pot. The turn comes 9c which Barbosa bets at, 165,000 total. A long pause follows but Behling can’t bring himself to call.

9.39pm: A quick all-in
A bet of 50,000 by Behling pre-flop, raised by Barbosa to 140,000. Behling then announced he was all-in. Barbosa got out of the way.

Latest update 9.32pm
9.32pm: Another swing to Barbosa
In a change from the advertised programme, Behling bets 60K pre-flop rather than the expected 44,000. What’s more it’s called by Barbosa. We have a hand to report. On the flop of Kd-7s-8h Behling checks to Barbosa who makes it 75,000 to go. Behling then raises, two tall towers of yellow chips worth 200,000. Barbosa counters that by moving all-in, forcing a fold from the German.

Barbosa – 1,670,000
Behling – 500,000

9.12pm: Current chip counts
Nico Behling -- 740,000
Joao Barbosa -- 1,430,000

9.10pm: Barbosa the bully
Joao Barbosa takes a small pot, raising pre-flop to 44,000, which is called by Behling.The flop is 7h-5s-7h and both players check. The turn is 10h and Behling bets 45,000. Barbosa thinks a while but then raises, making it 190,000. Behling folds.

9.06pm: Coming back
Behling has begun to claw some chips back, from 600K to 730K to 790K. He now has roughly 830K after some smallish pots. That puts Barbosa on around 1,470,000.

9pm: Behling takes one down
Nico Behling just took down a small pot, betting all the way, including pre-flop, on a flushing (hearts) ace-high board. Barbosa got out the way at the turn.

8.50pm: No major moves
A lot of pre-flop betting and folding. This hand is slightly different. Barbosa bets 44,000 in the standard way pre-flop before Behling raises to 120,000. The second Barbosa announces all-in Behling folds.

Approximate chip counts:
Behling – 600,000
Barbosa – 1,590,000

8.40pm: Heads up chip counts
Joao Barbosa: 1,240,000
Nico Behling: 950,000

8.35pm: Dario Minieri, Italy, Team PokerStars Pro eliminated in third place, earning €123,162

That's the end of the road for Dario Minieri. One hand after he gets a walk in the big blind but looks at pocket jacks, flipped in anguish, Joao Barbosa gives him the action he craved. Barbosa raises from the button, Minieri moves in over the top, his last 180,000 and Barbosa calls. The Portuguese has two black nines, Minieri has two black sevens and the flop helps neither. "Nice hand," says Dario as he shakes Barbosa's hand. "Nice to play with you, Dario," says Nico Behling and he offers his paw. Minieri departs, but it's a airly safe assumption that he'll be back.

8.30pm: Nothing drastic
Nico Behling wins a pot by virtue of re-raising Dario Minieri, making the Italian think for a while before folding. Another 80,000 to the German.

8.20pm: You win some, you lose some
Dario Minieri picks up the first two pots, first open raising from the button to take the blinds, then re-raising from the big blind after Nico Behling opens for 42,000. Minieri then gives Behling a walk in his big blind, before open raising again from the button. This time Jaoa Barbosa announces that he's all in and Minieri goes into his talking mode. Barbosa keeps schtum, refusing to confirm or deny that he'll show if Minieri folds. Then Minieri says, "OK, I have one more question. If I fold and show, will you show as well?" Barbosa nods his head and that's what they do: Minieri has A-3o and Barbosa pocket sixes.

Then we actually see two flops in a row, both between Minieri and Behling. Minieri calls Behling's pre-flop bet of 44,000 and they see 7h-3s-Qh. Behling takes this one with an 80,000 bet. Then the two players, in an unraised pot, see 5d-Ah-7s and Miniri bets 16,000, which is called. The 10d turns and Minieri this time shakes off Behling with a bet of 38,000.

8.15pm: Under way
Play finally restarts after an extra long dinner break.

8.10pm: Empty seats
Still no sign of the players. No, wait. They're here. We should be playing again within a few minutes.

7.55pm: Long dinner
Players were spotted in the bufet room about an hour ago, but are yet to return to the tournament area. We're expecting them imminently for the resumption in play.

Latest update: 6.40pm
6.40pm: Chip counts at the dinner break
Joao Barbosa -- 1,140,000
Dario Minieri -- 267,000
Nico Behling -- 707,000

6.38pm: End of the level
We've reached the dinner break. Play will resume in one hour.

6.30pm: Battle of the blinds
In a battle of the blinds between Joao Barbosa and Dario Minieri for a flop of 6h-5d-8c. Barbosa makes it 21,000 which Minieri raises to 78,000. Barbosa announces “all-in” and gets a pretty quick fold from Minieri as the dinner break approaches.

6.15pm: Behling bouncing back
In an unraised battle of the blinds, Dario Minieri and Nico Behling see a scary flop of Ah-10s-As. They both check it, then Minieri bets 14,000 on the 2c turn, which Behling calls. The river is the 7s and after Minieri checks, Behling bets 40,000 and Minieri calls. "Flush," says Behling and shows 9-4s. "Super good," says Minieri.

6.12pm: Behling all-in.
Barbosa made it 34,000 from the button pre-flop which was called by Behling for a flop of 8h-Ac-2c. Behling then led the betting, making it 45,000 which Barbosa called. Another bet, 60,000 this time from Behling on the 2d turn. Again Barbosa called, taking it to the river, a 6d. Now Behling moved all in, another 151,000. Barbosa was not long in calling, but was only able to show Js-8s to Behling’s Ad-9c, good to double him up.

6.05pm: Three-handed chip counts
Joao Barbosa - 1,620,000
Dario Minieri - 320,000
Nico Behling - 275,000

5.55pm: I think the word is "sick"
Atanas Gueorguiev, PokerStars qualifier from Bulgaria, eliminated in fourth place earning €87,973
Joao Barbosa is on a hot streak and when you're hot, you're hot. Atanas Gueorguiev raises from one off the button and Barbosa flat calls. The flop comes 3c-4s-Kd and Barbosa tickles 35,000 at it. Gueorguiev doesn't hang around before announcing that he's all in and Barbosa is equally sharp in calling. Gueorguiev's A-K is miles ahead of Barbosa's K-Q and the 9h on the turn doesn't change that. But there are two outs left in the deck and one of the queens - hearts, for the record - rivers to send the final PokerStars qualifier in the field back to Sofia. He'll take €87,973 - and one shocking bad-beat story with him.

5.52pm: Arnaud Mattern of France, eliminated in fifth place for €72,724.
It started with a 36K Arnaud Mattern bet from the small blind but the hand finished with his elimination, ending hopes of a first double-winner. Barbosa then raised, 92K total and it wasn’t long before the chip were in the middle. Eights for Barbosa, tens for Mattern. The flop missed both but Barbosa caught an eight on the turn, doing well to suppress a huge cry of relief. Mattern had his coat though and was soon on the rail.

lets go JOÃO - link to EPT Warsaw

Like I said to him 1 month ago: "joão you will be the 1st portuguese to win a EPT."
Like I said here yesterday " he will win this EPT"

now with 3 players to go - he is chip leader

Three-handed chip counts
Joao Barbosa - 1,620,000
Dario Minieri - 320,000
Nico Behling - 275,000

go joão

there are so many here supporting you

here is the link to follow joão on EPT Warsaw ...


terça-feira, 18 de novembro de 2008

I TOLD YOU MATE... Joao barbosa FT in Warsaw

Last BPPT i spoke with joão barbosa, a poker player sponsorerd by UNIBET, and said to him that "he was going to be the 1st portuguese poker player that will win a EPT". He said, in is modesty " cmon its to hard to win a EPT ..." and I replied " i belive in you so much I already made a BET with some friends of mine.

well, today he made his 1st FT in warsaw and I honestly belive he will win it.
This is his 4th ept this year and he already finish ITM in barcelona (48º place ) and london ( 26º place ), now FT in Warsaw.

FT in warsaw:

seat 1 - Arnaud Mattern, France, 328,000
seat 2 - Ludovic Lacay, France, 296,500
seat 3 - Andrea Benelli, Italy, 100,000
seat 4 - Michael Muheim, Switzerland, 89,000
seat 5 - Joao Barbosa, Portugal, 123,000
seat 6 - Dario Minieri, Italy, 359,500
seat 7 - Nico Behling, Denmark, 343,500
seat 8 - Sergey Shcherbatskiy, Russia, 349,000
seat 9 - Atanas Gueorguiev, Bulgaria, 186,500

I belive
lets see tomorow

I will put here a link to check joao preformance

sexta-feira, 14 de novembro de 2008


Today I decided to start to play again online after BPPT.
I played some SNG 100$ and won 2 out 4 and after that and with some money in the bank I decided to play the 30k grt in everest with 100$+9$ buy in.
I knew i was going to play a good poker because I always play better after I rest from live tournments.

I was in a table with other portuguese guy, my friend, mr.jocandeias. And we started to talk because with low blinds the beggining of the tournment is always so borring.

Nothing special happend and we both manage to get ITM. Nothing relevant IMO. I had a edge in the table because I think I was playing a fantastic poker and had a good image in the table.

Jo was out in 23 I think with 230$ gg mate and I stayed there in my war.
i was in 4th place and something happend that fuck up my concentration.
i was UTG with the blinds 2,000 / 1,000 ante 200
and I got my cowboys KK
i raised to 8,000 everyone folded till SB that went all in for 30k.
I had 41,000 and make the call hopping he had some pocket pair ( no AA, LOL )
but he had A9
no problem 3 outs great
the flop was not what I wanted but it was ok
9 x x
the turn was sick A
and the river didn´t game me my K
and I went donw to 11k
if I won this hand I was going to be 1st with more than 70k
sick everest

after that I got AT in the SB and I decided to call the BB hopping he went all in.
he did what i was hopping and he was out

after that i won some small pot and i was with 33k in CO and I made one mistake that cost me my tournment
I raised in CO to 8k with Ac5c
everyone folded and the SB went all win
well i should easy fold but i remember a hand he had 10min before that some guy did the same and he was stealing with 27
I thought he could be doing the same and I called
he had AK and the tournment was over

quinta-feira, 13 de novembro de 2008

Erick Lindgren won WSOP Player of the Year

The 31 years player from Full Tilt Poker, was unanimously considered the best player world that had never won a WSOP bracelet. The malapata that came to an end this year with a victory in the $ 5,000 Mixed Hold'em. In a field of 332 players Lindgren played great poker and won his 1st bracelet. Well the $ 374,505 for the victory was nice but the bracelte...

In addition to this victory Lindgren had other results of great value, being the most important of them all the 3rd place in the $ 50K HORSE Championship, an event won by Scotty Nguyen. For this 3rd place ( the second biggest tournament of the World Series ) Lindgren won $ 781,440. Lindgren also finished in 4th place in the Event 18 - No-Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball with rebuys - earning $ 156,151.

Erick Lindgren got ITM in 5 tournments of the wsop (a total of more than $ 1.3 million), Barry Greenstein lost the race with him for only 10 points of difference, Greenstein that reached more times ITM than Lindgren ( 6 times ) but with the worst end position. For this honor Erick Lindgren received a custom Harley-Davidson, who immediately announced that it would have on his brother Doug Lindgren. I would love to be his brother.LOL. The girl near the Harley doesn´t make part of the pack.

terça-feira, 11 de novembro de 2008

Eastgate becomes the youngest player win wsop main event

The Danish becomes the youngest player in the history of the World Series to become the champion of the Main Event of 2008, and with that win $ 9,152,416. Professional poker with 22-year-old from Odense, Denmark, Peter beats the previous record of Phil Helmuth, which lasted 19 years.

Helmuth won with 24 years the main event in 1989. Another milestone is that this duel between Eastgate and demidov was the first heads-up level in the Main Event of the WSOP.

You can remember phill vs jonny chang final moments here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpSQTZ5TSZg&feature=related

"It's an honor to spend to hold the record for youngest champion of the main event of the World Serires," said Eastgate. "I played a very solid throughout the tournament and I am very proud of that. This puts the credibility of the young players of online poker to a new level. Thanks to sites such as PokerStars, we have become a force that must be recognized in the table."

The victory came in the Eastgate 104 th hand of heads-up with the also young, Ivan demidov. Eastgate took the opportunity to play in the tables of $ 200 / $ 400 NLHE of PokerStars, he is already one of the best players in cash games of Denmark.

Eastgate started the heads-up with an advantage of over 20 million chips to demidov -79 million to 57 million, and with hundreds of fans to watch would win the most coveted bracelet in the world of poker, a hand on it being in Button was limp and the opponent did check. The flop was Ks 3h 2d demidov did check, Eastgate bet 1.25 million and received call, to see the turn 4c.
Demidov again did check and Eastgate once again shot, this time was 2 million, demidov instead of the call made check-raise to 6 million getting the call from Danish. The river card was the 7s and demidov to immediately went all in, Eastgate did not hesitate to call.

The flop - 2d 3h Ks
the turn - 4c
The river - 7s

Both players played Great IMO. When Demirov hit the 4 in the turn he thought he had the best hand for sure with the 2nd pair and he couldn´t had a wrost card. He set the trap with the check/raise and he couldn´t put eastgate in A5. I think he must suspect Eastgate could have Kx and when the 7s hit the river he went all in and he couldn´t call him with top pair, IMO. WP demirov
In the other side Eastgate played great. The 2nd barrel was perfect. Demirov would think he was making a Cbet. The call was also wp.
when Demirov push the all in I would love to be inside Eastgate head.

The king is dead
long live the king

domingo, 9 de novembro de 2008

MY interview To futsabado


sorry to all other guys that doesn´t understant portuguese but this is in portuguese.

DAY 2 - Main even - from 875chips to Chip leader to ...

I was in pain ( broken toe )
I was short ( with 9 min to end the 1st day I had 875 chips )
But i was playing some power poker and when I went to the casino I was thinking only one thing
I Will win or at least people will remember me
I started the day raising
and i went from my 13350 to 16000 in a short notice
then i was studing the table
EASY table except 2 guys ( the 2 on my right ).
The 2nd on my right was a very aggresive player from finland
and he was stealing ALWAYS my BB
1 time
2 times
3 time
always raising
well i didn´t had any hand what so ever and I went mad
I decided if he raised me again I would shove all in
The bastard did it again
and I shove all in with 5d 2d
probably for the 1st time the sucker had game and he called me with Ad Kd
I hit the 2 x x on the flop and other in the turn and the sucker was dead
and I went to 30k
i was fucking alive
and on my mind I was claping
the sick bastard did it again
he raise me on my BB
well this time with JJ I had no trouble to shove all in
and he folded
he knew by that time he got to respect me
and never did that again

later on
a player in utg+3 made a strange overbet
i knew him from latoja
and i had no doubth my QQ where the best hand.
Since he raise 10BB ( OMG ) i thought he wont call my all in
but i did a stage preformance
i start to trash talk with him
dont call i said
thing in your wife
child, dog, etc
he was so weak
that he said you are trying to steal this from me
and he made a call to my all in with 55
the board didn´t help him and i was with 60k
2 hands later the same player made a even stranger bet 2,2BB
I had the position Button and i had 44
i put him in AA or KK
and i decided to call to see the flop
the Sb folded
and the BB called too
the flop was 9 7 4
the BB check
he went all in
and I re-raised all in
the BB fold
he had KK
like i thought
the 4 on the river gave me the quads
and he was out
i was chip leader near the dinner time

I couldn´t belive my eyes
and i got moved to table 1
Zummy was there
kitten was there
ceaser was there
isaias was there
nanno was there
but i stayed alive till the 14 level
going from 90k to 50k and from 50 to 80k
i was playing good IMO

i got to tell you one hand in particular to explain my elimination later
I was on BB and had 88
the blinds here 3k-1.5k ante 300
the mp+2 made a raise to 8k and the Co call
i had 88 on the BB and I shove all in ( i had 60k left )
both players folded
and i show my 88
well i was playing tight like a rock
so they respect me

well with 6min to go and 7 players to ITM
i was with 85,5k and i was nº16 in chip count
and I did this mistake

I had no position - I was utg
I had a mediocre Hand - pocket 77

but I had 3 things that i knew
- i started to act
started to put the chips to make a 3bet
add more 3k
then stop
then look to other stats
then i saw to players talking
( i can read lips )
they said if I had kk I would fold
he must be fucking strong
he can´t raise with other marginal hand
he wont do that
i think he might have the aces
so my only problem could be the chip leader EZ ( he had 230k ) so i knew that if i raised he might re-raise me just to saw where he might be
so i decided to represent to KK and went all in
everyone fold
but EZ made the call
he had the stack
and his JJ hold
well the flop give me more odds
with T 9 6 but no 8
in the turn or the river
I was out
#$%#$%$#%$##$"# with my self
i should fold

well it was a good run
and A good story to tell
thx for the support
and love

2 side notes
1st I fell like i need to ask for sorry because i know alot of guys wanted to see dream " a chip and a chair " live. I could fold my 77 but i wanted to steal and thought i had a spot spot. And if i had been call by a AK AQ AJ i would won and would be with more than 160k. I promiss I would only play to win but I also know that i should fold, because for the new guys this could be and important mark to be ITM. sorry sorry sorry
my faught

2nd I SPECIAL thx to all the guys in FUTSABADO. I have no words to express my thx. but permit me to say thx to hooligato for being there since day 1. thats for friends are for.

Francisco "the truth k "Costa

sábado, 8 de novembro de 2008


I was felling good when the tournment started.
On my table I had a Pro from UNIBET joao barbosa ( ITM last EPT ), Mourinho ( who won the 1st solverde ), Hencus ( the grandfather of portuguese poker )from bwin, my buddy orlando pinheiro, sininho from KK and other guy i knew from la toja.
Nice table :)
I didn´t get any kind of hands so i can´t tell to much till last 4 hands of the day. I was steling and didn´t get one pocket pair.
well, i´m not telling the truth I got something ... A table ( where we put our dinks ) on my right foot. I´m in pain and I think I might have a broken toe.
well I was cool with 17k.
my last 4hands could be the begging of my dream - to win BPPT
I had AsKs and I was on the button
utg made a bet to 800 ( blinds 300-150 )
and the SB called
i raise to 2800
and after some time we went all in 16150
i was WTF
that doesn´t make any sence
he was a BAD player IMO
making raises with AToff KQoff and so
so in worst case cenario i had 6 out
with pocket KK or even with pocket AA the all in doesn´t make any sence
so I decided to run with him and make the call
I knew where I was
he show a pocket 66
i was not happy
i would prefer Ashit :)
well, nothing helped me and I was almost dead
with 850chips
with 6min left
I´m a DONK
stupid call
now i only had 1 option play some power poker
this was my last 3 hands

3 hands to go
i was SB
everyone fold till Button he limped
i went all in
BB fold
button called
AK vs his A6
i won and was with +-2,5k

2 hands to go
everyone fold the CO bet 700
I look to my cards and saw a fantastic 6h 3h
yeah all in
SB fold
BB fold
the CO called with pocket JJ
Flop 6 6 X
nothing more in the turn or river
great i´m back with +- 6000

1 hand to go
utg+1 a swedish guy raised to 800 everyone fold till me
i was Co
with pocket 55 ( my 1st pocket pair this night )
yeah i was all in
everyone folded and the guy in utg+1 made his call
with KsTs

I said " i´m felling great"

OMG i thought
but i said to him "call donw, right now i´m not felling great but i´m felling good"




right now i´m the king of the world and´the only thing that is fucking my night his the pain i have in my toe
it´s killing me he his black and hurts like hell but guys
i dont need my toe to play poker

I´m felling so confident nothing can´t hit me donw ( I´M ALIVEEEEEEEE )
IF I win this BPPT, a story could be rising here. I fell that and I want this story to happend. At least i got my modjo back

see you tomorow
Francisco "the truth K" Costa

sexta-feira, 7 de novembro de 2008

BPPT - the 1st day - side event - 30€ rebuys

well, like you know i already got my seat but i decided to play this even.
1º its always fun
2º i knew i can make it, yeah its not grab, cmon
3º i love this kind of events

when i arrived to the casino, i starded to talk with everyone. Some guys i didn´t saw since the last everest solverde. There was to many guys from england, finland, sweden and spain.
great to meet guys you only knew online :). I meet wclass a english guy who won with me some ticket to everest solverde in vilamoura. Nice guy thought. On a side note i put my money he can, sorry will do great tomorow.
well it started. I got a nice table with diogo "phonder" a semi-pro from betfair, a guy from sweden and herlander. so nothing special.
I´m not a loose guy in this kind of tournment. So i played some tight poker in the rebuy period and get some luck in a triple all in.
i had AcKs
Ah Kd
Td Ts

and i hit the flush with Kd Xc Xc Xc Xc
and when the rebuy period was off i was with 10k or so
and from that time till 12:00 i was only stealing because i had shit
my range of chips was from 10k to 15k

I double up when i got my ladys agaisnt TJoff
and then i fell confortable to play some power poker
i raised with any two
i remember 45spades
pocker 77
and even make a sick call A7off to TONYL
it was split pot he had A7 too

after that i got my aces when i was raising and re-raising alot
the hand is not correct in poker pt
i was utg
and the blinds were 3k-1.5 ante 400 or so , I never remember the ante :)
i raised to 7,600k
everyone fold till filipsen in MP
he called and everyone fold
well i thought he was not too strong because if he was he would re-raise me for sure
so i said you call me? ok i go all in in the dark
he said what?
now you can´t?
i said : yes i can
i´m the 1st to talk
well the flop was
Qx Xx Xx
and he ask me
do you really went all in
i said, well i can´t go back :(
and he instant call me
well i put him in AQ
once again i had a good read
he had that and i was in front
nothing helped him or me and i was chip leader with 96,600k
after that too many guys said to me
lets go drink something and stay sit out
ofcouse i stayed there

with my power poker
well i got other ticket
i´m going to cash the money
it was fun like hell and i finish the chip leader with more that 110k
that doesn´t mean nothing in this kind of tournment
the 23place give the same that the 1st place
but i got more confidence
lets see tomorow

guys i´m going to bed now
thx for the sms and for the support
thats why when i got back from the casino i went here to write this

Francisco "the truth k" Costa

segunda-feira, 3 de novembro de 2008

OMG i´m a shorty now WHAT?

I see a lot of people play the shortstack very poorly. When you are short stack you don´t have too many moves, actually you only have one move ALL IN.

There guys that tend to play with dominated aces( AT-Ax), and hands like KQ, KJ & KT or even Low pocket pairs. All this hands, without position are shit. well this is not 100% right but its 99,9% right.

The key is to be patient and push all in with a hand that is likely the be best hand pre-flop.If you are a shorty you need to play tight and should never play without position if you dont have the right hand.

You also need to look to the table and hope to be in a loose aggressive table. why? so simple question to answer.You want to force other big stacks ( from the loose guys )to make poor calls because they think it is only a small percentage of their stack to make the call. And this kind of mistake is so common in big stacks. When i´m a big stack i always hope to get involved with the highest stack of the table to get max profit and to double up. I avoid short stack.

one more thing i must add. Sometimes there is no space to wait for the right hand, the blinds are killing you, well, if that happend you got to do what you got to do but you probably will get 3 or 4 calls with check check check all the way and get burnout.

play some tight aggresive poker when you get donw to 10-15BB

EUROPEN DeepStack Poker Championship

If you like to play some deep ( and guys when I say Deep its DEEEEEEP - 50k chips to start ) stack tournments I think you need to be from 5 to Feb. 8 at Green Isle Hotel in Dublin, which will host the most prestigious tournament among all deep stack there are disputed in the European continent - the EUROPEN DeepStack Poker Championship.

The tournament offers an initial stack of 50,000 chips. The Main Event of this major milestone in European poker usually gathers hundreds of British players, who want above all to play poker for hours and hours.

Besides the Main Event Event the program includes some side events that share the essence of being deepstack.

Calendar of Deep Stack tournaments of the European Poker Championship:

Thursday February 5 19:00 am - Super Satélite for the Main Event 100 € 10 rebuys
Friday February 6 14:00 - Main Event 1500 € 150 € (Tournament of 3 days)
Saturday February 7 18:00 - Side Event € 500 freezeout (Tournament of 2 days)
Sunday February 8 18:00 - Side Event 300 € 30 € (Tournament of 1 day)

I think i will go.

domingo, 2 de novembro de 2008

Here I go

A week from today I hope i can move to the last day of BPPT. This is my favourite Portuguese Tournment, with a great field, i love the 1h blinds, i love the deep stack ( 15k chips to start ) and i love the buy-in 500€+50€ ( well i never pay that because i always won tickets - this time nothing new i won one 2 or 3 week ago and i will try to won tomorow other ticket with more 2k for expenses ).
´m 100% focus reading alot and watching some videos. YES i´m doing that.
Normally some guys think that when you got some good results you dont need to get more knowledge... they are so wrong!
My friend Paulo invite me to coach him and others in the sports club he runs and when i told him right now i couldn´t because i was study more things about poker,and he asked me why? the answer was simple "i want to get better"
Socrates said "I only know that I don´t know nothing" and I follow that quote till my death.
when BPPT ends I´m going to start give poker lessons in a well knowed sports club in Oporto, Portugal. Latter I will post the fresh news and I hope I can see you there either in the begginers class or the the intermediate class.
But let stop the advertising (LOL) and lets talk about BPPT

Last BPPT ( in estoril )I was happy and sad at same time.

The good:
- I survived to 1st day
- I played in Annette´s table for 4hours

The Bad
- I could had more than 100k chips at the end of day 1 that means i could get pass to day 3 why? simple simple simple. After I fold my set, knowing i was behind ( some guy had a straight and i had a good read on him ) but if i payed i would get my full house and get into 75k chips. Two plays latter i folded 8h Th in the button and everybody limped till me. well, I would get a flop from heaven with 9h Jh 7h with other guy getting the flush Ah high :( yeah. I would be with more than 100k. IF I would pay the 1st one i would pay the 2nd for sure.
- After this 2 plays my head was only on that I was out on 2nd day risking my stack utg with pocket 88. wtf i couldn´t belive my eyes.

This "Turn" is going to be different i guaranty. One of Two things will happend :
A: I will be out on 1st day
B: I will be ITM

I´m playing right now with 2 options only I only Raise or FOLD. Choosing my hands and playing very aggressive. Guys, I´m not going to play on a conservative way, you wont me see slow playing or make some check/calls.
I know some guys dont like to play many hands in early stages, others want to take control of the pot, others dont want to get involved in early stages.

I know what you got to be thinking, yeah right you are tell me your strategy?
guys i´m the truth (o)k
but i love to bluff :)

Francisco "the truth k" Costa

sábado, 1 de novembro de 2008