quarta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2008


Normaly i dont post this kind of results but i will post this. why? the power poker in the FT.

It´s difficult to have a FT so good as this one?
all the players here playing for 1 spot and 1 spot only
power poker
playing with no presure at all because it was a freeroll but when u get to the FT you have no other choice to play to win

with a sick freeroll field ( 1000 players ) i played great since hand nº1.
luck? probably ... too many maniacs ( it was a freeroll lolol )
AA? not even 1
KK? i wish
so i took all the other hand i had and get max profit from all

i dont remember the hands got to admit i only remember the great afternoon i had.
thx god i´m the boss at my work

poker is all about winning money
meh dont agree
its all about having fun
never forget that

well i couldn´t play the other tournment because i went to see SLBenfica( i dont want to talk about that ) just wanted to say thx to XXXXXXX for playing for me.
its always fun to play a big buy-in tournment without paying nothing
GG mate

cheers mates
Francisco "the truth" Costa

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Hoolicat disse...

Freerolls and micro limits. What a jungle. AA in the cutoff. Limper in early. Raise 4bb to 400. Limper calls. Flop with x9T. I go all-in. Limper calls. Turns K9. Of course... a King on the turn. Better than that, just being kicked out of the Estrela do Mês because a UTG+1 mini-raiser showed KK when pushed. Go figure it out... All the best. Keep that power poker with the plug on.