domingo, 2 de novembro de 2008

Here I go

A week from today I hope i can move to the last day of BPPT. This is my favourite Portuguese Tournment, with a great field, i love the 1h blinds, i love the deep stack ( 15k chips to start ) and i love the buy-in 500€+50€ ( well i never pay that because i always won tickets - this time nothing new i won one 2 or 3 week ago and i will try to won tomorow other ticket with more 2k for expenses ).
´m 100% focus reading alot and watching some videos. YES i´m doing that.
Normally some guys think that when you got some good results you dont need to get more knowledge... they are so wrong!
My friend Paulo invite me to coach him and others in the sports club he runs and when i told him right now i couldn´t because i was study more things about poker,and he asked me why? the answer was simple "i want to get better"
Socrates said "I only know that I don´t know nothing" and I follow that quote till my death.
when BPPT ends I´m going to start give poker lessons in a well knowed sports club in Oporto, Portugal. Latter I will post the fresh news and I hope I can see you there either in the begginers class or the the intermediate class.
But let stop the advertising (LOL) and lets talk about BPPT

Last BPPT ( in estoril )I was happy and sad at same time.

The good:
- I survived to 1st day
- I played in Annette´s table for 4hours

The Bad
- I could had more than 100k chips at the end of day 1 that means i could get pass to day 3 why? simple simple simple. After I fold my set, knowing i was behind ( some guy had a straight and i had a good read on him ) but if i payed i would get my full house and get into 75k chips. Two plays latter i folded 8h Th in the button and everybody limped till me. well, I would get a flop from heaven with 9h Jh 7h with other guy getting the flush Ah high :( yeah. I would be with more than 100k. IF I would pay the 1st one i would pay the 2nd for sure.
- After this 2 plays my head was only on that I was out on 2nd day risking my stack utg with pocket 88. wtf i couldn´t belive my eyes.

This "Turn" is going to be different i guaranty. One of Two things will happend :
A: I will be out on 1st day
B: I will be ITM

I´m playing right now with 2 options only I only Raise or FOLD. Choosing my hands and playing very aggressive. Guys, I´m not going to play on a conservative way, you wont me see slow playing or make some check/calls.
I know some guys dont like to play many hands in early stages, others want to take control of the pot, others dont want to get involved in early stages.

I know what you got to be thinking, yeah right you are tell me your strategy?
guys i´m the truth (o)k
but i love to bluff :)

Francisco "the truth k" Costa

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