terça-feira, 18 de novembro de 2008

I TOLD YOU MATE... Joao barbosa FT in Warsaw

Last BPPT i spoke with joão barbosa, a poker player sponsorerd by UNIBET, and said to him that "he was going to be the 1st portuguese poker player that will win a EPT". He said, in is modesty " cmon its to hard to win a EPT ..." and I replied " i belive in you so much I already made a BET with some friends of mine.

well, today he made his 1st FT in warsaw and I honestly belive he will win it.
This is his 4th ept this year and he already finish ITM in barcelona (48º place ) and london ( 26º place ), now FT in Warsaw.

FT in warsaw:

seat 1 - Arnaud Mattern, France, 328,000
seat 2 - Ludovic Lacay, France, 296,500
seat 3 - Andrea Benelli, Italy, 100,000
seat 4 - Michael Muheim, Switzerland, 89,000
seat 5 - Joao Barbosa, Portugal, 123,000
seat 6 - Dario Minieri, Italy, 359,500
seat 7 - Nico Behling, Denmark, 343,500
seat 8 - Sergey Shcherbatskiy, Russia, 349,000
seat 9 - Atanas Gueorguiev, Bulgaria, 186,500

I belive
lets see tomorow

I will put here a link to check joao preformance

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