sexta-feira, 14 de novembro de 2008


Today I decided to start to play again online after BPPT.
I played some SNG 100$ and won 2 out 4 and after that and with some money in the bank I decided to play the 30k grt in everest with 100$+9$ buy in.
I knew i was going to play a good poker because I always play better after I rest from live tournments.

I was in a table with other portuguese guy, my friend, mr.jocandeias. And we started to talk because with low blinds the beggining of the tournment is always so borring.

Nothing special happend and we both manage to get ITM. Nothing relevant IMO. I had a edge in the table because I think I was playing a fantastic poker and had a good image in the table.

Jo was out in 23 I think with 230$ gg mate and I stayed there in my war.
i was in 4th place and something happend that fuck up my concentration.
i was UTG with the blinds 2,000 / 1,000 ante 200
and I got my cowboys KK
i raised to 8,000 everyone folded till SB that went all in for 30k.
I had 41,000 and make the call hopping he had some pocket pair ( no AA, LOL )
but he had A9
no problem 3 outs great
the flop was not what I wanted but it was ok
9 x x
the turn was sick A
and the river didn´t game me my K
and I went donw to 11k
if I won this hand I was going to be 1st with more than 70k
sick everest

after that I got AT in the SB and I decided to call the BB hopping he went all in.
he did what i was hopping and he was out

after that i won some small pot and i was with 33k in CO and I made one mistake that cost me my tournment
I raised in CO to 8k with Ac5c
everyone folded and the SB went all win
well i should easy fold but i remember a hand he had 10min before that some guy did the same and he was stealing with 27
I thought he could be doing the same and I called
he had AK and the tournment was over

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johntaba disse...

hey mate, yea didnt see u much this time in espinho, you were too busy trying to win!

drop me your email incase i come to visit.


johntaba disse...

lol it seems i cant post properly, just saying gl online and drop me your email address for future if i pop down to portugal for some fun :)