segunda-feira, 3 de novembro de 2008

OMG i´m a shorty now WHAT?

I see a lot of people play the shortstack very poorly. When you are short stack you don´t have too many moves, actually you only have one move ALL IN.

There guys that tend to play with dominated aces( AT-Ax), and hands like KQ, KJ & KT or even Low pocket pairs. All this hands, without position are shit. well this is not 100% right but its 99,9% right.

The key is to be patient and push all in with a hand that is likely the be best hand pre-flop.If you are a shorty you need to play tight and should never play without position if you dont have the right hand.

You also need to look to the table and hope to be in a loose aggressive table. why? so simple question to answer.You want to force other big stacks ( from the loose guys )to make poor calls because they think it is only a small percentage of their stack to make the call. And this kind of mistake is so common in big stacks. When i´m a big stack i always hope to get involved with the highest stack of the table to get max profit and to double up. I avoid short stack.

one more thing i must add. Sometimes there is no space to wait for the right hand, the blinds are killing you, well, if that happend you got to do what you got to do but you probably will get 3 or 4 calls with check check check all the way and get burnout.

play some tight aggresive poker when you get donw to 10-15BB

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