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Well for the 1st time ever, Portugal wil host a great tournment. Normally we have $100 buy in tournment ( Solverde season ) or 750$ buy in tournment ( Betfair Portuguese Poker tour ) but we will host in Estoril the biggest tournment so far here in Portugal, the betsson estoril live with $2120 buy in and $1,000,000 GRT prize pool.

I have 3 options to get my seat

a- to pay for it - I have the bankrool but I will try to get a seat via satelites like i always do in betfair portuguese poker tour.

b- getting the seat via satelites - steps

c- getting the seat via restrited freeroll - way more dificult because there is to many maniacks and alot people playing

well, yesterday I started my quest to get my seat on a restricted freeroll that have this prize pool:
1 $2120 Entrada Estoril Live
2 $320 final qualifier
3 $320 final qualifier
4 $320 final qualifier
5 $320 final qualifier
6 $320 final qualifier
7 $320 final qualifier
8 $54 second stage
9 $54 second stage
10 $54 second stage
11 $54 second stage
12 $54 second stage
13 $54 second stage
14 $5,5 first stage qualifier
15 $5,5 first stage qualifier
16 $5,5 first stage qualifier
17 $5,5 first stage qualifier
18 $5,5 first stage qualifier
19 $5,5 first stage qualifier
20 $5,5 first stage qualifier
21 $3,4 first stage qualifier
22 $3,4 first stage qualifier
23 $3,4 first stage qualifier
24 $3,4 first stage qualifier
25 $3,4 first stage qualifier
26 $3,4 first stage qualifier
27 $3,4 first stage qualifier
28 $3,4 first stage qualifier
29 $3,4 first stage qualifier
30 $3,4 first stage qualifier

I decided to change my strategy in freerolls, normally people play loose this kind of tournment, and in my opinion is the correct way to play it ( because only the 1st prize gives the ticket ) but I decied to play tight aggressive because I wanted to catch all the loose guys :). Well I had no luck what so ever, cold deck and not for once I get the AA QQ JJ or even AK, sick. I catch KK made a bet and everyone folded.
So I was stealing alot and when the 1st hour finish I was on 190º place with 3,500k and the 1st place had 28,000k.
At this time there was some big stacks so I decided to change my stategy again and play more loose because the 5k-7k guy would want to risk his stack.
Presure all the time and when the 2nd hour was gone I had 25k and I was on 25º with 89 players left. I was always with the heart in my hands making raises and re-raising without nothing special but people doesnt had the guts to call thx GOD.
Now I decided to go back to my tight game again and play with position only. I stayed in the 20k-30k range till I get ITT ( lol ITT is in the ticket ) but I had 2 objectives the 1st one was to get the 320$ticket for the final stage ( so I must finish top 7 ) and the 2nd objective was to finish 1st place.
without catch any top pair this was very difficult to get but I decided to risk my stack after some guy in MP bet 9,000 ( blinds 3000-1500 and NO ANTE - yes this tournment had no ante - wtf ???!!!!??? sick ) and I shove with QJoff. well I was on the BB and I knew this guy ( ALIVE ), he is a loose guy and I thought he had a small pair or Ax9-2 and he must fold with that. But he called with A9 vs my QJ. OMG SICK CALL IMO because I had around 30k and he had around 55k. well lets run with 14players if I lose I going to be mad. the flop was XXX but the turn gave me my Q and I double up to 60k and I was at 4 place with 14 guys to go.
I stayed in the range 50k-60k and I sent to the shower other player getting a confortable 98k and getting the FT.
By this time I was thinking 2 things:
1st great job dude so get the fucking ticket
2st I hope I can get the cards, being with cold deck since the beggining of the tournment I hope I can get a hot run now
The chip stack was nice in the begging of the FT. The chip leader had 150k and we had 6 guys in the rande 85k-120k the other 3 here short stack.
1 out
2 outs
3 players out and I was already with my 320$ ticket to the final stage but the chip leader just had 320k because the last guy out had around 130k.
with 90k and nothing else to fight I decided to play some loose aggressive because I had a Tight ( almost rock image in the table, not because I wanted but because of the cold deck and because the 2 guys on my left were the 2 shorts stacks and I didn´t want to double up the guys with any raise I was commited ).
so on my BB I got J8s everyone fold till the button ( the chip leade ) that made a standart 3x bet for 16k, the SB fold and with J8s I only had 2 options raise or fold.
I thought he was trying to steal.
so I decided to raise but what raise? 3x ? mini bet? shove?
-shove seems stupid I had 97k and with 320k he could call with a small pair or something or even call with two high cards thinking I´m re-stealing
-3x would put 1/2 my stack
- so I decided to mini bet to 27k and wait to see the flop know that he will call but if he had no help in the flop he will fold to my shove

flop - A44
ofcourse I shove representing A with big kicker. With this flop and my mini raise he couldn´t call with any other pair or even Ax being x lower than j, imo. he didn´t had a 4. so shove
well he called with Aj, fair enought
and I finish in 7th place.
no regrets and gg to me
congrats to the winner, well deseved.

Francisco the truth Costa

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