segunda-feira, 3 de novembro de 2008

EUROPEN DeepStack Poker Championship

If you like to play some deep ( and guys when I say Deep its DEEEEEEP - 50k chips to start ) stack tournments I think you need to be from 5 to Feb. 8 at Green Isle Hotel in Dublin, which will host the most prestigious tournament among all deep stack there are disputed in the European continent - the EUROPEN DeepStack Poker Championship.

The tournament offers an initial stack of 50,000 chips. The Main Event of this major milestone in European poker usually gathers hundreds of British players, who want above all to play poker for hours and hours.

Besides the Main Event Event the program includes some side events that share the essence of being deepstack.

Calendar of Deep Stack tournaments of the European Poker Championship:

Thursday February 5 19:00 am - Super Satélite for the Main Event 100 € 10 rebuys
Friday February 6 14:00 - Main Event 1500 € 150 € (Tournament of 3 days)
Saturday February 7 18:00 - Side Event € 500 freezeout (Tournament of 2 days)
Sunday February 8 18:00 - Side Event 300 € 30 € (Tournament of 1 day)

I think i will go.

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