sexta-feira, 7 de novembro de 2008

BPPT - the 1st day - side event - 30€ rebuys

well, like you know i already got my seat but i decided to play this even.
1º its always fun
2º i knew i can make it, yeah its not grab, cmon
3º i love this kind of events

when i arrived to the casino, i starded to talk with everyone. Some guys i didn´t saw since the last everest solverde. There was to many guys from england, finland, sweden and spain.
great to meet guys you only knew online :). I meet wclass a english guy who won with me some ticket to everest solverde in vilamoura. Nice guy thought. On a side note i put my money he can, sorry will do great tomorow.
well it started. I got a nice table with diogo "phonder" a semi-pro from betfair, a guy from sweden and herlander. so nothing special.
I´m not a loose guy in this kind of tournment. So i played some tight poker in the rebuy period and get some luck in a triple all in.
i had AcKs
Ah Kd
Td Ts

and i hit the flush with Kd Xc Xc Xc Xc
and when the rebuy period was off i was with 10k or so
and from that time till 12:00 i was only stealing because i had shit
my range of chips was from 10k to 15k

I double up when i got my ladys agaisnt TJoff
and then i fell confortable to play some power poker
i raised with any two
i remember 45spades
pocker 77
and even make a sick call A7off to TONYL
it was split pot he had A7 too

after that i got my aces when i was raising and re-raising alot
the hand is not correct in poker pt
i was utg
and the blinds were 3k-1.5 ante 400 or so , I never remember the ante :)
i raised to 7,600k
everyone fold till filipsen in MP
he called and everyone fold
well i thought he was not too strong because if he was he would re-raise me for sure
so i said you call me? ok i go all in in the dark
he said what?
now you can´t?
i said : yes i can
i´m the 1st to talk
well the flop was
Qx Xx Xx
and he ask me
do you really went all in
i said, well i can´t go back :(
and he instant call me
well i put him in AQ
once again i had a good read
he had that and i was in front
nothing helped him or me and i was chip leader with 96,600k
after that too many guys said to me
lets go drink something and stay sit out
ofcouse i stayed there

with my power poker
well i got other ticket
i´m going to cash the money
it was fun like hell and i finish the chip leader with more that 110k
that doesn´t mean nothing in this kind of tournment
the 23place give the same that the 1st place
but i got more confidence
lets see tomorow

guys i´m going to bed now
thx for the sms and for the support
thats why when i got back from the casino i went here to write this

Francisco "the truth k" Costa

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Anônimo disse...

Bem, antes de mais Parabens pela tua pagina que é simplesmente viciante, nao consigo ficar sem dar uma vista de olhos,mesmo em ingles que nao é o meu forte consigo entender quase tudo.Parabens pelo "nosso"clube.E espero que continues a escrever sobre o BPPT até domingo, seria bom sinam. ;)Nelbet

Yuranus disse...

Obrigado nelbet

Eu escrevo em ingles para praticar a verternte escrita do mesmo que não é tão bom quanto eu queria. Tambem facilita todos aqueles que não percebem Portugues.
Mais uma vez mt obrigado
Francisco Costa