sexta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2008

I can´t stop laughing

My mate jonh tabatabai, betfair pro, just come here to Portugal to play BPPT for the 2nd time. Well, there is nothing special about that, imo, but this inside news is great. Some guy in the Hotel´s Spa decid to put a prank on him and I´m going to tell here. He was then instructed that the robe I must wear was in the locker as well as the underwear. well, the pic speak from them self.

ofcourse that was a prank...
I´ve been to a couple of Spas here in Portugal and nobody wears does things.

Try and remember who booked the Spa for you or who suggested it and you´ve got the funny guy.That was luidgi guess and I bet on it.

You can read more in my m8 blog

He still can´t belive ...

Speaking of laughing today I played everest 10K GRT and I was ITM again, but shit happends... I had my cowboys in CO and raised 3x the blinds... The BB went all in. He had around 12k and I had 16K. Well I called.
He had As 8h
and I couldn´t belive my eyes when I saw the flop 8 8 8
well I had 4k left ... nah... the conection was lost and 4min later when I was back I was out in the 15th place.
mates you got to laugh because if I dont do that I will broke other computer :)

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ruikasper disse...

tas em grande xiko ..



ruikasper disse...

tas em grande xiko



Ken Prevo disse...

Thanks for the invite to stop by. Enjoyed the trip.

Nice to see two 'great explorers' round the cape this week. Of course the other one did get the better payday. :)