domingo, 9 de novembro de 2008

DAY 2 - Main even - from 875chips to Chip leader to ...

I was in pain ( broken toe )
I was short ( with 9 min to end the 1st day I had 875 chips )
But i was playing some power poker and when I went to the casino I was thinking only one thing
I Will win or at least people will remember me
I started the day raising
and i went from my 13350 to 16000 in a short notice
then i was studing the table
EASY table except 2 guys ( the 2 on my right ).
The 2nd on my right was a very aggresive player from finland
and he was stealing ALWAYS my BB
1 time
2 times
3 time
always raising
well i didn´t had any hand what so ever and I went mad
I decided if he raised me again I would shove all in
The bastard did it again
and I shove all in with 5d 2d
probably for the 1st time the sucker had game and he called me with Ad Kd
I hit the 2 x x on the flop and other in the turn and the sucker was dead
and I went to 30k
i was fucking alive
and on my mind I was claping
the sick bastard did it again
he raise me on my BB
well this time with JJ I had no trouble to shove all in
and he folded
he knew by that time he got to respect me
and never did that again

later on
a player in utg+3 made a strange overbet
i knew him from latoja
and i had no doubth my QQ where the best hand.
Since he raise 10BB ( OMG ) i thought he wont call my all in
but i did a stage preformance
i start to trash talk with him
dont call i said
thing in your wife
child, dog, etc
he was so weak
that he said you are trying to steal this from me
and he made a call to my all in with 55
the board didn´t help him and i was with 60k
2 hands later the same player made a even stranger bet 2,2BB
I had the position Button and i had 44
i put him in AA or KK
and i decided to call to see the flop
the Sb folded
and the BB called too
the flop was 9 7 4
the BB check
he went all in
and I re-raised all in
the BB fold
he had KK
like i thought
the 4 on the river gave me the quads
and he was out
i was chip leader near the dinner time

I couldn´t belive my eyes
and i got moved to table 1
Zummy was there
kitten was there
ceaser was there
isaias was there
nanno was there
but i stayed alive till the 14 level
going from 90k to 50k and from 50 to 80k
i was playing good IMO

i got to tell you one hand in particular to explain my elimination later
I was on BB and had 88
the blinds here 3k-1.5k ante 300
the mp+2 made a raise to 8k and the Co call
i had 88 on the BB and I shove all in ( i had 60k left )
both players folded
and i show my 88
well i was playing tight like a rock
so they respect me

well with 6min to go and 7 players to ITM
i was with 85,5k and i was nº16 in chip count
and I did this mistake

I had no position - I was utg
I had a mediocre Hand - pocket 77

but I had 3 things that i knew
- i started to act
started to put the chips to make a 3bet
add more 3k
then stop
then look to other stats
then i saw to players talking
( i can read lips )
they said if I had kk I would fold
he must be fucking strong
he can´t raise with other marginal hand
he wont do that
i think he might have the aces
so my only problem could be the chip leader EZ ( he had 230k ) so i knew that if i raised he might re-raise me just to saw where he might be
so i decided to represent to KK and went all in
everyone fold
but EZ made the call
he had the stack
and his JJ hold
well the flop give me more odds
with T 9 6 but no 8
in the turn or the river
I was out
#$%#$%$#%$##$"# with my self
i should fold

well it was a good run
and A good story to tell
thx for the support
and love

2 side notes
1st I fell like i need to ask for sorry because i know alot of guys wanted to see dream " a chip and a chair " live. I could fold my 77 but i wanted to steal and thought i had a spot spot. And if i had been call by a AK AQ AJ i would won and would be with more than 160k. I promiss I would only play to win but I also know that i should fold, because for the new guys this could be and important mark to be ITM. sorry sorry sorry
my faught

2nd I SPECIAL thx to all the guys in FUTSABADO. I have no words to express my thx. but permit me to say thx to hooligato for being there since day 1. thats for friends are for.

Francisco "the truth k "Costa

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petruzzi disse...

estive a acompanhar ao longo da noite.. foi pena teres 'morrido' na praia, mas acontece... esquece e começa a pensar já nos que se seguirão. sigaaaaa

Anônimo disse...


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If this is of any interest to you then please contact me or and if not then apologies for troubling you.

Kind Regards

Mayur Patel

Caesar disse...

Bom torneio, conseguiste chegar quase até ao fim do 2º dia e não fosse aquele movimento a querer transformar uma mão razoável num bluff puro, terias chegado mais longe.

GG Abraço

Caesar disse...
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