sábado, 8 de novembro de 2008


I was felling good when the tournment started.
On my table I had a Pro from UNIBET joao barbosa ( ITM last EPT ), Mourinho ( who won the 1st solverde ), Hencus ( the grandfather of portuguese poker )from bwin, my buddy orlando pinheiro, sininho from KK and other guy i knew from la toja.
Nice table :)
I didn´t get any kind of hands so i can´t tell to much till last 4 hands of the day. I was steling and didn´t get one pocket pair.
well, i´m not telling the truth I got something ... A table ( where we put our dinks ) on my right foot. I´m in pain and I think I might have a broken toe.
well I was cool with 17k.
my last 4hands could be the begging of my dream - to win BPPT
I had AsKs and I was on the button
utg made a bet to 800 ( blinds 300-150 )
and the SB called
i raise to 2800
and after some time we went all in 16150
i was WTF
that doesn´t make any sence
he was a BAD player IMO
making raises with AToff KQoff and so
so in worst case cenario i had 6 out
with pocket KK or even with pocket AA the all in doesn´t make any sence
so I decided to run with him and make the call
I knew where I was
he show a pocket 66
i was not happy
i would prefer Ashit :)
well, nothing helped me and I was almost dead
with 850chips
with 6min left
I´m a DONK
stupid call
now i only had 1 option play some power poker
this was my last 3 hands

3 hands to go
i was SB
everyone fold till Button he limped
i went all in
BB fold
button called
AK vs his A6
i won and was with +-2,5k

2 hands to go
everyone fold the CO bet 700
I look to my cards and saw a fantastic 6h 3h
yeah all in
SB fold
BB fold
the CO called with pocket JJ
Flop 6 6 X
nothing more in the turn or river
great i´m back with +- 6000

1 hand to go
utg+1 a swedish guy raised to 800 everyone fold till me
i was Co
with pocket 55 ( my 1st pocket pair this night )
yeah i was all in
everyone folded and the guy in utg+1 made his call
with KsTs

I said " i´m felling great"

OMG i thought
but i said to him "call donw, right now i´m not felling great but i´m felling good"




right now i´m the king of the world and´the only thing that is fucking my night his the pain i have in my toe
it´s killing me he his black and hurts like hell but guys
i dont need my toe to play poker

I´m felling so confident nothing can´t hit me donw ( I´M ALIVEEEEEEEE )
IF I win this BPPT, a story could be rising here. I fell that and I want this story to happend. At least i got my modjo back

see you tomorow
Francisco "the truth K" Costa

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MdR disse...

Well, it was a pleasure to watch you comeback. You were brave, and the bold one sooner or later get the big prizes. Tomorrow can be a greaty day for you. Think positive and take care of your foot.

All the best,