terça-feira, 11 de novembro de 2008

Eastgate becomes the youngest player win wsop main event

The Danish becomes the youngest player in the history of the World Series to become the champion of the Main Event of 2008, and with that win $ 9,152,416. Professional poker with 22-year-old from Odense, Denmark, Peter beats the previous record of Phil Helmuth, which lasted 19 years.

Helmuth won with 24 years the main event in 1989. Another milestone is that this duel between Eastgate and demidov was the first heads-up level in the Main Event of the WSOP.

You can remember phill vs jonny chang final moments here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpSQTZ5TSZg&feature=related

"It's an honor to spend to hold the record for youngest champion of the main event of the World Serires," said Eastgate. "I played a very solid throughout the tournament and I am very proud of that. This puts the credibility of the young players of online poker to a new level. Thanks to sites such as PokerStars, we have become a force that must be recognized in the table."

The victory came in the Eastgate 104 th hand of heads-up with the also young, Ivan demidov. Eastgate took the opportunity to play in the tables of $ 200 / $ 400 NLHE of PokerStars, he is already one of the best players in cash games of Denmark.

Eastgate started the heads-up with an advantage of over 20 million chips to demidov -79 million to 57 million, and with hundreds of fans to watch would win the most coveted bracelet in the world of poker, a hand on it being in Button was limp and the opponent did check. The flop was Ks 3h 2d demidov did check, Eastgate bet 1.25 million and received call, to see the turn 4c.
Demidov again did check and Eastgate once again shot, this time was 2 million, demidov instead of the call made check-raise to 6 million getting the call from Danish. The river card was the 7s and demidov to immediately went all in, Eastgate did not hesitate to call.

The flop - 2d 3h Ks
the turn - 4c
The river - 7s

Both players played Great IMO. When Demirov hit the 4 in the turn he thought he had the best hand for sure with the 2nd pair and he couldn´t had a wrost card. He set the trap with the check/raise and he couldn´t put eastgate in A5. I think he must suspect Eastgate could have Kx and when the 7s hit the river he went all in and he couldn´t call him with top pair, IMO. WP demirov
In the other side Eastgate played great. The 2nd barrel was perfect. Demirov would think he was making a Cbet. The call was also wp.
when Demirov push the all in I would love to be inside Eastgate head.

The king is dead
long live the king