segunda-feira, 21 de julho de 2008

This Sunday

well this sunday started with a update in this blog. I just add here some youtube videos i think could help some of the guys that read this blog.
It´s Poker Roundtable hosted by Fulltilt @ ESPN.
Some pros just talk and give some hints about the game i hope you like it.
Then i played the 100k garantty tournment in everest.
i was doing great till the level 75-150
i was in 85 out 886 players, and almost 350 already out.
i had 3.6k and the average was 2.1k
But i was in MP with Th Tc and i bet 450
everyone folded and i got a call by the BB
the flop was good i think but not great
Jh 8h 4c
the big blind bet 450
after some thought and remember the plays he was involved and his stack ( after the bet he only had more 550 ) i decided to re raise to 1000.
he made the call
and showed a Js 4c
the turn and the river didn´t had notting special
well 2 things to considered
1st i was donw to 2.1k still on the average
2nd why can a guy who only have 1.45k can make a call to a tight player with Js 4c?
its 1/3 of his stack
well keep going
8 plays later i was on the button with As Kh and everyone just fold
and i bet again 450
the SB fold
again the BB called my bet
Ah 9h 2c
great flop i think
well i was with 1.5k because i just lost my 2 blinds ( the small and the big )plus the 450 raise in the bet
and i decided to make a below pot raise half my stack at the moment
so i bet 750
he thought for 10seconds or so
and decided to go all in
well i thougt i was comitted to the pot because i only had 750 left if i fold
the player was the bully of the table and chip leader in the table
so i thought well if he had a good hand why did he re raise it?
probably he have KQ or QJ or JK and his on strait draw
or 2 more hearts and he could be in flush draw
or probably a pair of nines or two´s
well wtf let just call the bastard
we showed Th 9s
and i was yeeeessss
well at least until the turn that show me the 9c
and it was like the spirit of phil hellmuth was on me
i was #$%#$"#$%"$"
how can this just happend
T 9??? offsuited

it was not great tournment for me i was out after 1hour and 30min
at the 435place

well its poker
i played well and i do it again

Francisco "the truth" Costa

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