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Back to Porto from la toja


Every tournment have his story and you learn someting from them. This was no different!
I went friday to la toja and the 1st thing i ask in the hotel was " did any portuguese guy arrived?". The girl in the reception ( a beautiful blond } said " not yet but orlando will arrive today".
Orlando? i thought...humm
well orlando is a well known portuguese poker player.
But the question was "will he be a cool or a cocky guy? well lets wait and see ...
i went to the bedroom to take care of my self and after me and my girlfriend decided to go to the Casino of la toja.
On the way out i asked again "did orlando arrived yet?"
This time the answer was different "yes but i think he go out."
we arrieved to the Casino and we find the poker on the top floor. There i saw orlando he was with a tshit saying orlandop on the back. He was playing a sit&go and since i couldn´t see his chips i asked in portuguese "how many chips do you have?".
He turned his back and said "the ones in the SB +1200" and went all in. For 2 seconds 2 things cross my mind:
a} shit what a fucking stupid question to ask if he is piss of now i´m in troble
b}i hope i help the guy with giving him and open with the turn of the back and the going all in ( showing he was satisfied with his 2 cards and he could turn his back to the other players talk with someone and then go all in"
He recived a call and he busted.
we started to talk and 10sec later arrived 2 players i didn´t knew, Nuno Canossa (Didascalos} and Pedro "Amial" Monteiro.
Both seemed to be to verry nice guys and after a quick chat we decied to play a sit and go.
my fist thought in that sit and go was "2 bullys on the table???"wtf... players pick the cards in the hand in front of the eyes,etc...
i thought its in the bag
but i was wrong the bullys 1st take care of Pedro but i dont remember the hand.
then after orland almost doble up and eliminated nuno this hand happend.
vilan1-raised to 300
vilan 2- went all in for 1200
orlando on the SB went all in for 4500
BB after thinking a litle bit went all in too for 2500
the vilan1 didn´´t thought too mutch and also went all in
the flop
great even if orlando lost to vilan2 he is going to take care of most of the pot
well u get the picture now
7 hands later
the bully called a all in for one short stack
short stack-Aj
bully aka vilan1 from last hand- TT
the bully start chanting saying three Ten
and the dealer start to giving him the chips and the worst part the other player was starting to get up of his chair
i could shut up because after that it was only me and more 3 guys and i probably could get ITM but
i went MAD and start shooting in every direction.
to the bully because he was a moron
to the other player because he was worst
and finally to the dealer
well after that my concentration i lost my chips.
I couldn´t be near the casino for one me second and i wasked orlando where can i eat a good parrilhada.
"A solina is the place" he said
he was a gent and was kind enought to give the directions and offered to take us there.
I was glad that i found someone like him friendly enought and with the poker know how.
we had a superb dinner and we went party with orlando, pedro, nuno and nuno´s girlfriend.


i have a hangover....
we went to the SPA of la toja ( one word GREAT } and after that we went to the hotel because the tournment was one hour away.
He arrived at casino la toja and i was surprised some big name there
pakito - professional poker player from spain
Juan Maceiras -the spaish guy that last year won the 3 bigest tournment on fulltilt
and almost the best portuguese players
zummy- the guy with more final tables in solverde
Diogo "Phounder" Veiga-aka wonder kid Sponsored by betfair
among with others well known portuguese poker players.
The tournment started
blinds 25-50
my 3rd hand AhAc
utg+1 who had lost almost 2k on last hand raised to 350.
everyone fold
i was CO
and i raised to 1000
everyone folded
5 hands later QcQs
i was UTG+1 so i decided to call the raise that the utg did 250
but i had no luck
4 calls
utg call
and i bet 800
sb fold
bb fold
utg asked me "what do you have?"
i replyed "ace high"
"let me see... top pair"
he said "AJ???"
i said"yeah something like that"
he fold and show J
and and show him QQ
it was dinner time
i was with 10.5k and the average was around 10k
then i saw orland was out damm
back to the table
i´m a verry tight player and i like to the table to respect me
but i change table 4 times
after 5 min @ my new tb i got AQ suited
everyone fold till my position
so i bet 1500
the blinds @ 600-300
i got 2 calls
diogo phounder on the CO and from quintas on the SB
quintas was the chip leader on the tb
and phounder also have 15k
with that bet i was with 7.0k
sb check
i check
phounder bet 2500
quintas fold on the small blind
well it was time to double up i thought
phounder likes to make some bluffs
and i start to thought wtf can he have
AQ?AK? no if he had that he would had raise in the CO
KQ? or made a tree of a kind with a poket pair in that case on 88 make some sence.could be but that would be sick
K shit? probably
Q shit? probably
or trying to steal the pot
well i decided to go all in
he made a instant call with KQ
i thought
still have 3 outs
was on my mind
cmon i thought
it´s over
i finish in 45th in 84 guys
i will be back

Francisco "the truth" Costa

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