sexta-feira, 18 de julho de 2008

other nice result

it was a satelite for the everest 100k tournment last sunday.
this is the most important tournment in everest with a field of 1000players.
i did it one and i dont have nothing special to talk about it
i was the buble boy for the 1st time in my life.
i finish 91th in a fiel of 986 players
i hope this time @ the end i finish at least ITM.
well at least i just garrantty the buy in via satelite
my hand on that satelite was
vilan1 @ utg+1 - call 1200
vilan2 mid position - call 1200
hero CO - Ah Kh - raise 6500
sb - 600 - fold
bb - 1200 - fold
vilan1 goes all in for 8800
vilan2 goes all in for 10100
hero call 10100

show donw
hero Ah kh
vilan1 Ac Qh
Vilan2 Ad Qs

Ks Ts 9h

i didn´t like the flop
they just pass from 2 out the 2 Q to 4 outs add the 10 and loose the Q because the Q
just give the strait


i just love this card because it was not a T lol


hero - ks kh 2h 2c Ah pot 30k + the 4.8k i still had + the ante around 1.2k

after that hand i dont remember to watch a single hand
i had 2 hands i could raise one pocket 88 @ button and one Ac Qc @ utg but whats the point?
And i say that because i cant get why people with a healthy stack just push it?
i remember a guy that finish @ 7th with 3$ started the final table in second with
arund 41k of chips. cmon...
i know u may think bad beat
well i tell you not a single one
he just bet or re-raise
trying to push it
be smart
and manage or chips in a tournment like this
because the 6th place gives the same shit that the 1st and you dont want to finish 7th

cya sunday
Francisco " the truth " Costa

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