terça-feira, 29 de julho de 2008

nothing mutch

to say

yesterday i played a BPPT satelite but i finish mid table 22 out 44 on betfair
and i played the 10k grt in everest. Even finish ITM i only won small amount.
its was a big field and after i just grt the money i played verry agressive. when i was on the button after everyone folded i bet 3x the pot i dont remember the blinds but i think it was 800-400 or so. i got a call. i had AQsuitted and i had a fantastic flop As Qs 7c i just made a small bet 1/2 the pot and the other guy just went all in. well i couldn´t understand... AA? no... QQ? nah 77 crazy but could be
but i put him on Ashit or even in flush draw.
i was wrong the guy was stupid he had KK
well maybe not because on the river the got that luck K
and it was over
i finish 90´shit over 1000´s nice but not for me

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