terça-feira, 15 de julho de 2008


Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
i can´t remember other word. Yesterday i was playing 7.5k garantty in everest with a field of 254 players with top 20 getting paid.
i was in the 5th position with 27 players left....
And i get involved with a short stack player
i said out and clear to me "vamos" a portuguese word that means go
and i give a litle knock on the computer
and it was the last thing he did
he frezzzzz out
and got blocked
since if you cant get on in everest u lose your spot
so i lost the oportunity to get a big prize because if i won that pot (and i was with flush draw, strait draw and high pair.) i was going to jump to the 2nd place with 26 players left.
at lest i would get 11-20 and i would get 150$
so fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
í didn´t got nothing and i lost my computer
if that happends to you call a poker friend and ask him to play for you
thats the best conclusion of this story
and i only get to that when i was talking to some friends of mine and they both said that

take care
francisco " the truth " Costa

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