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Lunch break

I was @ my lunch break time and i decided to play some poker i was with no hungry so i decided to play some cash game.

normally i play 0,5-1$ NL starting with 100$
but i like to play 2-4$NL or 5-10$ even with no bankrool to play that kind of tables
i know i have the skills to play them.
You might ask : " who dont have the money? but i saw you win some nice prizes..."

yeah that is correct but i cash out most of times and i dont like to have more than
1.5k in my bankrool

Plenty has been written about bankroll requirements. This is what i think
Game NL-----you need to have in your bankrool
$0.05/$0.10 = $50
$0.10/$0.25 = $187.50
$0.25/$0.50 = $500
$0.50/$1 = $1.5k
$1/$2 = $4k
$2/$4 = $10k
$3/$6 = $18k
$4/$8 = $28k
$5/$10 = $40k
$10/$20 = $90k
$25/$50 = $250k
$50/$100 = $550k
$100/$200 = $1.2m
$200/$400 = $2.6m

well i look over my bankrool and whatched that i had 1.525,75k left
but decided to go to $1-2$ table and play 25,75$
i know you can loled @ it but i was playing agressive and the size of the pot is ALWAYS the most important factor when making poker decisions. ALWAYS. I decided to Double up or lost 25$ since i was going to be fucking agressive i just need one Doble to be working shit.

Only going to talk about the most important hands
remember it was 1-2NL, in a short table 6players( because i think it would be better than a normal 10 to go all in at the begging of the tb getting 1 call ) i join the tb with 25$ and i was going to play tight agressive

Hand 1
After just folded all my hands for 1 round i was again in the BB
with a nice hand to win some $
2h 7h
i had took some notes about the players and i watch the action
bigshoot the bully of this table he just bet/raise 5 out 7 times
made a small raise
and i decided to call
in the flop
well i just go one pair and since i put him in A_low_kicker or 2 over cards i decided
to go all in with my pair
he thought for 10sec or so almost till the limit and decided to call
( @ this time i knew i was in front if he had something he just had made a instant call. this is why i dont mind to start with low $$$ because i can make this "stupid" all in dont care about if i lose or win - ofcourse i like to win but i think you can get the picture )
he show a As 9c
damm he had tons of outs
3 A + 3 nine´s + 4 jacks + 4 six´s= total 14 outs
wow i was in trouble

he just call me a maniac and said he predict i will lost all my money
i just loled @ him and start to give hints that i was a noob
saying "i read that once Doyle B. won something with 27 offsuited i had 27 suitted so its better", and my best was "every 2 cards can win".

i can say that better than the 44$ pot is my image @ the tb, now everyone there thinks i was a maniac and i would try to get the best
of it

hand #2
i round later and nothing really special and i was again in the BB
now with Ac 9d
not a great hand but in this kind of table ( 6 guys could have some value and in this tb right now there here only 4 guys )
with 4 guys i will call position 0 the UTG and position 1 the button but ofcouse doesn´t have the same value than in a 10 player game
UTG just call the 2$
button fold
SB call the 2$
BB ( hero ) raise it $6

they both called
that was the good thing about HAND#1 (i´m a naniac) and none give a shit at my poker skills. i knew i was in front at this time and both just called because of hand #1

Ah Qh 9c

wow i dont need poker skills to play this
if they had AA QQ AQ they wouldn´t had just call $2 even call the raise for $6
but they could had 99 that i dont belive because i would be sick i had the other. 2 hearts? hummm lets be agressive and find out. Since the 2 other guys had about 190-200$ and i was view in the tb like a maniac i decided if the SB didn´t bet i would go all in.

the SB check
BB??? ofcouse all in
utg instant call
SB fold

utg show As 8d
i was smilling
i just net again and since A9 offsuitted is not that kind of hand the naniac thing was still alive



and i won
now i had 93$

hand #3
two new players just enter the tb
to short stack like me in the begginig
i give some kind of respect to them because they come here to Double up and normally will bet or go all in only with good % to win the pot and people with lot of money think´s that they should play because "its only more $20 or $30" nothing could be more wrong

with 5 players now
i will put this names UTG MP B SB BB
i was on B with Ah Qs

the MP raises to 7$
botton ( hero ) call
SB fold
BB call

well the flop was
8c 8s Qc

the SB check
the MP just hit the fan with a raise of $22
i thought for a while
why would he do that?
he was a litle loose but a solid player like to see the flop
and i knew for sure he had something but when he had something he normally makes a
bellow average pot like 12-15$ bet
so i put him in a lower pair or flush draw
and i decided to ask
"hey we are playing pot limit?"
he jumped "zzzzzzzz"
i normally if you have a hand you want people to call so you dont say nothing
saying that the "zzzz" i notice he wanted me to think he was strong saying something like cmon play so i decided to raise his bet to $66 i had top pair top kicker and i knew if he had just hit something he would not raise the pot
when i shoot the $66 i thought damm only if he thought really i was a maniac and would call that or even wrost re-raise it :)
SB fold
he call

@ that point i knew his hand
i was with 3,75 behind
why didn´t he make a re raise of more 3,75
@ that point i knew he was on flush draw

so i didn´t want no c

lets bet my last 3,75


wow i just hit a full house
great now i was with 203,50 and didn´t thought for 1 second to leave the tb that a commun mistake ppl normally do

hand #4
nothing special till here i just lost some pots but nothing big
i was with 190$ or so and we had a new player @ the tb and one of the short stack guys just Double up thx to the bully

well right now we had Utg Mp Co B SB BB
and i was on the BB
i just got the dream of every poker player except orlando´s
Ah As
i got 3 calls and i decided to bet 8
4x the big blind i knew i could do that because of my image and i probably get a call
45 hands later i still had no respect @ my blinds

i got a call by the short stack that just Du on last play

5h Kd 6s

i bet the pot
he made the call
i thought i got you you have the K


i bet the pot again
he was on all in

he showed a Ks 8c

i thought
don´t give the fucking bastard a 8
well poker gods where good to me

and the river show

now i was with 255,70

hand #5
this is what you shouldn´t NEVER do
5 players
i was on utg+1 and i decided to raise with 2s 3s to 4$
the bottom call it
both SB and BB just fold it

3d Td 9h

i check
and the bottom just bet 11$
i had decided to play this hand since i make that bet in the begging
everyone just thought of myself like a guy that can have everything and i just fell the table start to respect me
so i decided to see if he was strong with that hand
and i bet more $11
i decided to go small
to represent that i wanted him to call
to represent one hand
if i had one re-re-raise
ofcouse i would let the pot go
but he after thinking for a some moments decided to call


lets see if that bet result
i didn´t want to bet
lets imangine that he had two dimonds in his hand
if he dont had the Ahigh flush after my bet he would not bet if i check because i could go all in
he he had 1 pair or strait draw he would not bet either

so i check
and so did he


other 2 or 3 would be great but i think he thought i had the flush draw higher than him or a better hand than him
so i dicided to check again after thinking for 3-5sec because i wanted him to thought i was slow playing

he check

he show 7c 8c
and i won the hand
he was madddddddddddd
and left the tb

now i was with 290$

my last hand
i dicided that i must go
and i was getting close to my blind
and i got 6h 6s
hummm wtf
lets play

i was utg+1
and i decided just to call
other 4players were in there to see the flop
6d Td 3h
great flop
sb check
bb check
i bet 5$
and got 2 calls


the Sb just bet his last 17$
like i said before i give some credit and i put him with Tshit for the TTT and hopefully not with a T3 or T6
so the problem was the other player on my left
well he probably could be on the flush draw
( i make one mistake i just call when i think i should re raise his bet because i would want him to think that i only want to play with the short stack guy make him to go all in or so but i decided to call to give him a chance to get the flush)
he fold

the short stack just show Tc 8s
and the river did not help him

giving me the win with the Jd
finish my luck breack with 316,85

francisco " the truth " Costa

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