quinta-feira, 31 de julho de 2008

i´m in BPPT stage 2

for 10 min i couldn´t get in the portuguese BPPT satelite so i decided to enter the satelite to all players. And i did it i finish 1st and i get my seat to saturday.
i´m going to try to finish in top 3 because i really want a seat in BPPT and since i dont get a sponsership yet if i couldnt get the seat i´m going to pay 550€+50 the buy in. one thing i know i will be threre period. Because i got trafic in the way home i couldnt record the match. well wait for saturday i promiss.

have fun
and remember
"if you want to win u couldn´t get afraid to lose"
play agressive
loose or tight
i prefer a more loose in the beggining to raise my chips and after i x2,5 or more i start to play more tight
i really think that is the best option to win a tournment
People normally play alot tight in the begging and then get a bad beat and start to make stupid moves. i dont care about bad beats ... i dont even want to listen to them
they happend to everyone
they will happend to you more and more because if you get afraid play chess or other game
remember that because poker is like life
sometimes its not fair
but at the end the best hand wins
so want you want to do its to make the right moves and dont put all your chips in a coin flip
AQoff AJoff AToff and mid pairs are stupid to go all in
unless you already get a good picture of the other players
i undertand all in moves at mid stage of the tournment not in the beggining

well i´m going to rest now because i´m tired
it was a hell of a day
and the gym just kill me
i´m off
francisco "the truth" Costa

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