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i just won again a pack to play next sunday the 100k garanty.
it was a satelite 3+0.3$ with R in the 1st hour and 1 add on ( op )
i will post all my tournment hands ( only the big ones ) and hands from other players in a total of 20 hands.
i will talk about what is ok and what is not
and satelite rebuy strategie
but right now i´m going to the gym
i need to relax!!!

just spend the last hour copy past the 20 hands for you bastards. :)
well you deserv it

cya in 3hours


1st of all Strategy Satelite with Rebuys

---- why people don´t play this even more tight than normal ? ------

i can´t explain that
In this kind of tournments the fish normaly play this tournment too damm loose
they want to see the flop
they dont mind to lose the chips because they can rebuy and its cheap
and they will re raise your hands with nothing

my ADVICE play even more tight choose top pair or AK AQ to play be patience
because the blinds start at 5-10
if you are in UTG, UTG+1 or UTG+2 and you get this kind of hand make only the call of the BB i garanty at least one guy will make a bet after that you go all in and i bet there is a 3/4 chance you get a call to your all in
if you are mid position do the same thing but the chance to get raised is only 1/2
if you are mid position and the hand already been raised re raise it hard dont do 3BB make it hard at least 300-400 raise
if you are CO or button make a big raise or go all in deppending of the nº of calls or call raise

well you can say

But i can lose with top pair or with top cards

yes sure but this is a rebuy tournment and i dont want you to rebuy to mutch
accidents could happend
but you want to avoid them

in statelites rebuy tournments
you should make only 1 rebuy
in this one i only made 1 rebuy because i lost when i didn´t follow my rule and decided to went all with a pair mid pair... WRONG ...Mistake onle TOP PAIRS or AK AQ
but with 44 players entering the game we got a total of 85 rebuys
this is just MAD
i bet some guys just rebuy 3 or 4 times that is arond 9,90$ or 13,20$
why dont they play $11 satelite then?
make one rebuy

the add on
do it only if( your stack + the add on ) x 2 = to one of the seats that gives the pack
why you want to Double up

this is making sence? ok

Rebuys tournment in the 1st hour are NOT poker tournments
you will think to your seft
"this is not poker"

lets give exemples
the best one´s are the hands i played

hand 1 to 6 in the 1st hour
hand 7 to 20 after the rebuys when you start to play your poker

in a case like you are going to watch
final 5 guys
take notice to one thing
if you are chip leader or so relax dont get envolved even with a monster sometimes
you lose and you will get cold feet
even i sometimes make this kind of mistakes
there are always one guy that thinks its a sure thing and its not
if you are short take advantage
raise with position
you got to risk it
but dont be crazy
i will talk later on when i talk about the hands

lets go


i got QQ
and there was 3 guys betting 60
i was with 995
dont had a problem to went all in
did i get a call
why simple
people dont care if they are with 2-4k
lets risk it
or A2-9 i have one ace

i Double up

you say but:
if nobody called? i just had won 240$
if someone got A or K high and it its the flop,turn or river? then rebuy
but you want less players playing the hand giving you more chances to win
do you think a guy with TJsuitted or other suitted 2 cards or low pair wouldn´t call a re raise 60 to 180 or even 240? in a rebuy tournment givin you less chances to win...


Hand 2

like i said before only go all in with top pair or AK AQ
be tight
be agressive
WITH KK i hit the wall

i rebuy

Hand 3

didn´t wait to mutch time only 2 hands latter
i had Kc Th i like alot this hand
since this was not a top hand
i decided because MP i make a raise to 350
and i got 4 calls
blinds where 100-50
the flop was great Ts 4 s Td

but what would you say about this
SB bet 300
BB raise all in 1560
then come to my position
my thoughts were
how many T?
ok joking
the 1st one was bluffing or maybe with one pocket pair
the 2nd with AT? no ofcouse not if he had that he would went all in before
he was a maniac
maybe only have 4 or a pocket pair
call all in
the other folded
and the SB do the same

when he showed 77 i was not surprised
i just won a 3k pot
keep tight and will try to Dup again before the break

Hand 4
i got other mid pair 88
even so i decided to raise it to 300 to get at least one of the two guys out of the pot
but both made the call

on the flop i saw the 8d q 7
but the SB bet 150 i decided to call the same did the other guy

turn 3d

it was the 2nd dimond so you never know
and since the SB check
i bet 1k
in a 1350pot
both players folded

Hand 5

nothing special to add
i saw one opening
the short stack of the tb
i raise 350
he called with 64
he was on the Button

couldn´t you wait?
200-250 is the kind of stack you will call
imagine there is 3 call
if you won
its 600-750 and you are back
unless you grabb a miracle and won with 6high

i won and well played

and i only played big this 6 hands
did i made the add on?
with the add on i would be with 5k the 2nd player on the board had 10k
i was 1 Dup way


all the action happend pre flop
utg made a call
i was mp with AJ raise 1800
everyone fold a buttom made all in for 5k
i didn´t though to mutch he was a bully
so i didn´t put him better than me
and i was right

he had 55
a J on the flop
and i won

Hand 7
a short stack when all in
i had AK suited easy call
he had A7 off
7 on the flop
7 on the river

its poker

Hand 8

was the hand of the tournment for me
i was trying to steal
because we were 600-300 75
so the pot already more 1k
i was with 7.5 or so
so i decided to go all in
i go 2 calls
one from a 66 dumb for almost 8k cmon
and other from a AK guy
on the flop i saw the K and i was saying goodbye
but on the river
i got my 4
won the pot and was chip leader by this time with more 20k

i asked for sorry

Hand 9

i was BB and i got 2 calls
i decided to check with 87suitted dimonds

9d 7x 2x

i bet 3k
one check the other player fold

turn Jd

great now i´m flush draw

i bet 9k and he call all in with 3.9k

he showed 22

river 4d

moral of the story



i was not inthis hand
hidalgos was and played well nice read
the other player
was the kind of guy that ouldn´t let go a top pair
hidalgo knew that too

Hand 11

i was not in this had too
but you can see a normal mistake
people like to do
why in hell do you call a all in of a player that is not in trouble situation
( trouble situation is when the blinds are comming ) this player was on the Bottom
for sure he had a goood hand
bad call by Apikassa

hand 12

what can i say
i got AA
the other got KK
i´m not my buddy orlando
i won
big pot here 60k and chip leader by far

hand 13
agaisnt the same guy hand 12
but now i had AK vs AA
he won and i knew by then he was not orlando´s new nick name

hand 14
i was on BB with 58,5k
the UTG bet 3,5k and he was the short stack with 13.5k
i look at my cards and saw A6off
since there are only 5 players i decided to call the raise
Ad 6d 8c
great this will be finish soon
i bet small 1.2k
and he went all win
with 11k i called
he showed 7d 7x

turn 10d
river 8d

he just hit the flush
he automatic asked for sorry
i replyed "its poker" loled at the play

moral of the story
why with 2x more the 2nd player did i call to see the flop
with A6off?

it was not my war
u could say cmon
you would be left with +-44k but ... why? if i could be with 58k?
if this was not this kind of tournment ok sure
i wanted to play for 1st prize but finish 4th or 1st in this tournment was the same shit
bad play bye me
let the others do the dirty work

Hand 15

pama was the chip leader by then with 44k
and dicided to make the same mistake i did
i was strong but should a AQsuitted deserv to call all in 21k?
later this money will make the difference in his stack because he finnish on 5th place
thx good my brain was good at the time and i folded A6

Hand 16

this was a great read by me
Apikassa made a small raise 6k
i had JJ
well i put him on AK for sure
i decided to call
if a ace come into the flop
i would fold and be with 20k left
if not i would be all in

no ace on the flop
i raise the pot
he fold
now only with 13k
and show all AK

and i was back with 36k
and now with my eyes open because hand 14

Hand 17

this hand is only to prove zawoot know that doesn´t need to push it

hand 18
hidalgo making the same mistake
i did
and pama did
dont do that

Hand 19
my mistake part 2
but now is different he only had 9k
and even if i lost it
i would be 26,5 that what i think
and i had JJ
but i should have thought
if he won he would be with 21k near me
near everyone
he had kq
on the flop i saw the 1st k
on the river the 2nd

2h 55m 30sec
pama decided to push it but after the flop
hidalgo had top pair
he hit 2nd top pair on the turn
hidalgo push it all in
easy call


see you guys next sunday
for the 100k garanty
i hope you guys get 2nd 3rd and 4th

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