quarta-feira, 23 de julho de 2008


everyting went wrong :(

i started the day with 1611$ after a buy out of 200$

1st i played 3 tournments

the 1st was a multi table buy in 11$+1 satelite for italian LIVE tour
with 55 guys and 5 packs i finish 7th
i was on UTG blinds 800-400 ante 75
i had 7425
i raise 1800
and i got 2 calls
the SB and BB

Kh Tc 3s

i was with KK
both SB and BB check
there was 5575pot
and since i only had 5625
and i made a push with half my stack
so i bet 2825
sb fold
BB who was also chip leader went all in
i check
showing Kd kc
he Showed As Ah

turn Th

river Ac

i didn´t say 1 word
i tryed to phone my friend Orlando´s but say if i was playing agaisnt you i would have won but he didn´t answer.

Then i started to play a 3.5k garanty with 30+3$ buy in
i was chip leader after the 1st hour
and i was owning the table
then someting strage happend
i was distracted because the other tournment i was starting to play just had started
so i was puting the 2 windonws together and i was going to fold the 39off in the other tournment
the windonw changed and i resaised all in in this tournment everyone fold till the guy that just had bet
he was the 3rd in stack
with +-1200 less than me
he asked wtf do you have
i didn´t reply
i was hopping that he folded because i had T2off
and it was a big raise almost 40bb
well he checked with AA
the stranget thing was he won with a flush
and i went on tilt with my 1200
when the average was around 3000
i made one mistake
but i was so mad that i couldn´t think being 1st and went donw like this was too mutch at least for me because it was not my call
it was the Fucking windonw
then in the tournment a alaways play at 20:00 portuguse time
the 11$+1 10k garantty
i was so mad that i said to my self
i´m going to push somebody to go all in in a coin flip
i hate that and who knows me know i´m not like this
so i get a 88
and since i was in UTG+1 i decided to bet 50 because we where on the 5th hand of the game and saw one guy in Bottom already short stacked with 190 and hoped that he went all in
what hapend i got a call from a player in MP
and he went all in
the SB fold
the BB called
and i went all in
the MP fold
and the BB called

the Bottom had TJsuited
the BB had AQsuitted
a A on the flop put a end to my misery

with a loss of 57$ i went dinner
and i came back decided to make some $$ in cash games
i was with 1554$ left and i decided to go
play some 1-2$ NL
i join a tb with 54$
my 1st hand
i had ATsuited_spades
and i call the button raise for 7$
the folp Ah 6s 9s
i raise to pot limit 15$
and he raised all in
he was the short stack
so i paid more 22$
i show AcTc
he showed As 6c
so i was with 10$left

damm i was preparing to add 100$ but i was not fast enought
and i saw in the SB QJoff
everyone fold till me and i went all in 10$
representing a tilt
the BB call me
he showed JToff

i thought
i´m bac....and the flop show a T ...
and for the 2nd time this week
phills spirt went to my body


now i was with 1500
what should i do
CORRECT ANSWER-STOP you are near tilt
go to MSN and talk

i found in MSN other poker player
i talked and i tell him the storys he loled
and we talk about poker starts tournment
and i decided when i was talking with him to play a STG

i join 100$ 6players STG expecting to win the 1st prize
and then i saw other portuguese player
Zecarioca aka jackdaniels

jackdaniels is a wellknowed player in portugal
he just had a great 7Stage in the portuguese tour
he finish in 22º
well at least it wasn´t the 21º aka buble

he give me his email but i forgot to copy
jack if you read this
plz give me you email back

i started great the SNG
1 knock out the 1st guy and i was chip leader with 1700 or so
then other player was out
and i was a litle donw to around 1500 or so
i was playing different
no tight
no agressive
i was loose
i was passive
i wanted to see as many flops i can
and then make the correct call
then i knock out jack
i was litle sad but he was the most tight and agressive player on that table
i was SB and i call
i had JJ
it was 30min or so in the game
so i just make the call
sence he was short stack he tryed to steal
and went all in
i said "shit man nooooooooo"
and i called
i was not affraid
i didn´t wanted to knock him out
he showed J9
and nothing to add here

then i was with 2 other guys and i was the chip leader again
with 3100chips

nothing special to add
and i was still talking with fabio
but i was distracted again
and i make a call to a raise of 700
well at least i had A4
with only3 players
u never know
the flop
K J 7
since he had only 600 more
i decided to make a small raise resprenting the K
so i bet 300
he thought
and went all in for more 300
i called
he showed A8

A8 cmon
with that flop
after calling a 700 raise??
well i went donw to 1000 after some shit hand
then i decided to get agressive
and went all in
and try to steal the blinds
and i went up to 1600

then i had the hand of this stg to me

i notice a player that when he was on the BB and i on the SB
when i call
he always raise it
so i recive
a Fantastic AA
and since he was with a stack near mine
i dicided to just call
the 200
i forgot to say that the Bottom just folded his hand
and the BB like always raise it to 600
well i called
in the flop Q J 8
he went all in
i called
he showed QJ damm i´m going to be the BBoy i thought
but in the turn i saw a 8
and i DU

the other player was the to easy
to win
even with 3100 vs 2900 or so
he was to tight
waitting for a hand
folding everithing till
he had 1500 or so
when he went all in with A2
well i had AQoff it was a easy call
and i won the tournment
with a final prize of 420$
see that i was so fucking loose
i saw more than 40% of the total hands
and at the end i was agressive
se the re-raise
the big % of call was in the beggining / mid tournment
when i was playing loose passive
then i changed to loose agreesive
one other thing
this 6 player SNG was played in 1h and 26min 9sec

and i finish the day with +310$

Francisco "the truth" Costa

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