terça-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2008


the estoril main event was poor tournment. And you got to ask me why?
1st- there was no lottery to the seats. I was WTF when I saw main seat was in order of registation. That is sick there here table with 5 friends, 2 brothers, father and son or wife and husband. I know you can get the pic.
2nd- the dont respect the players - at 20:00 the start a show with loud music and shit
3rd-the dealers are so poor and take to much time. we need 30min to have one orbit omg
´sick sick sick

In my table I had 3 guys I knew ... wclan, phounder a betfair pro and the father of hencus one of my best poker friends. And 6 donks.
On the 2nd hour I got my AA.
utg limp ( with KK just to see the sick table I was )
utg+2 limp
and I mid position raise it to 575
everyone fold till SB that raised to 2000
utg call
and I call
I could raise to 5k but I was puting both in AK or AK ( sb ) and the utg with a pair so I decided to only call
the flop was great
sb opend with a bet to 2000
utg call
and I went all in
sb call with QJ (LOL)
and utg fold and show the KK
turn was a 2 and river other 2
and I moved to 21k and I was the chip leader
3 hands later I got envolved with my friend wclan
tell me plz what was my mistake ( I know )
he bet utg+2 to 550
everyone fold till me I was CO and I call with AsQs
the others players fold
I knew He was a tigh player so to open bet without position he should have some kind of hand AK - TT - JJ or QQ . I was pretty sure he didn´t had KK or AA because he wouldn´t make this kind of overbet ( blinds 100 - 50 ).
I hated the flop
6s 7h 9c
he bet 750
and I call
he check
and I bet 2000
he thought for a wile then I decided to call
river 5c
he check and I bet 3000
after 8min and some questions I didn´t ansewr it he decided to call
with JJ

well I could had a Set, the 7, 2pair ... wtf he knows I´m loose with position to call his raise with 87 or 98 or something...
but he said he called because he knew I could do that with nothing
sick don´t you agree
and I went to 15k

well other thing I hatted
my table
6-7 limp call per hand
if someone raise no problem 4-5 calls

Since I´m aggressive I hate station call
so I change my style to tight rock ( and I hate to be like this - and in this tournment I didn´t caught premiums except the AA ) and waitting for the blinds to raise.

phounder was out and to his place other betfair pro, Tomé moreira, my room mate in estoril (LOL).
He was wtf when he saw the calling station table

I going to tell one hand
you guys will see the sick table I was
blinds 300-150
utg limp
utg+1 limp
I limp with KQ
tome limps
mp+2 limps
B limps
SB call
BB check


everyone check

turn K

utg bets 1000
everyone fold till BB that raises to 2000
utg re-raises to 30000????
BB calls (he only had 28000)

can someone explain the raise re-raise ??? or the hands???
I´m going to tell
utg had AJ
BB had AA

AA??!?!?!?!?checks with 7 limpers , blinds 300 -150 ???



well nothing special happend till the end of the day and I finish with 16k
then other strange thing happend
I saw he would not change seat and be at the same table
that was sick
I wanted to change meh
only in estoril

day 2
I started the day great
raising and re-raising pot and went to 20k
then something happend
I got AhKh and 2 guys limped before me
I raise to 2700
and one guy re-raise me to 7k
everyone fold and I asked how much he had left
he said 4k
I laught and put him in QQ or better
well since I had AK i thought he probably had QQ and moved all in
he instant call with AA
biggggggg mistake for me
I tought it was a race a I was wrong I should fold and wait for a better spot
then with 7k left
I got QcJc in CO everyone fold till me and I moved all in
SB went all in
and BB went all in
they show
SB 88
I was alive
well not for much time
and I was out

then I decided to play some SNG 50€+5€

and I did great
I finish all ITM
One 1st place and two 2nd places with 400€ profit

then I went to plan B party and wake up in the next day with ... wait I didn´t wake up because I didn´t went to bed..lolol

on sunday I play Sunday Millions and the guinnes tournment on PKS
I finish ITM in the guiness and and out of the money in SM when I went all in after this flop QJJ with QQ and hit against a pocket pair of JJ.

well I hope next year I could win more races and have less collers

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