sexta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2008

I´m leaving right now to ESTORIL MAIN EVENT

yeap I´m leaving to estoril to play the main event today.
It´s 14:00 and I need to be with canossa @ Velasques a well knowend coffe in porto to leave to estoril.
It´s more than 350km ...
LET´s goooooo

I write when I arrive if I can because the Main EVENT starts today @ 20:00.

It´s the last tournment of the year and I´m felling good...

I promiss I will play very aggressive so 2 things could Happend
- I leave on the 1st day
- I will finish the 1st day with alot more than the average stack

I really don´t care less because if I´m out I will party thats my plan B and Estoril is great to party but I´m with good vibes and I fell I will make ITM at least. that´s too cocky but thats me ...


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