terça-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2008

The curse is off - Copa FutPoker

well, yesterday I played for the 1st time ever the "Copa FutPoker". The "Copa Futpoker" is a tournment that runs every monday, around 23:50 on Bwin, betsson, whatever got to be ongame room.

Its a groop of portuguese poker players. I was damm aggressive even when I had no cards at all... ofcouse that I made some mistakes...ofcouse I had some luck.... but in the HU I made 0 mistakes. I even got my badbeat in the midle :) but in the end I won and that is the most important

if ou want to watch my game you can download here


its less than 15min download but you can see me playing.
Its without my voice
so I can´t explain why I did this or that but if you download the video we can discuss on msn the plays
sometime I dont play my cards I play the player
I did that with truzzi - once or twice, well maybe more but you will check on the video...
I did that with nanda - She´s a Damm good player IMO, tight aggressive... so I took advantage of that because I had position over her.
I did that with rugby - because I knew he never won a copa in 30 editions. So he wouldn´t be aggressive.

well watch the video
have fun
and if you had something to ask me
join me on msn
fraanciiscoo@ hotmail . com

2 comentários:

The commander disse...

wp sir

I watch the hole thing. Great moves imo! Even when you lost chips you didn´t lost much time to gain them ...
Nice image @ the table, imo.

once again nice video
i will try to chat with you on MSN
thx for giving your email to explain your moves

do you I got to pay fot coaching?

Mark disse...


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