domingo, 21 de dezembro de 2008

A rookie mistake

normally people limp with this kind of hands.
the 1st mistake is in 1st stages I normally like to look at the players and at the table to get information from them.
this is the 1st play but lets look at the play
this guy limps with 89off
and the flop comes
with 6 limpers pre flop the SB makes a stupid bet 30. the BB folds and the 1st limper make a silly raise to 60 well right now the guy we are looking at should know he is behind but he decided to call.
for me this is his 2nd mistake
because if someone decided to make a raise he was going to lose his chips because he can´t call.
Since nobody wanted to raise we went to see the turn with 3 more guys
nice now we had 2 pairs
but theres a str posibiity and other range of hands that could kill you
the SB now cheks
the guy that mini raises to 60 now makes a raise to 120
the guy we are looking at only had makes in my opinion other mistake ( the normal " i´m raising to see where I´m "), the other 2 fold and the 1st raiser went all in.
Now he only had one option imo FOLD because the 1st mini raise could be with a open hand str QJ or he could had A8 but he decided to call and see the str.
thx GOD nothing help him on the river
because when you make so many mistakes playing a hand you should lose,imo.

EDITED : I just saw the video is to large to my blog you can look the video in this link

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