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Mega Report from This weekend Main Even

What a weekend . . .


In the 1st day, friday the 5th of dezember, we had a Super Satélite for the Main Event. I already had my ticket but I knew alot of guys didn´t had money to play the main event so I decided to play it... I love the community and I love to play poker. So I decided to enter.

To say the truth I don´t remember much ( LOLOL ) I´m still a litle bit dizzy from this weekend but I remember the Hand that sent me to the shower. A typical Bad beat ... TT vs 99 pre- flop actiton and the 9 on the River... Sickkkkkkkk
well the TT and me this weekend ... you will see later why


Well, for me it was the 3:23 hours of the main even :s because sometimes you need to control yourself and since I was the aggressor of the table aka bully I was expecting this from the beggining, IMO, but I only realized that later...

I started great, only why 2 moves bet/raise or fold that was the away I dicided to play the 1st day I wanted to finish the day chip leader but I was out almost the same thing when you played to win, meh.

I was the 2nd chip leader @ my table with 18,5k with other guy that had 100 more chips than me.
Then Something Happend
well played ? bad played ?
when you look on papper its bbbbbbbaaaaaaaaad played ... if you where at the table I don´t think so. I´m going to try to explain why...
The villain was utg and raised to 600 a mini bet like HE was doing all night with and without position with or without some kind of hand. He folded some time ( more than half 3/5 of the time ) and re-raised the others ( 2/5 of the time )...
so with pocket TT in CO I decided to raise to 2100.
everyone folded and he called
not strange ... he already did that 3 times
once with Aks other two with AJoff
so I knew his range of hands
He didn´t knew my range because in the Button or Co ... :)
the flop was not fantastic but it was not terrific either
one over card
Kx 9x 2x
he bets 3700
well my only mistake here I instant call because I thought he said 2700 and I put that on the table.
the dealer then said it was 3,700 and not 2,700
well I said ok I was listen to music
the action after that well
turn 2x
he checks
and I moved all in
he tought for 5 min and he called
with top pair top kicked and I was out
It was a bad bad move
but I dont regret that
Later on we had the delivery of the season prizes on the Dinner... I didn´t win none ... RIGGED ...LOLOL . joking ...congrats to all guys that won something

Latter that day I decided to play a SIT N GO with some friends @ the casino. Thx to mark from betfair we get a dealer and a table and lets play a 110$ SNG.
we had 3 british guys, my friend Wclass from online was one of them, canossa, vitor, oversleep and katerina, mark and his wife... LETS Play
what are the odds?
1 hand poker
not it was not for me :)
2nd pocket AA to one guy
4th the same

and with 1500 per person we get the final 4 guy really fast and we were fighting for the buble
oversleep had 4/10 of the chips
vitor had 3/10 of the chips
HERO had 1,7/10 of the chips
katerina had 1,3/10 of the chips
so I decided to call kat with my KT of cubs
well she had AToff but I was domined till the River when the K shows up
sorry KAT
But its always like this you win some you lose some and I give my chips to her boyfriend over :s
I dont remember right but i think it was a bad beat

Sunday, 7th Dezember

with nothing to do I watch the main event and I supported my friends in there.
GG holligato, tacuara, jocandeias, canossa, speed, well, I will stop here and talk about the final table later.

SO i decided to enter the 1st ever omaha PL event played in portugal.
My IQ in PLO is wrost than one monkey in maths olimpics :s
I played tight and expected for the nutts
in a very aggressive table with 7,000k starting chips
well for me was 6,775 because I thought the tournment would start 30 min latter ( Donk )
when the blinds were 300 - 150 I had the hand that destroyed my tournment
I was in the button and I called someone raise with
As Ks 7h Th

the flop was

Qs 7s 7c

the SB check
the BB check
the inicial raiser check
and I made a 1/2 pot bet

SB and BB folded the inicial raiser resaise me with pot bet
well i instant re-raise him all in and he called

he had 7d qh qc 2s

Well, what can I say I was dead and I dont know shit, at least I´m a non beliver :S


I decided to play the last side tournment
with a field of more than 350 guys I made the final table
but right now I need to go to work there is to manny thing to talk
alot of videos to download
and alot of photos to put in here so I will do it latter when I get back to my place
right now I will leave you only with the final table photo

see you guys in 8hours

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