quinta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2008

lets comment some hands - lesson 1

I´m starting looking at hands and giving my 2 cents

In this tournment FARHA already double Up in the 1st hand of the tournment and in the 3rd hand this happend.

Some guy @ CO raises to 1000 when the blinds here 25-50 ( he had rockets ) Sammy in the SB smiles and decide to make the call with pocket 33. now lets talk about both this 2 moves pre-flop.

1st the utg guy is a donk period... 20BB raise ??? is this for real?
2nd you probbly think Sammy call is also stupid! yeah by the books sure but lets think
-FARHA smiled why ? he just take the pic of the guy...lovely donk
-Farha knew he had something premium AA or KK nothing less
-Farha is a gambler and he knew for someone that hits trip AA or KK pocket 33 can easily fold but in the other hand someone who hits trip 3 ...
-Farha knew he had very good implied odds
-And dont forget the most important thing Farha just double up 2 hands ago and since he is a gambler he was just risking 1k to win all the money his opponent have.

Thats why I respect the call ... well I´m also a gambler, I´m also very loose but I´m expecting some tight players to come here and say this is just bad poker all round with a silly bet and a stupid 8-1 odds to see 5 cards

The flop has great for Farha
he just hit the set
6d 3c 7h

Sammy ofcourse checks
and the donk AGAIN makes a stupid overbet 6k to a 2,075pot leaving 3k behind...
omg can someone explain that to me?
I just can´t
well Sammy Re-Raises him puting him all in and he just called

nothing helped on the turn or the river and the donk went home.

The important lesson here is implied odds sometimes you got to gamble later is going to be very profitable, trust me i´m telling the truth

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