domingo, 21 de setembro de 2008

la toja

i love la toja

this time i went with orlando
when we arrived @ hotel puente de la toja we notice your friend Daniel aka Dperfeito was also there.
great we went to eat something and buy tabaco ( alot cheeper than in portugal )

i had a great tournment and send home 2 players and i was with 17,500k...
then i got moved for the 3rd time
(i also hate this)
but i loved that daniel was on my left and 7ete was his left they here the best players in that table so they couldnt try to steal my blinds and i could

strange table alot of station calls
i was on button dani SB 7ete in BB 300-150
now look at this
utg limp
utg+1 limp
utg+2 limp
mp1 raise 1200
mp2 fold
mp3 fold
co fold
i was on Button and i went all in with 18k
1st i had AKs
2nd i had position
3rd i didnt want 7ete or Dperfeito in the hand if i raised or call they might have call because the pot was nice and they had position against me because they could try to bluff 1st
4th i thought mp1 could had a pair and since he had 10k plus it would be and easy fold

well everyone folded
he called with JJ
no help for me in the board
and i was with 7k left

after that i won some hands and i got back with 15,000k

then i was in a sick hand
i raised 2,5k
dperfeito went all in
7ete alfter some time folded
everyone folded
and i called
dperferto had AA i had AcKc
i only had 11%pre-flop
but with Tc8c+shit 5c 3c
i send dperfeito home
sorry mate

well sometimes u get lucky
i thought he could had a pair QQ the most but i never say no to a race @ this time
because if i lose i could go party if i win i´m in a good place to be ITM

well after that, belive me, my best hand was my last...
with only 23ºleft
and with 15k back
i was on the SB with the chip leader @ the BB
the blinds here 3,000-1,500 with 300 ante

i had A8s and i went all in
he said "only 12k more i call"
he had more than 200k so ...meh
A8s Vs 94
flop KJ2
turn 9
river 9

well the luck i had with dani went away with him
well 23º place
better than 13 aka the buble

i will put photos later

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