domingo, 21 de setembro de 2008

Vilamoura Solverde 7

This was the sickest tournment i have been

i wake up 6:30 - thats sick
but i need to drive around 550km
after 60 km i saw that the water in the radiator was hot hot hot and i decided to stop and saw what the fuck was happening
well bad news the fan to cool of the radiator was damage so to get to algarve i need to stop in EVERY gas station - thats sick
because of that my trip went from 4h and 30 min to 7h and 20min - and thats is sick too

i didnt get lunch because when i arrive the tournment started - thats sick
the tournment started great for me and i was top 10 before dinner - yeah thats the most sickest thing

like always i talk about my mistakes
i had 25k and i was MP and the blinds where 1,2k - 600
everyone fold and i made a 3.8k raise with KQoff
the BB went all win
he was verry nervouse and i forget all the hints he gave me since i arrive the tb
hint 1- he has a tight passive guy
hint 2- he was nervouse because he had a mounster
why did i call then
1- i thought he has nervouse because he knows me and he knew i could be trying to steal and easylly could fold since im loose agressive
2- they way he was picking his cards
3- the answer he gave me when i asked "man you got to be strong i might fold"

i upload the video later and you will see his face and then decide
well i had KQoff he had KK

and i was with 7k left

here is the video

after some hands i was out.
i finish top 100 out 220

now the photos


mr.anibal the winner


ze quintas


Me francisco "the truth" Costa

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