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well, I was feeling good about my poker and I went to the casino friday afternoon to play the satelite for the MainEvent, 1,100 euros buyin tournment.

The tournament is very sick imho, 30 euros rebuy to a 1100 euros tournment?
well, 110 players decided to play it.
I pickup my number and went to my table. I knew one or two players at the table from previous live tournaments but the arrived to the table wolfieAA who sat immediately to my right. I never played with him nor he with me live but the respect was mutual.

The tournament started... I ask for double rebuy and I jumped agaisnt one guy I knew, Ruben. Ruben is a young gun ( 18-20 years guy ) that went to a FT, in December, with me. Why I did it?

Simple. The table was a tight one ( that is the worst thing that can happend to you in a rebuy tournment ) and I knew he was NOT a tight one so I decided to jump @ him. Another important issue was that I knew He didn´t want to make to many rebuys so if I was aggressive I was going to get the edge over him.

A major error in these tournaments is :
- don´t have money to play it

How do you want to come to this type of tournament and expect to survive a rebuy and an add-on?

So sick!!!

well without any kind of premiuns I manage to get to the 5k-6k range and stay there till the end of the rebuy period. That was bad imo because there was guys that had 15k to 22k grrrr but I was the 2nd chip leader of the table behind wolfieAA that had 7k.

I made the addon and we got moved to other table. With the addon I was with 7.5k-8k meh.

WolfieAA went with me to the new table but now He had position over me. After some steals and other pots won without showdonw I manage to move up to the 15k.

Then something happened... I was on the CO, blinds were 1200 - 600 - ante 100, and wolfieAA decided to open raise in the utg+2 to 3200, other guy MP called and JOKA ( other good portuguese poker player decided to call @ CO-1. I felt he wanted to make a push but didn´t had the guts to do it so before I looked to my cards I decided to push all-in. When I looked I saw As Ks, Lmao, and I made my push all-in. Everyone fold and I won the 14,5k pot. Double up yes!!!

After that I was in the 20-30k range for a large period of time.

My tournment hand happened against wolfieAA. the blinds were 3k - 1.5k - antes 200
and I decide to make a open raise to 8k with AT everyone fold and wolfieAA push all-in for more 7k. well, If I fold I would be with 16k and the blinds were moving fast, if I called I would be left with 9k so I decide to call. He had 99 vs my At. A on the flop and I was with 45k or so.

I had a donk at my left, that was always saying that this was his 1st tournment, blablabla, so I was pushing and he was folding alot.

Being the chip leader of the table with 60k, and having the joka to my right made me make raises when there was no action till me. There was one I remember.

I made a 10k raise with 6s5s, blinds ( 4k -2k -ante 200 ) and the BB went allin for more 2k.
I called
AQoff vs my 65s

flop 8Q8 raiwbow with no spades
the donk at my left said "its all over"
I said "not yet my friend"

turn 5
river 5 to a runner runner full


I went to the FT with the chip lead

Paulo Emidio 40.000
Mario Pereira 45.000
Sónia Magalhães 45.000
Hugo Gomes 80.000
Francisco Costa 140.000
Bruno Lopes 10.000
Vitor Pinto 30.000
Diogo Silva 45.000
Ricardo Meireles 25.000
Eduardo Terrível 130.000

on the 1st hand of the FT

Mario pereira opend with a raise to 20k ( blinds 8k-4k ante 400 ), sonia on his right went all in ... she was very nervous, and felt her very weak I looked and saw TT and made a 4bet to 100k everyone fold and mario decided to call. 55k of my bet return to me and If i lost the pot I would be with 95k so no problem with that.

I had TT
sonia had 55
mario had KK

not happy to see mario KK but with my stack i wouldn´t fold my TT.
sonia had 200 more chips than mario so there was 151k on the main pot and 200 on the side pot LOL

flop 8 T Q yessssss
turn 6
river 3

And there I was with 246k

two hands later I was on the SB and hugo gomes aka HMGomez made a raise to 22k on the button( blinds 8-4-ante 400 ) and 3bet him to 55k in with KT. Everyone fold and he fold too. why did I do that?
1st 2 guys already out and the prizes of the tournment were 6 entries to the main event the other 4 will get 220euros.
2nd if he fold he would had 60k
3rd I thought he was trying to steal and raising in position
4th I had the chips to do that
5th his range to call was AA, KK, QQ and probably AK

so there I was with 300k

after that play I decided to keep putting presure to the table.

The next player going out was my close friend vitor pinto aka Holigato. I was utg and I folded. utg+1 went all in for 5k, holigato on utg+2 went allin over him for 25k and everyone fold till gomez. he made a easy call because he already had put 12k because he was the BB and only got to put more 13k. If with any 2 that was easy with a PP that was even more easy.

utg+1 66
gomez 55
holligato A7

folp KQ2
turn 9
river 2

holigato was out
gomez won the side pot and now he had 90k
utg+1 won the pot and now he had 25k

a word to holigato
why ?
1st the utg was a sick guy how come you get to 5k when the blinds were 12k-8k ante 1k??????
2nd i think he thought someone could call him and won. if that happend he will need to put 12k + 8k on the next round and with 25k left he tought that was a good spot to bet
gg m8

with one player to bust and since the donk was with 28k and he will be next guy to put the BB and SB someting happend
do you belive he fold both times???and stayed with 8k with the antes @ 1k????

The next hand was even more strange
the guy utg called
Paulo emidio went all in for 40k
gomez fold
I looked to my cards and thought j7off and thought well I got to call
1st i had 340k
2nd the guy utg limped and he had 50k so he might be strong and probaly will call and we could check check till the end
3rd PAPA had 60k too and he was on the BB and already had there 12k because he was the BB. even without cards even if he lost he had one guy on his right with 8k that would need to put the BB ans SB before him

well something strange happend both this guys fold ( PaPa and the utg guy ).

emidio had AK
I had J7

flop 8 Q 6
turn 4
river 5 for str
I finish with almost 420k
PAPA 60k
terrivel 100k
gomez 90K
the donk 8k
ricardo 70k

and Main Even here I go!!!!


After friday I was very confident to the pokerstars solverde #3. I arrived to the table and saw sonia from yesterday FT, and there was there one or two good players the others were bad imho. And that is the wrost thing that could happend because You can´t get no read on them.

I started playing reaching the 6.5k good but agaisnt bad players ...
this happend
Binds 25-50

utg +1 limp
mp limp
co raise to 200
I saw TT and 3bet him to 550
blinds fold
utg+1 and mp fold CO called

flop K 8 3 rainbow
he checked
I bet 900 to a 1275
he called

turn 9
he check
I bet 1600 to a 3075
and he called

well right now I thought I was dead because I couldn´t see any other range besides 33, 88, AK...

river A
he checked
I checked

he show me AQ ...

AQ??? wtf
ofcouse I went mad
i was with now with 3450 grrr


i decided to calm donw and waited despite everything this was 1 rebuy + 1 add on tournment so I decided to wait for the next blind 100-50 to make my move or if I had the chance...

4 limps ( blinds 50-25 )and again with position I made a raise to 300 with TJ I got 2 calls utg+2 and one guy in MP i was on the CO.

flop 8s9sQ
the utg decide to bet 600
the mp called
and I decided to push all in for my 3000 chips.

I probably should only call but with 2 spades on the board and the utg+2 guy opend raise I put him on worst case cenario in AQoff to AQspades to a set 88 or 99
a 3bet there? for what? 1500? half my stack? only call?

both guys fold and I was back to 5175

and I was there 5175 to 5500 to 5000 ... meh
when there was 10min to the end of the rebuy period
I made a open raise on mp 450 with 9h8h CO called the button called and the BB made a 3bet to 1500 I asked how mutch he had he said 4100 I count my chips and saw I had exactly the same chips and pushed all in. CO and button fold and he called with AK.

flop 9 q 7
turn 3
river 3

and I finish the rebuy period with 12k
add on and I was with 17k

nothing special happend in till the next break and i finish with 20k. I had 0 hand, and I´m not talking about premiuns AA, KK i´m talking about no QQ no JJ no AK no nothing. Right after the break I caught a 66 only raised and got to calls. hit the 6 on the flop with a Q and a J made a Cbet and both players fold and there I was with 25k

when the blinds were 400-200 I open with a raise to 1050 MP with AToff the BB called
2s 8d 9s
he check
I made a Cbet 1600
he called

turn 8h
he check
I hit the 2nd barrel 3000
he tought for a while and looked very nervouse I put him on two over for sure and if he decided to call me i thought he would going to try to bluff me on the river
he call

river Kd
he checked
I bet 4200
he check-raise me to 8400
and I start think omg what now . . . he was very nervouse licking the lips etc and I remember mike caro tell " that is a bluff" he had left the same stack I had... if fold I would be with 14k big hit or i could think mike caro was right and he was bluffing. After looking back to the play if he had AK he would re-raise on the flop
the call he migh had AQ AJ or a low pair ... if he was so nervouse he might had that kind of hand. so I push all in he fold showing AJoff and asked to see my cards ... since I didn´t had any kind of cards till this time of the tournament I thought what the hell i will show this they will give me respect ( the good players ) the others will call me with more thing and try to bluff me... and I show AT.

everyone on the table knock and said wp.

@ dinner break i was with 38,100chips

then Andre moreira come to the table. I was mp and decided to raise to 2200 with KhJh knowing that andre problably will 3bet me ( i played with him 3/4 time before and he always do that because he knows that I respect 3bet and probably only would call with something and I never would 4bet with nothing.
Andre like I thought 3 bet me to 6000 havin 15k behind. everyone fold. and I instant pushed putting him all in. he thought. he tryed to talk with me but he decided to fold ... latter he said to me he had AQ :)
nice fold imho

and there I was after on my next break after I was out with 52k playing great, with a big edge over my table and with no premiuns :(

then 2 more donks come to the table
2 typical gamblers loaded with chips

one of them made a raise everyone fold and he showed QTs

on the next hand the same guy made a raise to 5k and I 3bet him with my best hand of the day to 12k with JJ he call me.
flop 9 t 3
he made a donk bet of 5k to a 32pot and Î pushed all in he instant call me with AA
turn and rived didn´t help me and I was left with 5,6k

on the next hand everyone fold till me and I put all my chips on the table with AJ.
the guy on my left called !!! yes called me and he had only 15k and I thought omg other I hit other hall even the Blinds foled.

when he show KJoff i though what a fucking donk
great if I win I will be with 15k and I´m back imho
flop K92
turn 7
river 3

it was all over gg me

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