segunda-feira, 2 de março de 2009

Less than 1 week to SOLVERVE #3

yeah, SOLVERDE #3 is less than 1 week away and I´m getting good vibes, imo.

The goods

1st I´m playing my best poker ever. Right now I´m finding what aggression is lets wait and see if I can do it next Saturday.
2nd I´m on my hair prop bet and I really want to win to end this BS
3rd I´m with my team ( TonyL, Canossa and CID ) on the SOLVERDE / BETFAIR prop bet

The bads

1st I´m without my car :S
2nd I´m without my car :p
3rd I´m without my car

now the worst part is the waitting
I will cut all my tournments this week and I only will play 1 or 2 next Thursday. Right now I will finish to read Mike Caro´s poker book about tells. I find it very amusing and I really think you must read this book.

well nice to write something here again ...
cya and have fun

2 comentários:

Gato disse...

Still without you car?!!! OMG


Yuranus disse...

yeap m8
so sick IMHO